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Set up here

Since that's not the most legible, here's the set up:

7 village, 2 mafia.


2 1-shot bulletproof vests (live if they are shot once)
1 doctor (protects one player from a kill every night)
1 tracker (sees everyone that player targets that night)
1 hunter (if lynched, chooses a player to die with them
1 shrink (prevents a player from being converted)
1 vanilla town


2 yakuza (may kill themselves at night to convert a member of the town to be a mafia goon)


Important clarifications on role interactions:

Game is Night start. Kills are active on Night 1. This means that some of you may not be alive for Day 1. Sorry.

Mafia have a nightly kill. Both mafia are seen visiting the killed target.

If a yakuza does their conversion ability as well, the tracking order is: target of night kill, target of conversion, themselves.

Tracker still receives a report if they are converted, but since they become a goon afterwards, they no longer have a night action.

Converted BPVs do not keep their BPV; if the hunter is lynched and picks them, they die.

Doctor protection doesn't save a yakuza suicide.

Both, one, or neither yakuza may use their conversion in a given night. Both, one, or neither may use their ability on Night 1.

Even if both yakuza kill themselves and they are the only mafia alive, they may still perform a night kill.

If a yakuza uses its conversion on a shrunk target, the yakuza still dies.

Any other questions about the set-up, PM me and I will add further clarifications here.


BPVs are informed if they lose their vest.

BPVs live from hunter shot, assuming they still have their vest when shot.

Converted town flip as “Mafia Goon” and do not show their original role before conversion.

Mafia as a team are informed of what roles the players they converted originally had (ie scum doesn’t have to hope a converted player is on at deadline to claim)

Converted players will still successfully carry out actions the night they were converted. However, the next night, they will just be mafia goons (ie a converted doctor is no longer able to perform the doctor action)


1. Don't talk to anybody about the game besides in the game thread.
2. If any person gets a majority of votes on them during the day the day ends and the person is lynched. (This will not apply for day 1)
3. At end of days whoever has the most votes on them will get lynched.
4. Tied lynch=No Lynch.
5. Do not screenshot or quote your role pm or results.
6. Do not edit or delete posts.
7. Votes after deadline will not count even if I'm not around to call deadline.
8. Mafia may communicate at any time.
9. If you don't post at least 5 times per day you will get automatically subbed out.
10. Do not post during the night.
11. Deadlines will be 48 hours for days and 24 hours for nights. I'm willing to extend to 72 hours by request for days.



UncleSam, Yakuza, suicided n1
Whydon, Yakuza, suicided n1

smogon account, Vanilla Town, killed n1




This game will potentially be very short, so enjoy it while it lasts!

Role PMs going out now.
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never thought I'd play a game with d1 mylo

what are you like in a mafia game vooper
uh tbh im not sure
most of my forum games get plagued with inactivity on here so i havent rlly been through a full one in a while
i tend to get good pmeta/tone reads but have a harder time picking up on actual mechanics

if this doesnt answer ur question/u want me to take it another route lmk
but seriously, powerrole claim in this very order:

Shrink (idk, important thing is tracker claim first)

Do not claim until the power role above you did

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