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I could have posted this in SS, but I am afraid of nazis and also bet that some of you fellows have stuff to contribute already. When I am in class, I doodle. I'm a doodler. I once doodled things relevant to the lesson, but these days I just draw whatever garbage is on my mind. You may recognize the plotline of Chess: The Movie in the doodles if you can read my handwriting even. I look forward to seeing your inane drawings! My doodles have a title now that I am in college, namely "Wake Up, [redacted]!" because I only have class MWF but they start at 8 AM and I am exhausted so drawing stupid shit helps me wake up. You can do indepth explanations of your doodles, or comment on other people's, I don't care.

Also sorry for posting so many threads lately, but they are better than your threads probably.
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i like doodling as well, sometimes on ms paint because i can

so I doodle a pic of my brother

his and my friends liked it so they decided to join in the fun by doing more accurate representations

(he is asian so this is very accurate)
OK so I'm not very great at drawing but we were studying Eliot's "The Hippopotamus" in English the other day and I wasn't enjoying it so i drew this

this is what I imagined the hippo to be okay...

Oh and Vader from what I could read those are pretty excellent (I couldn't really understand some of them, but I laughed at the sodomy one and the sad sal face).
All my actual doodles are just pointless random scrawls. The only thing I've ever drawn for any reason other than grade-school-art-class-related-purposes that's worth posting was for one of the old CAPs.

Also that's the greatest fucking hippo in history
I doodle a lot in classes, almost all of my notes end up looking like this...

And now that I have a statistics course I can doodle in ms paint with a mouse!



Have a nice day
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I actually did a drawing this year, my brother made an art competition on facebook. My brief was space robot penguins at the beach.


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