DLC2 Crown Tundra Speculation Thread [SPOILERS]

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yknow, this really didnt cross my mind. If this gets ice punch i can even see it being looked over at a suspect test (not saying its guaranteed, and also assumes it has good movepool). A pokemon who outspeeds everything, who can trap things, with the only type it doesnt trap being afraid to switch on an ice punch (once youre in the field, i do think its manageable for more bulky ground types, since its a non stab 75bp move) isnt the most healthy thing i can think of

to fact check though, could anyone do some calcs on how hard ice punch could hit? i'd love to see the result of it but i cannot do it rn
252+ Atk Mew(Regieleki) Ice Punch vs. 252 HP / 248+ Def Hippowdon: 98-116 (23.3 - 27.6%) -- 71.7% chance to 4HKO

252+ Atk Mew Ice Punch vs. 252 HP / 252+ Def Tangrowth: 92-110 (22.7 - 27.2%) -- 50% chance to 4HKO

252+ Atk Mew Ice Punch vs. 0 HP / 0 Def Excadrill: 113-134 (31.3 - 37.1%) -- guaranteed 4HKO after Leftovers recovery

252+ Atk Mew Ice Punch vs. 252 HP / 148+ Def Kommo-o: 102-120 (28.8 - 33.8%) -- 97.8% chance to 4HKO after Leftovers recovery

100 atk 75 bp isn't really that good of a combo, it can be sat on pretty easily and bopped hard in return, even with Life Orb, Choice Band doesn't even reach 2HKO on any of them unless you have 1 layer of spikes, in which case only exca is guaranteed 2HKO'd


252+ SpA Mew Energy Ball vs. 252 HP / 0 SpD Hippowdon: 236-278 (56.1 - 66.1%) -- guaranteed 2HKO

So a special set, maybe even specs could be viable, but still walled by tang and kommo and exca comes in easily
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thank you for checking it for me, you both! lyd mentioning energy ball is a bit more interessing coverage (especially with specs, although i do wonder if energy ball would be a good move for specs? i think thats way more theorymonning than what I can think about, I have very little braincells for it). Overall, i just hope it has enough diversity to stand out

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I've heard they're short of room in hell
Energy Ball, Signal Beam, and Focus Blast are likely, which will make it a bit more difficult to easily wall Eleki. In spite of the speed, specs is also a bit questionable on it, too much momentum lost if the opponent has the right ground-type, and even with those moves, it's still stopped pretty cold by Blissey. This being said, Specs does give it significantly better revenge-kill potnetial or just overall super effective 1-shot potential to force the opponent's hand given switch advantage. Access to Ice Beam would be a game changer though it's quite doubtful. Leki's viability hinges entirely on having a comically fast and still pretty punchy Volt Switch, it needs to leverage its ability to revenge kill, and generate chip-damage+momentum. Best set will probably just be Magnet + Volt Switch + coverage moves that can reliably dispatch certain ground immunities; focus blast against the mole being a significant example.
Aight so apparently:
Regieleki gets both Volt Switch and EBall, but coverage is trash (only other coverage from Special moves it gets is rock and normal, can't hit ground types either
Spectrier has trash coverage but gets NP soooooo
Regidrago has DD and interesting coverage, perhaps it could be decent in OU?
took this info from serebii btw


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Mandibuzz remains at the top of the dark/flying tierlist as Moltres-G lacks roost. No tutor moves for Tapus, so it looks like none of them will be lost to ubers.


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Tapus all got fucked. No tutor moves whatsoever.

Lele doesn't get EForce or Mystical Fire, Koko doesn't get CC or Rising Voltage, Bulu doesn't get Glide, Fini doesn't get Defog.

Rillachads keep winning.
Also notable that while Fini and Lele got Play Rough, Koko and Bulu did not
G zapdos not having roost sucks, but u turn, bulk up, brave bird, close combat and throat chop are really nice moves to have. acrobatics and taunt could be fun moves to work with. I do feel like kanto zapdos will still be more useful overall, but this dude still has a shot

G moltres went from interessing to meh without roost, though. Can see the niches over Mandibuzzzzzzz, but not really seeing the big potential anymore with its moveset

man, no terrain moves for the tapus suck. it must have been a purely competitive decision for vgc (i think all the moves that havent been added to their movesets have been competitive decisions) since thematically theyre the perfect things to add to their movepool. also I kinda wanted them gone of the metagame but thats not relevant lol.
Bulu will have a lot more of competition vs boomer with no tutor moves, and while natdex is not an indicative of gen 8 ou by any means, i wouldnt be surprised if it fell out of usage (dont think it'd be enough to drop to uu, but hey stranger things have happened here).

sidenote: can calyrex do anything that celebi cant do better? this is a genuine question, i dont see the point of using rex in any tier with celebi on it
Kinda glad koko & lele didn’t get the insane tutor moves lol.

looks like celesteela didn’t get cosmic power (Yay) & blacephalon didn’t get scorching sands (sad) either. Naganadel does get spikes still though.
Does this spell the end of OU Zeraora, now that there's something that outspeeds it by a mile and is able to run a modest/adamant nature?
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