Deoxys-D (Lead)

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Ive been using the regular Deoxys lead a good amount recently and thought of this idea. its been working pretty well for me. its special attack is mediocre, but enough to beat deoxys-s with a lo, so its good enough. as i see it, it beats everything normal deoxys leads do, but more stuff as well

name: Lead
move 1: Shadow Ball
move 2: Extremespeed
move 3: Spikes
move 4: Stealth Rock / Ice Beam / Thunder Wave
item: Life Orb
nature: Quiet
EVs: 252 HP/252 SAtk/4 SDef

Why this set deserves to be on-site:

•Functions very similar to Deoxys lead, except has bulk to take hits. This Bulk lets it get multiple layers vs leads such as Tyranitar, Mamoswine, Metagross, Scizor, Focus Sash Rayquaza, take quite a few air slash’s from Shaymin-S. It can take two surfs from thunderwave kyogre lead, attacks from Giratina-O lead, two attacks from Focus sash rayquaza lead, and 1 from LO, and can take two hits from Groudon Leads. It also beats Deoxys-A leads as well
•Shadowball + Espeed always Kos 0 HP Deoxys-S leads, plus it is important to take into account that most Deoxys-S leads will Taunt first turn

Additional Comments:
•Ice Beam lets it Attack most dragons for SE damage, particularly Rayquaza and Giratina-O leads
•Thunder Wave lets it spread paralysis
•Recover can be used to recover off Draco Meteor damage, but Deoxys-D cant really do much after laying its hazards

Teammates and Counters:
•Fortress Can setup its own Hazards while spinning yours, so hp fire Giratina-O makes a good partner
•Mew can Taunt followed by Stealthrock but 2 shadowballs followed by an extremespeed KO so you can switch in later to spike
•Like all Deoxys leads not carrying lum berry, Darkrai easily beats you. A Wobbuffet or a Resttalker removes this problem
•Any pokemon that abuses hazards makes a good teammate

Great Sage

Banned deucer.
I tried this out, and I persistently thought, "why am I not using Deoxys-S". Deoxys-D simply isn't strong enough offensively to serve as a good anti-lead, and it in fact will never KO a maximum HP Deoxys-S with one battery of Shadow Ball and ExtremeSpeed. Too often, I just found myself Taunted and basically incapacitated, since this Pokemon is very slow. If you're going to use this, I suggest Recover in the last slot, so it can survive against Dialga and Groudon, two leads that it sets up against effectively, but then again, I don't recommend using this set.



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It can take two surfs from thunderwave kyogre lead
Kyogre's Surf, assuming Modest and 252 SAtk EVs, does 62% minimum. You're also slower than it and won't managed to get more than one layer.

This set also falls handily to Scarf Deoxys-S, who Tricks the Scarf on you while you Shadow Ball for a 3HKO, enabling it to get two layers of Spikes.

This set fares against Scizor similarly to Deoxys-S. Deoxys-D will still take heavy damage from U-turn (swapping to someone who can finish it off or...unlike against Deoxys-S, Taunt it), although it does have a chance to live Bug Bite + Bullet Punch.

Otherwise, Great Sage addressed the issues of this set, and as such.



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I watched GreatSage test it and was not pleased with the results, sorry bro.


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