Do you guys think Eviolite Jigglypuff could work for the VGC?

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I've been thinking about using one for supporting my allies with Friend Guard. I looked through its movepool and I found that it can learn Light Screen, Reflect, Safeguard, Helping Hand, Thunder Wave, and Pain Split. It could even hide behind Protect to keep itself alive if necessary while its ally takes less damage thanks to Friend Guard. What are your thoughts? Could Jigglypuff work?
Have you thought about Clefairy?
It has a similar, if not a better and more reliable movepool, the same ability, and access to Eviolite.

And 70/48/65 in bulk, instead of 115/20/25


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you're probably better off using a dual screener or a follow me user - they do the same job of helping their teammate survive, but they actually have nice stats and the ability to use good items. If you REALLY want to use this strategy, I would second Stalltaria's suggestion of using Clefairy.

It's a shame no good pokemon get Friend Guard.
Let's see, it has Follow Me, Reflect, Light Screen, Safeguard, Aromatherapy Thunder Wave, Helping Hand, and I suppose Wonder Room. I have a feeling I missed something though.

I'm not sure which one is bulkier though: Jigglypuff w/ its high HP but low defenses, or Clefairy with lower HP, but better defenses.
Run a few calculations on moves you think you'll be facing on common VCG pokemon.
That's the best advice I can give, and test it online on PO & PS before you justify having it on your team, you may find it doesn't work as well as you would like it to. :)

But who knows? it could have great synergy with your team, that's pokemon, it's more about how you exploit their individual traits as a pose to base stats and numbers.
Good luck with it, Unowninator!
Simple questions should go in this thread. From some quick damage calcs, it seems that Clefairy is bulkier on both sides than Jigglypuff, so I have to back up that suggestion.

If you want to make a discussion thread for a Pokémon, that's fine, but it would require a more detailed OP to actually get some discussion (see the Thundurus-T thread for what such a post should look like), and you will want to make sure the Pokémon in question is viable first.
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