NOC Death on the Dance Floor [Game Over: Town Wins]


Let's Keep Fighting
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Panic Station in the event uto is not the disco king, I request that you tell us exactly when the day 3 thread will be unlocked prior to it's start so that scum don't futz around with taking forever to make their kill and get the day to start when they want it to start so they can get priority voting.

If priority voting is a thing, we all need to know when the day starts.
Final D2 Votal

BLOODYRAIN100001 - 1 (Tennyson)
HeaLnDeaL - 1 ( U-Turn Out)
Mega-Pokebattlerz - 3 (dopog, Energy, Smogon account)
U-Turn Out - 3 (MoodyCloud, Mega-Pokebattlerz, HeaLnDeaL)

Mega-Pokebattlerz has been eliminated form the competition.

You are A Dance Class Student, a Vanilla Townie.

The only things you’re good at are dancing and voting. Otherwise, you have no game-appropriate talents.

You are a member of The Dance Class (aka Town). You win when all Disco Dancers (aka Mafia) are eliminated or The Disco King is eliminated, whichever comes first.


The dancing continues, with neither side willing to give up. Though one poor soul has let their guard down and given up the ghost.

A dancer who peeled away from the throng to take a break lies slumped forward at the bar. Assumed to be passed out, the bartender shrugs and says the Loopy von Doozy Shots will “do that to ya”. Though anybody has yet to notice that the dancer has passed out face first into an ashtray. Suffocation hits different when heavy duty cough syrup and a noseful of cigarette ash come into play.

How much longer can these people keep dancing? We may find out soon enough…

Night Two

N2 has begun. You have 24 (and a half because I'm a doofus memelord) hours to submit your actions, including idling if you so choose.

Deadline for N2 is Monday, 6/15 at 3pm UTC-5.
HeaLnDeaL U-Turn Out BLOODYRAIN10001 MoodyCloud Tennyson Energy M2H Haruno Mega-Pokebattlerz DawningWinds

Tonights deaths are, in alphabetical order: dopog , smogon account

You are The Teacher’s Pet, a Tracker.

With how busy your instructor usually is, it’s often left it up to you to spot potential trouble. Once per night on any given night, you may target another player to keep a careful eye on them. At the end of the night, you will be informed if your target visited anyone.

You are a member of The Dance Class (aka Town). You win when all Disco Dancers (aka Mafia) are eliminated or The Disco King is eliminated, whichever comes first.
You are The Disco King, a White Flag Named Goon.

Your teammates are BLOODYRAIN10001 and U-Turn Out. The scumchat is here:

Once per night on any given night, you may confer with your teammates and select a target to eliminate from the game. This action must be assigned to a specific member of the group to be carried out.

All hail The Disco King. The Disco King is the lynchpin. If you die by any means, your team will automatically lose.

You are a member of The Disco Dancers (aka Mafia). You win when The Dance Class’s (aka Town) numbers are equal to the number of Disco Dancers or when nothing can stop this from happening. If The Disco King dies by any means, you automatically lose the game.

The Disco King is dead, long live the Psychic Jukebox.

The Disco King struts and glides across the dance floor, eyes scanning those around him. Only a couple of faces are familiar to him. The rest… insolent fools. Suckling babes who think they can run before they try to walk. How dare they. It’d be a damn shame to light up such a groovy joint, though. It’s not Loopy Larry who needs to be punished, it’s this damn dance class. And if he and his have to do it low and slow, so be the tempo.

The rub is he’s certain that the dance class is after him, too. Eyes scanning for him, subtle killing intents that don’t belong to his gang. He knows he can’t wipe these losers out without taking out the bigger threats first. But where are they? Hustling from one corner of the dance floor to the other, he finally spots what he’s looking for: a pair of eyes intently following the sweet dance moves of one of his henchmen. Eyes too occupied to notice his approach.

Taking the would-be watchdog in his arms, he gracefully steers them into a waltz towards the jukebox. He leads. Of course he leads. The Disco Dancers are the notorious threat they are because he leads. The space between the wall and the jukebox looks inviting and the weight of the switchblade in his pocket feels reassuring. A dip, a twirl, a flirty embrace, a flick of the wrist, and a smooth slide across the throat. Blood dribbles onto the jukebox as the Disco King tries to maneuver the unwieldy corpse to its resting spot. And that’s when everything goes straight to hell.

Nobody has ever gotten a straight answer from Loopy Larry about how the jukebox works. He’ll go into long rambling screeds about how he got it in a garage sale or won it in a poker game or inherited it from a dear old uncle or how it came with the property. The last is true, as is Larry’s reluctance to open it up and examine the mechanisms, for fear of breaking it and ruining his cash cow. But as he watches the jukebox lurch to life on long, spidery legs and open a mouth full of long, sharp teeth, he realizes maybe he should have had a professional take a look at it sooner.

The imitation jukebox snatches up the corpse, shoving it into its freakish maw. Then, still hungry, it turns to the one who brought its meal. The Disco King turns to run, but his fate takes a turn for the worse as his foot encounters something unexpected.

A goddamn banana peel.

Nobody’s dancing now. Everyone’s too busy running. Sirens can already be heard approaching. Larry’s intuition may be slow, but his fingers were fast on the phone as he dialed 911. Everyone evacuates into the street, save for those who are already dead.

A week or so later, the newspaper reports that the Disco Dancers have announced their disbanding in the wake of their leader’s death. The notice doesn’t make headlines like their previous hullabaloos did. The front page is now reserved for a far more sinister threat.
The spec and scum chats are here:

Thanks for playing, everyone! And congratulations to Moody for making the winning shot.

I’m pretty happy with how the inaugural run of the DotDF setup has gone. After receiving your feedback and observing game play, I’ve decided in future runs that the tracker will be replaced with a watcher and ties will be determined by RNG. I’m looking forward to running this as a 16p setup eventually.

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