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Meh I voted for OU instead of Uber by mistake, I feel pretty dumb.

I greatly dislike Deoxys-E's position in OU, it totally overcentralizes the role of leads. If you have a support lead, it's utterly shutting you down and getting the advantage right from square one, so you're basically required to use something hyper offensive that's supposed to take it down.

(jrrr were u bron stupid?)

i voted uber, and i have a lot of free time so i will give MY two cents.

deoxys is uber because he takes skill out of the game and reduces many games to a coin flip. i ran a deoxys lead one day when i laddered to get to 1650 in suspect and in 23 games i ran into another lead where both users used taunt first turn.

i went first 10 times and second 13 times. in the 10 games i went first i went 9-1. in the 13 games i got taunted i went 4-9. this takes all the skill out of the game, as a coin flip decided almost all of these games and really made the over first turn almost.

deoxys is also extremely deadly late game, in fact too deadly, as really the only thing that stops it is scizor. almost every pokemon in the game is outsped and killed once it reaches the 70% range by deoxys. it is quite ludicrous that people have to run timid scarf gengars to outspeed, just showing how overpowed this pokemon is.

theres my rant.
I have cast my vote for Uber. I don't know why this thing was ever allowed in OU and why it has remained for so long.

While Deoxys is very versatile with stats that are strong in almost all areas, the main reason I'm casting my vote for Uber is because it is, in my opinion, the same Pokemon as all of the other Deoxys formes (much like Rotom and Shaymin, none of them have a unique Pokedex for a form). Wherever the highest tiered forme falls is where they all fall. Plus it belongs in the same category as Pokemon such as Mew, Darkrai, etc. as an event legendary not meant to be played in anything but absolute open play since not all people have access to it solely through ingame means.
5K I think they've decided the original rotom form is going to stay UU, unless I'm missing something

I'm voting uber, I won't say much but I think it should be uber for kind of the same reason wobbuffet should. Btw I did have an open mind about this and wasn't certain this would be my vote when it became a suspect.


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I have voted for OU. I personally feel like we need DX-S in the new Platinum metagame. The game has gotten so bloody offensive, and I feel that DX-S is one of the things keeping Stall teams alive. Plus, it's a great check against those pure offense teams that would otherwise rip through eveything. It got pretty nerfed in Platinum with all of these new Trick users IMO, so I really want it to stay.
I voted Uber and I wholeheartedly believe that anyone who votes OU has not seen wdro's invincible DS DS team.

Also, Beej, if you messed this up and Deoxys loses by one vote im going to be really angrY!!!! (aka someone should make sure that his vote gets switched over if its close at the end)

Also, Aeolus, I'm not on the list in your OP. Obviously, everything worked out and I was given the access to the vote that I earned, but you may want to double check the list.
Voted Uber because it is too quick and easily kills without any sort of skill what so ever. The thing can outrun almost any Scarfer with little effort and it can 2HKO most of the OU metagame easily.

Fastest Stealth Rock user in the game... So a Uber tier pokémon using a broken move kinda makes things a bit unpleasurable to play.

With such a varied movepool and speed it clearly is a dominating presence in OU, so that's why I voted Uber.

The core of this metagame is prediction and skill, if it takes none to accomplish something then I consider it broken.

I am MythTrainerInfinity and I approve of this message :P

Edit: 15 looks like it is the magic number right now. Beej :P


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Ugh I voted Garchomp into Ubers under the assumption that this thing would soon be gone as well...but I have had a lot of second thoughts.

The now-popular Bullet Punch Scizor brings a universal counter to all of deoe's common sets, but deoxys is still the unequivocal "best lead" which imo is a bit ridiculous. Also, in the same vein as Wobbuffet, the Dual Screen lead can turn games into clockwork, completely removing any semblance of skill from the competition.

The new Rotoms also make pure offense a lot less playable, and make stall a lot more playable, which takes away from Deoxys' power.

After weighing the reasons on both sides, I will be voting for Deoxys-E in Ubers. Honestly I think that a metagame with all of Deoe, Garchomp, and Skymin could be functional, but that's another vote for another day.


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I voted Deo-e uber, I'm actually dying to see wdro's team, everyone says its unbeatable O_o.

Anyways I voted uber because first off, it is the fastest pokemon in the game, allowing it to set up SR, spikes, a few screens, anything with ease. When this baby was made OU, everyone was like, he's too fragile... People underestimated his defenses waay too much.

Deo-s appart from being an excellent supporter, is an amazing stallier with the use of Cosmic Power and some help from Toxic Spikes, not to mention Pressure.

Finally what I think it does best, clean up a game. No doubt that he is the best late-game sweeper that the OU metagame has seen. For all these reasons, Deo-s should be uber.
Voted uber.

The Deoxys-E lead set has allowed me at one point in time to capture all 5 top ranks on the leaderboard simultaneously. It gives me a ridiculous advantage against nearly all non Deoxys-E leads. Let's get rid of it.


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1. Sweeper deoxys s overcentralizes by putting every scarf user who is slower out of the job. Amazing type coverage and the ability to change moves with that amount of speed is too good for OU. It doesn't even matter to me that scizor makes a decent (not even great) counter since that overcentralizes around scizor.

2. DS DS is blatantly broken and overcentralizes the "opening" of the game where ever lead is aiming to beat deoxys. I could explain this further but everyone else has already done a better job of this and I agree with them.
Well I guess that's a final 25-6 (lol Beej) vote in favor for shifting Deoxys-S back to Ubers. I thought it would be a lot closer than this from asking around before the vote.

I also want to say one thing to the people who will whine about its tier shafting. If you want to have a legitamate voice about these types of things spend enough time to get the ability to vote. You must get a rating average of 1650 and two weeks to a month is more than enough time to do so. So, please put your efforts into your teams and not by complaining, that will speak louder moreso than anything else.

I wonder how close Skymin's vote will be.
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