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hey its been a long and fun almost 7 years since i joined the nu community and its finally time for me to step away. this is probably a little bit late as i feel i was dragging my feet a bit w/ fully committing to this with just how long ive been around and how much i love the community. however, with the amount of time im able to dedicate to the site, there just isnt the time or drive to keep leading the tier, and as such i am stepping down. ill still be around, as it is impossible to not want to keep up with the tier and community, but it wont be from a leadership role anymore.

with all that being said, the person that is replacing me is going to be Meri Berry! Meri is someone that im sure anyone thats been around the community the last year has seen around, whether in the discord or forums, and has been an amazing presence in the council as well. as someone that is great with tiering, and now understands the community and the way Smogon runs, she will be the perfect fit for the role.

its been an awesome 7 years with all of you guys, and seeing how much the community has changed over time and grown has been amazing. ill see you guys around n_n


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shiloh it is indeed sad to see this happen to such a nice person. I'm glad you and eternally helped me fit in with the NU community when the PU community couldn't have cared less about me leaving. Thanks for getting me into hosting stuff. It certainly has been fun and I'm still loving every minute of it. I wish you weren't stepping down, but sometimes these things need to happen for stuff to progress. I hope you find more joy in whatever it is you'll be doing! Thanks brother =)

Also, grats to you Meri Berry

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