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(banner by me, the magearna and kartana lineart aren't by me though)

Welcome to DLCmons! This Pet Mods aims at creating DLCs for the Alola games, like how the Expansion Pass worked for Galar. This will include adding existing Pokemon that are not in the Alola regional Pokedex, adding new ones, creating regional formes, items, moves... This will be a pretty diverse project!

For Pokemon slates, they will be separated in two parts. The first will have users submit concepts, be it competitive-centered ones or flavour-centered ones (An example of a competitive one would be "Rock-resistant Defogger", whereas a flavour one could be "A predatory Pokemon leaving on the Akala region who eats Oricorios, and is the reason why Sensu Oricorios are Ghost-types"). After people have voted for their favorite concepts, the second part will begin, where people can submit Pokemon that fit any of the concepts. Moves and items will work similarly, but the only concepts allowed will be competivive ones.

This mod carries the winners for the Ultra Beasts, Kinolau Tapus, returning mons and Volcano Pokemon slates from the V1, as well as Arachsoil, the Alolan-Sunkern line and Plubium Z.

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Concept 1:Split Spectrum Ghost/Ground Type
Competitive:Ghost/Ground type that has its good STABs restricted to opposite sides of the spectrum,forcing it to go mixed or pick a side.Given different coverage to each side to make the pick even more important!
Flavor:A large group of (Pokemon) embraced the power of the Earth and Spirits.The population soon became split,however,due to the fact that they used their physical power for one and inner power for the other.The ones who embraced both act as in-betweeners,facilitating trade and the such between the two populations.

Concept 2:Offensive Merciless User
Competitive:Self-explanatory,an offensive Pokemon that uses Merciless.As auto-crits have the potential to do huge damage,lower then average attacking stats for an offensive 'Mon might be good.
Flavor:A group of (Pokemon) saw some Toxapex Poisoning opponents and then coming at them with no mercy.They noted,however,that the Toxapex's low natural power hampered the effectiveness of the strategy.They themselves started practicing the strategy,ingraining it into their genes over multiple generations.
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Concept 1: Alolan form of a Pokémon (line) that have a Bug-type, be it already having the type or obtaining it in this form.
Flavor: A horde of (Pokémon) were found in the undiscovered territories of Alola, adapting their Bug-type (or other type if already Bug-type) in order to survive against competitions by being able to detect honey much more easily.

Concept 2: Alolan form of a Pokémon (line) that have a Water-type, be it already having that type or obtaining it in this form.
Competitive: A fast special attacking Water-type Pokémon line. I do not think we have that many in Alola.

Concept 3: Ice-type Alolan form with demonic Attack or Special Attack (at least 130), balanced with middling to slow Speed.
Competitive: Focuses around what Glaceon tried to be but failed; a powerful Ice-type tank.
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Concept: Fast Rock-Type Pokemon
Competitive: Yes, I know we do have Aerodactyl and Lycanroc (along with some others,) but the Rock-type is known for being very slow, as its average speed is about 54 overall and 63 fully-evolved, both averaged. That's why I want to make a fast Rock-type, as it helps solve the low speed problem.

Concept: Land & Sea Pokemon
Flavor: A Pokemon that can live on both land and sea. I'm thinking of some sort of turtle, maybe.

More to come if I can think of any.
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To make things clear, you don't have to include a competitive and a flavour reasoning for your subs, you can choose one of them. Just wanted to clear that up.

Concept: Pursuiter with Guts
Competitive: Some of the existing Psychic- and Ghost-types are really hard to deal with due to their stats and ability to spread status. A Pursuit User can remove Thundigeist or Kinolau-Lele would be appreciated since those two are dominant when Bisharp and Krookodile aren't on the opposing team.
Concept: Steelbreaker :magearna::kartana::celesteela::heatran::mawile-mega:
Description: Because we lost the 20-something Fire-types from v1, the Steel-types listed above are free to roam. We need more Pokemon that can easily switch in to whatever these Steel-types have and effectively do something back.
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Concept: Honorable Duelist :gallade: :escavalier:
Flavour: A Pokemon that is centered around the idea of fair fights and is a highly-skilled warrior.
Description: Idk i felt like making a purely flavour concept because making flavor is the most annoying part of submitting in fakemon mods imo. and also because it allows me to bring back Escavalier from the V1.
Concept 1: Viable NFE:chansey::magneton::porygon2:
Description: A pokemon with a prevo that are both viable.

Concept 2: Sanddern Partner:accelgor:
Description: Sanddern is best mon. Shinobug formed a great core with it. Now Shinobug is gone. BRING BACK SANDDERN CORE

Concept 3: Deja Vu:charizard-mega-x:but Fire/Flying:charizard-mega-y:
Description: A Pokemon with the same typing, abilities, BST, & movepool as another pokemon but forms a completely different role due to a different stat spread.

Concept 4: Alolan Form of a Galarian Pokemon:grimmsnarl::hatterene::applin:
Description: A Pokemon that is a region variant of a Galar Pokemon

Concept 5: Simple Set-up Sweeper:bibarel::swoobat:
Description: Simple + Set-Up = Stonks

Concept 6: Usually Useless Moves:salamence:rollout Defense Curl Sweep go brrrrrr
Description: This pokemon will want to use a move that is put into the usually useless move catagory. (ex: rollout, charge beam, stockpile, etc)

glad we are back
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Glad to finally submit to this mod that was lost in the wormhole of time.

Concept: Altar of the Sunne/Moone
Description: Alola is a land where people and Pokemon interact very freely, and in one of the most remote areas of Alola there is only 1 encounter available being Solgaleo/Duskmane Necrozma in Sun, and Lunala/Dawnwings Necrozma in Moon. This concept is about creating a pair of "version exclusives"(They're both available in both games, but the alternate is only available postgame) that make sense to live in the Altar of Sunne/Moone.

Concept: Oricorio Enemies
Description: The Oricorio are a species that rely heavily on different colors of flower nectar, They're based upon the Hawaiian Honeycreeper birds in real life, which are nearing extinction in real life due to colonization but also predation by humans. This concept would be about creating pokemon, or a group of pokemon that also rely on the nectar for something and interact with oricorio in a negative way. This has been referenced in the past by the interaction with Buzzwole in the anime and the manga, as multiple species of Hawaiian Honeycreeper's being wiped out by Avian malaria. So I think another Pokemon to interact with Oricorio in a similar way could be very interesting. (it can also be an invasive species)

Concept: Fish
Description: Despite the general abundance of water types in alola, there is actually only 1 fish native and new to the region(well its technically many fish). Lets add more fish, it doesn't need to be a water type, just another fish.

(Edit: for dramatic effect I'll keep it, but I legitimately forgot about Bruxish)
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Hi, I'm new to DLC mons so I'm not aware of the meta, but I felt like I would still want to submit.

Concept: Aether foundation-modified (ex- Alolan-Muk :muk-alola:)
Flavor: I feel like Pokémon living near a corporation like the aether foundation could defiantly affect more Pokémon then just muk. Maybe even some biomodified regional forms that the aether foundations been playing with. Idk just giving ideas.

Concept: Something with legs that adapts to water (Ex- Growing fins or webbed feet)
Flavor: They are on an island.

Concept: Calm version of a usually aggressive Pokémon. (ex-:Primeape:)
Flavor: Calllm, the relaxing waves of the beach whisper in my ear... woooshehushhh. Island breeze~~

Tbh any these ideas could be good competitively as I have my eye on a lot of cool ideas already.
:ariados: Signature Refresh :drifblim:
An Alolan form of a Pokemon with a nearly-unused signature move or ability that aims to make said move or ability viable.

Signature moves and abilities are meant to define a Pokemon or evolutionary line, yet many of them fall flat, and while it’s occasionally because they’re just bad (looking at you, Kinesis), many are fine moves that just aren’t worth using over other options for one reason or another. This isn’t so much a flavour or competitive concept as it is a creative one, forcing people to think outside of the box and find ways to make these subpar options shine.

:arghonaut: Anti-S-Tier :syclant:
An Alolan form designed to counter a majority of the mod’s current S-tiers without being too dominant outside of that.

This is shamelessly ripped from CAP, as a decentralization was used as a concept for CAP 6 as well as (informally) CAP 1, but it’s the perfect competitive concept to go for in DLC right now. Why? 11 S-tiers. Do I really need to say anything else?

:crawdaunt: Aquatic Adaptation :dragalge:
An Alolan Form based on an aquatic Pokemon adapting to a new aquatic environment.

Most regional forms (especially in Alola) are based on the idea of how a Pokemon will change over time as it adapts to a completely new habitat, yet we don’t have a single example of a canon regional form adapting to a new underwater habitat, which makes the marine bio nerd in me sad. This may look restrictive at first, but the oceans around Hawaii are incredibly diverse, from coral reefs to geothermal vents to intertidal zones dominated by porous lava rock, so there’s no shortage of unique and interesting options that can come from this one.
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Concept 1: Viable Bulky Ice Type :avalugg: :abomasnow-mega: :lapras:
Description: exactly what it says, all of the current slow bulky ices are bad or largely unused :(

Concept 2: Balanced Fast Steel Type :kartana: :durant: :metagross-mega:
Description: currently, no steel type passes the 110 speed tier.. well, this aims to change that while also keeping it balanced!

Concept 3: Balanced User of a Power Ability or Move :azumarill: :kecleon: :scolipede:(?)
Description: balanced user of a powerful ability or move, ex Huge Power or Protean.
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Submissions are now closed, and voting has started!

You can vote for up to 6 concepts, and your number of self-votes is the same as your numbers of submissions divided by 2, rounded up. (So for 1 and 2 submissions you have 1 self-vote, for 3 and 4 you have 2, for 5 and 6 you have 3). Order does not matter.

Voting will last for 2 days!

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