Detective Pikachu 2 (DO NOT POST) Missed the title saying that it listed the rules when I read the titles for the stickied threads

Not open for further replies.
There is no thread for this so I decided to post a thread where we can all discuss what we would like in a sequel to the game Detective Pikachu.
EDITFirst and the most important rule, do not talk about the first game for the sake of people who have not had the chance to beat/play it yetEDIT
No being ride or using any foul or vulgar language
Don't debunk what someone says just because you personally don't want to see it in a follow up game (or for any other reason)
Be respectful
Don't post if you don't have anything to contribute
Okay those are all the rules
So to start us off I would love to see Mew help Tim and Pikachu as they look for clues to Harry's whereabouts
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You do realize that there isn't any rules thread for this section right
Also you do know this would be a discussion
And if this is against the rules the mods will lock it
EDIT okay didn't see the parenthesis listing rules
Not open for further replies.

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