Does Flygon need a scarf? (Team Sapuraizukiru)


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Hello Smogon, this is not my first RMT, and it is certainly not my last. Most of my teams have been pretty bog standard, and I’ve decided to build some new teams with surprises.
This is one of them.
I am using an unorthodox Flygon set to mess with my opponent’s mind and shake their belief of Pokemon down to it’s core. Not really, but you get the point.
So, without further ado,I present Team Sapuraizukiru.
Changes in Bold.

Azelf@Colbur Berry
252 HP, 40 Atk, 216 Spe
-Stealth Rock

Azelf has always been a solid lead. She seems to get SR up about 95% of the time, which is great. She was the first lead I ever tried to use here on Smogon, and is still going strong. Stealth Rock is, of course, the entry hazard that few teams go without, and are rarely good without. Taunt is to stop slower pokes from setting up Stealth Rock, but I don’t use it a lot unless the opposing lead has nothing to stop me, like Hippowdon or Swampert. U-Turn is the most reliable way to escape battle, while breaking sashes in the process. I try to keep Azelf alive for most of the battle because you never know when something needs to be Exploded on. A well-timed Explosion can either pave the way for a win, or secure one.

Rotom-W@Choice Scarf
204 HP, 40 SpA, 252 Spe
-Shadow Ball
-Hydro Pump
What good spike-stacking team is good without a good spinblocker? Anyway, Rotom-W is my favorite and quite possibly the best Rotom forme because he gets Hydro Pump. If he catches Tyranitar on the switch, Ttar will take enough damage to be scared of anything else on this team. I try to play Rotom pretty sparingly as it is my only scarfer on this team, and he holds lots in check. Trick is of course to cripple walls such as Blissey or Vaporeon.

Flygon@Expert Belt
80 Atk, 176 SpA, 252 Spe
-Draco Meteor
-Fire Blast

Weird huh? What this Flygon lacks in power, he makes up for in surprise and lategame ability. Draco Meteor is my basic fire-off-this-attack-when-you-need-a-kill-on-something-with-high-defense move. Fire Blast is for when that Skarmory tries to set up on me mid-to-lategame. It 2HKO’s Skarmory and easily OHKO’s Scizor and Forretress. Earthquake is Flygon’s greatest STAB in my opinion due to Outrage locking you in, maybe getting killed. Earthquake does enough damage that anyone weak to it had better watch out. Roost is after I’ve dealt a little damage and the opponent cannot touch me. Heal up and do it again. Anyways, I have to play this thing sparingly early, firing off Earthquakes to see what the opponent will try to do. Flygon has the ability to lure out physical walls such as Skarmory or Hippowdon, and unleash a fury upon them with either Fire Blast or Draco Meteor.

Keen Eye
252 HP, 240 SpD, 16 Spe
-Brave Bird

This Skarmory is meant to pair up with Flygon by both sharing synergy and spike-stacking to make Flygon’s life a lot easier. Since Azelf has Stealth Rock, I have no need for it and thus run Brave Bird. Brave Bird is very good at dishing out lots of damage to grass types that try to leech seed me. Spikes is an obvious move on Skarm because it is one of the few OU pokemon that get it, and it is good at setting them up. Roost is there to increase longevity and allow more spikes. Whirlwind is a great punishment to pokemon who like to try and set up on Skarmory, only to be switched out and take Spikes and Stealth Rock damage. How disappointing.

Water Absorb
216 Def, 60 SpA, 232 SpD

This is probably my favorite Vaporeon set, as she gets decent SpA with which to use STAB Surf and enough defenses to stop the likes of Heatran and Suicune. Instead of running Toxic, I will run Roar because it easily disposes of Suicune and it will have a similarly devastating effect to pokemon after Spikes damage. Wish and Protect are how Vaporeon heals itself and it's teammates, which often helps a lot.

Tyranitar@Choice Band
Sand Stream
180 HP, 252 Atk, 76 Spe
-Stone Edge

This set is unbelievable. People always expect a ScarfTar, only to take a ton more damage than they bargained for. This thing not only has the ability to take out some of its own counters with sheer power, but just wrecks teams that have had their primary check killed or weakened by that evil BluffGon. I find myself using Crunch very often as it can obliterate stuff with neutral coverage. I find that Pursuit isn't used all that often because if that Starmie wants to spin, it can take a nice Crunch to the face and have the rest of her team swept. Nice pick. Stone Edge is ridiculously powerful, and I love to own that Skarm that has been weakened switching in.

So that concludes Team Sapuraizukiru .

Rates are hugely welcome for this team as it is far from perfect but I see potential.
P.S., any opinions on another EV spread for Suicune?
P.P.S., Sapuraizukiru means “Surprise Kill”. Fitting huh?
since draco meteor is only SE effective gainst dragons why use expert belt? use a Life Orb or if you wanna keep the belt use hidden power ice instead of roost

  1. Offensive Suicune
  2. Specially Mixed/Nasty Plot Infernape
  3. Offensive Electric- types
  4. Offensive Dragon Dance Dragonite
  5. Last Pokemon Crocune/Cropert

Offensive Suicune can get a chance to set-up on Jirachi locked into Fire Punch, or Iron Head (well unless you stay in to rely on luck), and wreck havoc upon the team with +1 Hydro Pump/Ice Beam/HP Electric. Rotom-W can only do so much damage while getting KOed in the process by a quick Hydro Pump, meaning you lose your spin blocker. Your own Suicune will have to CM war, and lose if the opposing Suicune already nabbed a boost. Specially Mixed Infernape or NP Infernape can also be potent threats, coming in on Jirachi's Fire Punch or Skarmory, to either get a Nasty Plot or start launching powerful attacks and dismantling the team. Suicune is your best option, but loses about 75% from a Grass Knot from an unboosted Ape, and KOed after Nasty Plot. Offensive Electric- types such as LO/Specs Jolteon, LO Zapdos, as well as opposing LO/Specs Rotom-A can be bothersome; Jolteon outspeeds 5/6 members of the team, and can hit them with Specs boosted Thunderbolts/HP Ice/Shadow Ball doinf hefty amounts. Jirachi outspeeds it, but doesn't KO it outright while getting dented by a Thunderbolt. Zapdos is in the same boat as Jolteon, only thing is it's more bulkier on the Physical side to take hits better from Jirachi, while being able to Roost of the damage; it can destroy the team with a basic Thunderbolt/HP Ice/Heat Wave/Roost. Rotom-A can switch in on Jirachi or Skarmory with relative ease and fire off powerful STAB attacks, that will leave a major dent in the team. Specs versions can be easier to manage, but the versatility of LO variants will be troublesome. Although Offensive Dragonite doesn't get any room to switch in, it can bluff a mixed set and force Skarmory out, as well as Jirachi if it comes in on Fire Punch (unless it gets burned lol), set-up, and sweep with Dragon Claw/Fire Punch, EQ. Finally, last Pokemon Cropert and Crocune can be problematic, not being able to be pHazed, setting up multiple Curses and Calm Minds, and ripping up the team with Waterfalls/Surfs and EQs. Crocune vs Suicune, will be a CM war, with the opposition having recovery to fall back on in the form of Rest, while yours gets worn down.


  • Solution A: Move Toxic Vaporeon over Suicune
Since this is a Spike stacking team, I thought it'd be wise to take advantage of this and try to decimate the opponent through residual damage; basically after a layer of Spikes and Stealth Rock, once Offensive Suicune gets in a Calm Mind, you bring in Vaporeon on a Hydro Pump, Toxic Suicune as it HP Electrics you or sets up a Calm Mind, Wish+Protect to stall it out, it'll either try to hit you with HP Electric, or try to CM, in both cases building up Poison damage. Vaporeon also gives you a pretty sweet check to Specially Based Infernape, taking zilch from Grass Knot and KOing with Surf.
  • Solution B: Scarf Rotom-W over current Rotom-W
Although a common set, this change will aid you in dealing with last Pokemon Crocune/Cropert, by crippling them with Trick, bringing down Offensive Dragonite with HP Ice (Defensive ones don't stand a chance against this team), while making it easier to deal with Nasty Plot Infernape with Focus Blast, which Vaporeon can't handle alone. I think Rotom-W will provide you with a great revenge killer like Jirachi, in addition to handling the problematic threats for the team.
  • Solution C: Choice Band Tyranitar over Scarf Jirachi
Jirachi becomes pretty redundant on the team, since two scarfers covering the same threats is unnecessary. So instead of Jirachi I'm going to suggest a Choice Band Tyranitar. This guy is an absolute monster with Spikes, and because of the entry hazards aiding his already powerful assaults, you can focus more on its bulk and still hit hard. The 1.5 boost from Sandstorm and the upcoming EVs will allow Tyranitar to come in on the likes of Jolteon, Zapdos, Rotom-A (if it's specs, you lock it into Shadow Ball, and strike, if it's LO, you can revenge with Scarf Rotom, if needed, Tyranitar can take a Hydro Pump, and KO back with Crunch). Tyranitar gives you an offensive powerhouse alongside Flygon to take advantage of the Spikes and demolish the opposition. Flygon also tends to lure on Tyranitar's counters Gliscor and Swampert, and KO or weaken them with Draco Meteor, since they think Flygon is choiced.

Additional Changes:

I strongly recommend you try a Life Orb or Choice Band Azelf over your current set; Focus Sash Azelf is a lead which other leads have adapted to over time and are built to take down with relative ease. Life Orb or Choice Band Azelf are great options to do great against opposing leads, while still getting up the Stealth Rock.

Vaporeon (F) @ Leftovers
Ability: Water Absorb
EVs: 216 Def / 60 SpA / 232 SpD
Bold nature (+Def, -Atk)
- Wish
- Protect
- Surf
- Toxic

Rotom-W @ Choice Scarf
Ability: Levitate
EVs: 252 SAtk / 4 Def / 252 Spe OR 200 HP / 52 SAtk / 252 Spe
Timid nature (+Spe, -Atk)
- Thunderbolt
- Hydro Pump
- Hidden Power Ice
- Trick

Tyranitar (F) @ Choice Scarf
Ability: Sandstorm
EVs: 180 HP / 252 Atk / 76 Spe
Adamant nature (+Atk, -SAtk)
- Stone Edge
- Crunch
- Pursuit
- Earthquake / Aqua Tail

Azelf @ Choice Band
Ability: Levitate
EVs: 24 HP/232 Atk/252 Spd
Jolly nature (+Spd, -SAtk)
- Explosion
- U-turn
- Zen Headbutt
- Stealth Rock
Azelf @ Life Orb
Ability: Levitate
EVs: 8 HP/252 Spd/248 SAtk
Naive nature (+Spd, -SDef)
- Psychic
- Stealth Rock
- Explosion
- U-Turn
Azelf @ Colbur Berry
Ability: Levitate
EVs: 252 HP / 40 Atk / 216 Spe
Jolly nature (+Spd, -SAtk)
- Taunt
- Stealth Rock
- Explosion
- U-Turn

So to summarize:
  • Change Suicune to Vaporeon
  • LO Rotom-W to Scarf Rotom-W
  • Jirachi to Tyranitar
  • Azelf's set to any of the lead sets listed (you can test all three)

First, change the nature of your Rotom-W to Timid, and remove the 4 Defense EVs from Skarmory.

Second, your team is based around Flygon sweeping, which is odd. Flygon is supposed to open a sweep for another physical sweeper, like Lucario, by luring and KO'ing common physical walls. Also, the Expert Belt on your Flygon is essentially worthless, as Flygon is about neutral coverage, not super effective damage. I suggest using Life Orb over Expert Belt on Flygon.

You say you wanted an other Suicune EV spread: I recommend 172 HP / 112 SpA / 224 Spe. You still outspeed what you want to (Adamant Lucario) and you abuse its natural bulk as well.

On Jirachi, you don't need ThunderPunch as you check Gyarados good enough with Suicune and Rotom-W (and Skarmory). I suggest you replace it with Ice Punch to hit Gliscor and other Ground-types as well as Flygon and Dragonite locked in Outrage.

Skarmory doesn't seem to do mcuh other than laying Spikes, so I suggest replacing it with Swords Dance Lucario, who can take advantage of Hippowdon and Gliscor and other physical walls gone.

Here is the set:

Lucario @ Life Orb
Adamant - Inner Focus
252 Atk / 4 Def / 252 Spe
- Swords Dance
- Close Combat
- ExtremeSpeed
- Crunch / Stone Edge

In short:
  • Timid over Jolly on Rotom-W
  • Life Orb over Expert Belt on Flygon
  • 172 HP / 112 SpA / 224 Spe on Suicune
  • Ice Punch over ThunderPunch on Jirachi
  • Swords Dance Lucario over Skarmory


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@ShinyAzelf: Fixed.

@Dark Chocoboz: He runs Expert Belt to feign scarf, when played right, it works much better than LO.

@TheLegendKiller: I will test these changes, maybe CB Tyranitar could sweep after Flygon opens up an opportunity

@Tomahawk9: The team is built upon spike-stacking, so I don't think running Lucario will help any. But I will test.
@Tomahawk9: The team is built upon spike-stacking, so I don't think running Lucario will help any. But I will test.
Then why do you have Flygon? That Flygon set is not meant to sweep; it's meant to break down physical walls; you can also replace Suicune or Rotom-W if you want to. Also, Suicune works well with Lucario, with SUicune beating some of Lucario's checks and vice versa:

Legacy Raider said:
Suicune shares several checks with Lucario, so it can surprise its common switch ins with an offensive set that hits a lot harder than they are expecting. By Calm Minding on the switch, Suicune can then proceed to outspeed and OHKO defensive Celebi, Zapdos, and Gyarados with the respective super effective move, while also being able to take on Gliscor and Scarf Heatran well. In return, Lucario gets an easy set up on any Blissey that switches in to take Suicune's boosted attacks.

Scarf Magnezone can outspeed both Pokemon, hitting Suicune with a strong STAB attack and trapping Lucario. Scarf Rotom-a works in a similar way.

Tyranitar generally has no qualms coming into either of Rotom or Magnezone and Pursuiting or Earthquaking them away. Tyranitar can also be used to Pursuit Blissey if you want to focus on sweeping with Suicune. Be warned that sandstorm and Life Orb damage build up fast so Suicune will only have a brief window in which to attempt a sweep. Both Suicune and Lucario appreciate heavy Spikes support in addition to Stealth Rock.
TLK's rate is pretty much everything I was going to suggest. Scarf Rotom-W patches up your weakness to setup sweepers/offensive Electric types/last Pokemon setup sweepers. Toxic Vaporeon works very well in checking Suicune, although Roar is another option you might want to consider, it makes Cune come in on repeated hazard damage again (it already has if it's come in and started CMing), and it won't want to set up at 50% or so health. I can definitely attest to CB Tyranitar being fearsome with Spikes, being able to 2HKO its biggest counter, Swampert, as well as the now-popular Specially Defensive Hippowdon. Its synergy with the rest of your team is good as well.

Now to the Azelf lead slot; I would personally run the Colbur Berry set which TLK posted, as it prevents Roserade leads (yes, they still exist) from setting up Toxic Spikes, which really hamper your Suicune/Vaporeon, while getting up Stealth Rock, as you're not KO'd by Leaf Storm. One lead it loses to, Metagross, is set up on by Skarmory, and Heatran is beaten by Vaporeon.

Good team and good luck!
I think your team has some potiental. I'm going to have to agree that LO is better than the expert belt on Flygon. Since you have roost you can recover recoil damage from your LO. How effective is your Flygon without specs?


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I would just like to say, that all of the rates are doing really awesome. This Flygon works much better paving the way for CB Tyranitar to wreck whole teams that have lost their physical wall.
hey bro,

The team is pretty good. First, i'd just like to point out that Rotom is missing 12 EVs. Agreeing with above posters, I'd also suggest Life Orb over Expert Belt. Even with Expert Belt, the moment you fire off a Draco Meteor, people know you're probably not Scarfed, and the extra boost in power is definitely a benefit. I'd also like to say SD Luke is a bit of a problem once you lose Rotom, so play conservatively with it (not that you don't as its your spinblocker).

I don't see much more, as the team is definitely really solid.

Good luck!
Posting to say I playtested the team a little, and I find the most effective version of the team, the one you have know with Life Orb on Flygon.
After one Draco Meteor, they know you're not scarfed as well. You use Flygon when you come in on something like Starmie; they switch out to Hippo, and you Draco Meteor.

Oh, and the normal Colbur Azelf spread: 8 HP / 140 Atk / 144 SpD / 216 Spe.

And I like to run Lucario over Tyranitar myself, as both Lucario and Tyranitar appreciate from Spikes and Flygon, while Tyranitar doesn't allow your opponent to sweep himself (dragonite, gyarados, lucario can set up on choice moves) but Tyranitar works good as well. Good luck!
Okay, I've got a great replacement for Vaporeon: Suicune. Yes, I know you used it before Vaporeon but it does the same things as Vaporeon does now, and more:
it checks other Suicune by always winning the Calm Mind war and also doing pretty well against Infernape and Heatran. (It does better against Heatran even with higher Defense). It can also sweep pretty easily with Spikes and rack up Spikes damage. Try it!
Here is the set:

Suicune @ Leftovers
Timid - Pressure
236 HP / 44 SpAtk / 228 Spe OR 172 HP / 112 SpA / 224 Spe
- Calm Mind
- Roar
- Hydro Pump / Surf
- Ice Beam / Hidden Power Electric

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