Ditto glitch, new movesets?

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Hello fellow Smogonites and Shoddiers, it has recently come to my attention that through a glitch, Ditto can copy any moveset as long as it includes Rage. At first I thought, okay, well Smeargle can do that without the Rage, but then I realized, Smeargle can only breed with the Ground egg group, while Ditto can breed with any breedable Pokémon. Quote from the Bulbapedia glitch section of Ditto's page:
Several more glitches involving Ditto's transformation have been discovered in Generation IV as well. In the original Japanese Diamond and Pearl, due to an oversight in the programming of Transform, a Ditto will copy the Pokémon's held item in addition to its species, allowing rare items to be duplicated. Another glitch allows for Ditto to transform and then permanently keep the moveset of the Pokémon it became, allowing for the passing down of previously impossible egg move combinations in a large-scale version of Smeargle's ability to do so with all Ground group Pokémon through Sketch.
Therefore, it is now possible to obtain Pokémon that have egg moves from different families or groups such as a Tropius with Leaf Blade (Sceptile family) and Dragon Dance (Lapras or Charizard, Feraligatr families). Now I wonder if this will be implimented into Shoddy as Shoddy tries to be as real to the actual games as possible, (example: acid rain glitch,) or if it will be ignored by Shoddy because it is only a glitch and somewhat of an exploit to the egg move system. Discuss.
This has been discussed and it was also found that there is a variation of this glitch that allows you to get any pokemon that can learn mimic with any move. Because this combination allows for many more moves then were intended (i.e. Aerodactyl with Head Smash and Brave Bird), that it was decided we would not implement this.

The difference between this and the Platinum Weather, is that one occurs outside of battle, while the other occurs in battle. This means that we can control what people bring into battle, thus preventing them from bringing in Pokemon with moves acquired that way, while we can't stop the Platinum Weather from activating if the circumstances for that come to fruition in the middle of a battle.
I agree with you. If you found this glitch in the new games HG/SS, then by all means, it should be implemented if other glitches like Acid rain are in it. Awesome find btw
Think about it, if this can be used with Mimic, then we'd have crazy things like Spore/Belly Drum/Substitue/Baton Pass Ninjask passing to Earthquake/Head Smash/Extremespeed/Volt Tackle (or what ever else you want) Marowak. Everything would be running Lum Berry and Spore if you could do that.
So it seems that using Transform can get you any moveset, so thus any Pokémon with access to Mimic, Metronome, Mirror Move, Copycat or whatever could get any moveset? Sheesh.

And Ditto makes for a better Smeargle because of its Quick Powder, which lets it outspeed almost everything.
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