Board Game Diplomacy: The Ancient Mediterranean

Diplomacy is fun! But the standard map is getting pretty boring. So let's change things up a bit. This will be a basic game of Diplomacy, except it will be played on the Ancient Mediterranean map.

How to Play Diplomacy

What's different from the standard map?
Really, the map is the only difference from the standard game of diplomacy. Players are still required to control 18 supply centers for a solo win, and draws can take place at any point in the game if all players agree. However, there are a couple of new changes:
  • There are only five powers in the game
  • The powers are Rome, Egypt, Carthage, Greece, and Persia.
  • Gulf of Pelusium = GoP
    Gulf of Syrtis = GoS
    Gulf of Tacape = GoT
    Sardinia = Sad
    Sarmatia = Sam
    Sinai = Sii
    Sinope = Sip
    Tyre = Tye
    Tyrrhenean Sea = Tyn
Deadlines for Spring and Fall will be 48 hours. Deadlines for Winter and retreats will be 24 hours. Deadlines can be extended by request. If a player has not contacted me with actions before one of the deadlines is up, I will contact them and try to get them to send something in. Players that fail to submit moves/sub out of the game will have their units considered to be in civil unrest unless a new player takes their spot, or they decide to start submitting moves again.

All standard Circus Maximus rules are applied to this game. Deadtalking, screenshotting, and other forms of disgracing the game are prohibited. The host (me) is required to be added to all alliance PMs so I can see what's going on.

Map Clarifications:
  • Baleares is a single space (which consists of the islands and the water around them). Since it contains both land and water, it can be occupied by a fleet or an army. However, since it is a single space, it can only be occupied by one unit at a time. Although an army can occupy Baleares, it can not move there directly from the mainland spaces since the islands are too far from the coast. For an army to enter or leave Baleares, it would have to be convoyed by a fleet in the Berber Sea or the Ligurian Sea. Since Baleares consists mostly of water, it is considered a sea space for the purposes of convoys, therefore a fleet occupying Baleares may be used to convoy an army using the normal convoy rules.
  • Byzantium is one space which straddles a waterway. The waterway allows movement of a fleet in Byzantium to any adjacent coastal space or sea space. The waterway does not impede the movement of an army through Byzantium. And it is a supply center. In other words, it works just like Constantinople in the standard game.
  • The border between Sparta and Athens effectively works like a canal. It cuts across the isthmus and allows fleets to move through. For example, a fleet in the Aegean Sea could move to Athens and then, on the following turn, to the Ionian Sea. Note that in game terms, this means Athens effectively has one continuous coast. Armies can freely move between Sparta and Athens.
  • The Nile River acts as the boundary between the spaces on its east and west banks. The river is not a space on the board. It can not be occupied by any units. However, it is considered to be navigable. Therefore, a fleet may move to and from spaces that are adjacent along the river. For example, Sinai to Thebes, Thebes to Memphis, Memphis to Alexandria would all be legal moves for a fleet. Memphis to Cyrene would not be a legal move for a fleet. Egypt can build fleets in any of its home supply centers.

Rome (red) fleet Neapolis army Roma army Ravenna
Carthage (dark blue) fleet Thapsus army Cirta army Carthage
Greece (green) fleet Sparta army Athens army Macedonia
Persia (black) fleet Sidon army Antioch army Damascus
Egypt (yellow) fleet Alexandria army Memphis army Thebes
Sounds good! Game will not start until Monday as Walrein has requested. Hitmonleet I suggest learning the game before then, as it can be very difficult to play if you're unfamiliar with the mechanics and rules. I know from personal experience. :p


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Hitmonleet let me know if you need me to look over your orders etc. or provide advice at all

Also willing to provide counsel to anyone else but I think everyone else has diplo experience?

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