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Approved Displaying uninvested Speed in battle tooltips


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In battles, include uninvested (0 EVs, 31 IVs, Neutral Nature) Speed to a Pokemon's tooltip, rather than only showing minimum and maximum Speed values. No particular reason other than the convenience of not having to do /statcalc mon spe 0evs every time and that spreads with this Speed are far more prominently used than minimum Speed. You could also show 84 EV Speed for Random Battles.
I said this on the first thread, but thought I should say it again here just in case.

Max investment with a neutral nature would also be very helpful to display. Here are a few ways the information could be displayed:

Likely speeds: 168, 218, 281, 309

Likely speeds: 168 (min), 218, 281, 309 (max)

Likely speeds: 168 / 218 / 281 / 309

Likely speeds: 168 (min) / 218 / 281 / 309 (max)


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PSdex does use four stats:


IVs/EVs/Nature being 0/0/-, 31/0/n, 31/252/n, 31/252/+ respectively.

I think it wouldn't be too ugly/confusing to display it in-battle like this:

Spe: 166-216-279-306

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