do you accept the deal?


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A mischievous wizard appears to you as a young child. He offers you a proposition...

You will become a major Hollywood film actor, beloved by many. You'll even act in the second highest grossing film of all time. You'll be a multi-millionaire. Note, its not free. You have to still work for it. The Wizard will just set up reality so that events turn out this way as long as you play your part.

However. You will be relentlessly pursued by an immortal snail. If the snail touches you, an industrial snowplow will instantly appear and server both of your legs. You can't tell anybody about the deal. If anybody finds out what's going on, it's sayonara to everything below the kneecaps.

Do you accept? If so what's your plan?
Simple, I can wait for the snail with a trap prepared, capture it and keep it locked up in the basement of my mansion until I die.
If anybody asks I can say it's my pet snail and nobody will question me because I'm beloved by many :psyglad:
I'll answer this question seriously and honestly.

I refuse this deal. I am 22 years old and the path that has been laid out before me has not been without its sacrifices. To give up teaching and to give up the sacrifices others have made and that I have made just to be adored make millions would be a waste. Me losing my legs is nothing close to a punishment when I'd be throwing away everything anyway.

I have gained so much from the sacrifices of others. On the way back to college on the 31st of December of this year my mom and I talked about theology in the car. She asked me how it's fair that people can suffer so much while others are blessed to not to. There is no competent answer to this question as I believe God does not intend for us to suffer at all. When people ask God why they suffer God never answers people he or she cannot speak over their tears. The things that people have sacrificed for me knowingly or unknowingly is never worth throwing away even if it means fulfilling my lust for success.

There doesn't have to be any meaning to life as long as its your life. It's your life to use and lose how you see fit. In this case I'm choosing to honor my choices and sacrifices others have made for me.


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every part of this sounds like signing-up for more curses, if you look at each part separately it's obvious that each is not very good for its own sake, and particularly fame and being an actor who has to work are not good for their own sake at all, and only by putting them all together in a confusing scenario can the package become appealing.

id not accept the deal.

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