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Diplomacy -
The art and practice of conducting international relations by negotiating alliances, treaties, agreements etc.
That is until one can freely strike..

About the Game

This isn't your old typical, har I'm England, going to turtle, Diplomacy. This is the whole WORLD we are talking about. 17 players making alliances and breaking alliances to capture 44 of the 86 supply centers to win. If you have played Risk before, then you pretty much know the basics of this game as it is a lot of the same stuff, except without the dice.

The game is played in 3 phases: Spring, Fall, Winter. This game begins in Spring 1980. You are able to issue move, attack, support and convoy orders during Spring and Fall. Winter is reserved for the building, or disbanding of units depending upon if you gained or lost supply centers.

The 17 nations are:

Middle East
S. Africa

Rules (these are not all the rules please check the rulebook for further reading):

  • All units have the same strength
  • No two units may occupy the same space at the same time
  • An Army can be ordered to move into an adjacent inland or
    coastal province
  • A Fleet can be ordered to move to an adjacent water province
    or coastal province
  • Winter is a very short phase where players may only build or disband
  • You can only build in your Home Supply Centers
Special Rules (these are specific to this variant):

  • Fleet Ontario can not move to Union (no passage).
  • The following contain canals: Turkey (Access to Bla and Med) Egypt (Access to Red and Med) and Central America (access to Nep and Cse).
  • Armenia does not have a canal, all fleets moving into Armenia are always assumed to be on the coast facing Black Sea.
  • There are 86 supply centers, you need 44 to win.

Here is a clean version of the map we will be using.

Unfortunately, the tool we normally use, diptool, does not have this variant, so the map is not as clean as we would like.

Here is how the map looks on the first turn.

Here are some standard orders showing the 4 different orders of the game, Move, Support, Convoy, and Hold:
USA Spring 1980 - A Tex-Dso, F Fla S A Tex-Dso, F Cal Holds

Europe Spring 1980
- A Fra - Bal, F Med C A Fra - Bal
In this example move, an USA Army in Tex moves to Dso, the USA Fleet in Fla supports the movement from Tex to Dso, the Europe Army in Fra moves to Bal, the Europe Fleet in Med convoys the Europe Army in Fra to Bal, and the USA Fleet in Cal holds.

Keep in mind, to win this you need help from others or to resort in trickery to fake opponents. Other players can support and even convoy your own troops by use of coordination with moves.

Helpful Links:

The Diplomacy Rulebook
Diplomacy Archive - an archive of Strategy and Tactics articles
The program I will be using for this game. It is advised that you get familiar with it if you want to test out moves.
The map you will need to place in the variant folder of the above program. Just follow the instructions on the program website.

Questions and Answers:
If you have any questions I will answer them here.

This is a Signups thread. Please post here indicating that you wish to play if you want to play. We Need 17 players if we wish to even get this in motion.

  1. Bass
  2. crabnebula
  3. Altair
  4. LifeAdmiral
  5. ILoveLiza
  6. askaninjask
  7. Nook
  8. Quagsires
  9. Aura Guardian
  10. Yeti
  11. LonelyNess
  12. Plopper
  13. billymills
  14. iiMKUltra
  15. Brain
  16. polelover44
  17. vonFiedler

Good luck!


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Signing up, controlling the world sounds infinitely more satisfying than just the European Continent!

As Outlaw mentioned, diptool does not support this variant, so anyone who is serious about planning their moves (or actually winning for that matter) should download realpolitik. Of course, it is not as simple as downloading a simple executable jar file in the case of diptool so I will provide some more detailed installation instructions to help get people started:

1) On the left-side of the Realpolitik webpage, click "Downloads" and select your operating system. Then select "1.6.6 Binaries", as these contain the appropriate installers.

2) Download and run the installer. Remember the file directory which Realpolitik installs to.

3) Now you will need to add support for the World variant. To do so, you must first download the required files here. Then extract the contents of the downloaded World3.zip into the Variant Files folder (which is located in the directory that Realpolitik was installed in).

4) Now open Realpolitik. Load the map by going to the Variants toolbar, and select "World3".

And that's it! Further information on how to use the program can be found in this manual.

Hope enough people sign up!


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I will tentatively sign up, busy w/ college in the upcoming few weeks but if you need me to be the 17th to start, put me in and I'll send all my actions & stuff.
if someone else requests to play and you don't need me consider me a sub for later dates.
Consider this closed whenever a mod gets around to it. The 17 who signed up are the 17 who will be playing. Topic should be up sometime tomorrow afternoon CST with who is what nation.
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