Dodrio Cup - Week 3 Pools

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Karnisbroke won 2-1 vs Kirboof

Also gonna take act win for my battle, opponent only responded 10 hours before the activity deadline despite being contacted as soon as pairings were revealed, and that too outside of the 16 hour window I had given, didn't specify a time for playing, and didn't respond for a whole day after that. :facepalm:
So my opponent Gemz is in Texas and had messaged me back on Tuesday, but nothing since. Feels bad, but I haven't been able to reach them since. I am willing to grant them an extension but they have not been in contact since then.
To orgs:
This is the table for our group (Vermilion City Pool).

There are two more rounds till the end of the pool part of the tournament. However...

Look at the table and the Nutsuckers, BACON and most lit teams:
Nutsuckers have to play against BACON = 1 week
Nutsuckers also have to play against most lit, however BACON also have to play against most lit.
Therefore you need to have at least 3 weeks to play all of these games, am i right?

The same situation is for us (Tři zlaté vlasy), MD and Ed Edd n Eddys team.

I'm now just grabbing popcorn to see what you'll do with this problem :)
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