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I am going to break up Thetwinmasters posts to say congrats to OG for winning the Manila Major.

As it turns out having a stable team and not switching players every couple of months gets results and lots of money. Who would have thought.

Also: 95/110 available heroes picked. Not bad.
yeah. maybe next time I will follow my own predictions rather than going off Merlini's / Nahaz's / Purge's. Last major I ended up getting a lot of my predictions right without following anyone.

Some Q's:

Thoughts on Universe and Zai joining Evil Genius and kicking Aui and Bulba, while Secret gaining bulba?
Anyone else going to TI6?


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yo who wants to play inhouse together w me and the bois

add me my id is don corlethrown

we have a discord group
So my ti6 qualifiers experience went well. Got paired up vs a peruvian stack with potato Internet and ended up having to forfeit, leaving my stack to play team EG.Bulba, a team of 7k+ pro players, including Sumails brother (Yawar) and ritsu. Let's just say 15min we lost but I got to flame pro players and got front page of the dota subreddit.
Ok so last night I tried my shot in open qualifiers again. Beat an average 6k mmr Brazilian team and then ended up playing a pro team again in the second round. This time I played vs Enemy.GG (BSJ's stack) and lost ofc.

vs Brazilians: 2457536418
vs BSJ: 2457536418
Unfortunately (for people that aren't remlabmez ) Alliance are in upper bracket.

Fortunately Secret are a fucking trainwreck and it's amazing.
I actually think Alliance deserve their upper bracket spot. They are one of the most diverse teams imo, with loda's hero pool being so large and ruining some otherwise unconventional things like jakiro, despite us seeing it so far. They also demonstrated why they are still "the Kings of late game" as demonstrated by the hour+ game they had against EG.

Yeah, it's kind of disappointing seeing secret being in lower bracket, however they brought liquid down with them which I think shows what the team is capable of if they focus on it. Poor artour and PLD are literally the reason they still have a chance ar this I feel.
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Okay so for the people who are going to be at TI, I will be wearing my Smogon Shirt today. If you spot me out (I'm a tall mother fucker anyway) feel free to come over and say hello!

P.S. Team Kaci ftw
Got to meet puppey today without having to get a entry coin bc of the staff feeling bad for us traveling cross country. FeelsGoodMan
Underlord and now monkey king. I wonder what reworks they are doing to him bc dota monkey king was tweaked into PL for dota 2.
- Underlord and Monkey King
- Games have been outstanding
- Zero downtime
- Banter has been spicy
- Crowd members that keep WOOing keep getting berated on stream

Bring it home, TI6. Don't be like TI4.

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