NOC Death on the Dance Floor [Game Over: Town Wins]


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hi, i had some thoughts that I wanted to write

I already went over this but I definitely made mistakes haha. I definitely had everything I needed to work it out (e.g. glossed over so much uto did that was scummy and only said it was kinda scummy). Maybe my chief reflection is that mafia these days has more players who leave stuff under the tip of the iceberg if you know what I mean? I think I've been used to (2013-2015) everyone just throwing out their reasons for their votes and reading the reasons, rather than other stuff. I think there's lots of AI stuff outside of vote patterns and reasoning provided, but I'm not attuned to it yet. I think that that's a good thing because it allows for more legitimate play-styles than just people being articulate and reasoned or like i have good reads sheep me styles.

Anyway I thought MoodyCloud did really well to change their mind on the whole game a couple times and end up with winning solves and I think people drastically changing their mind in a way that leads to a win is one of the most impressive things that can happen in mafia.

I thought Mega-Pokebattlerz displayed they had grown from last game, using their vote more on their own rather than just grabbing on to what other people were doing - unfortunately I scumread them but that's on me : |

Thanks for being willing to listen to me Energy , even though I was wrong, and even though you had tunnelled me lol

Thanks for hosting Panic Station : ), I definitely think having a specific white flag mafioso is an interesting mechanic

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