NOC Don't Lose Yo Village - Postgame


Talk to me about your dining tables
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Doing artstuff tomorrow morning and meeting with an adviser in the afternoon, just as a heads up (but tomorrow evening I should be able to be back and devote time to this).

I would claim now but it seems like we're doing this in a set order and I don't want to screw things up so I'll wait my turn.
Lynch supremefashion
This being so soon makes this look like bussing.
I'm the 1-shot bulletproof vest.

I assume Cancer + Cantius

Lynch Cantius
Scum, in this situation, would not just call out two town is desperation and thus effectively clear them.

Oh shit! Wait a second.

Lynch Cancerous
If you think both of us are scum, why are you lynching Cancerous? Are you trying to clear him?

I do not think entirely that Cancerous is sf's partner; I am just suspicious.

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