Dictionary of pokemon

something like this might've been posted before, dunno.

so today i was working on an analysis for CAP and i started getting really pissed off at the red underlines appearing underneath every goddamn pokemon name. they're annoying as hell. i spent the next hour or two compiling a dictionary of every pokemon name, ability and attack for my personal use. but now that it's done, there's no reason why i can't share it with the rest of you.


if you are an openoffice user (like you should be!) then just search your hard drive for "standard.dic" and save this one in the same directory. the next time you do a spellcheck in writer, you should have the option of choosing between the standard dictionary, the pokemon dictionary, or both. once the pokemon dictionary is selected, the pokemon names should be recognized. hopefully this will help C&C writers identify mispelled names instead of just seeing a ton of red everywhere.

if you're a mac or MSoffice user, figure it out yourself. it can't be that hard. :/


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Oh cool, thanks UD. Kind of funny how no one else thought of this, or if they have i just dont know about it ~_~

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I put together a list of things to add to FF spellcheck here (getting it downloadable/explaining how to put it in/fixing up my own version is on my to do list), but this will be much faster for users who edit in any of the office things.

It also helps avoid misspelling Pokemon names, which is far too common in certain analyses.

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