Resource DOU Analysis Discussion Thread - List of Pokemon with Write-up in OP!


hanggang ang puso'y wala nang nararamdaman
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This thread will be primarily for discussion of possible changes to uploaded analysis. You may also ask questions about any analysis here. This may include the following:
  • Possibly adding or updating a set
  • Revising of minor details, such as moves, items, and EVs
  • Revamping an analysis to better fit the metagame
As long as what you're going to say entails something about the analyses themselves, you should probably post here! If you're looking to request that a Pokemon that does not yet have an analysis to have one, you're better off stating your case in the Doubles OU Viability Rankings thread instead; only Pokemon listed there will receive an analysis.

If you need help with your analysis in general, feel free to ask QC members by finding them on the public Doubles Discord Server. Note that members of the team may be busy, so posting here can let every one of us see any thoughts and ideas.

Note: This is not the thread for reserving analyses! Go to this thread instead. Also, discussion about analyses still being written should be in their respective threads (e.g. if you're making a suggestion to Dragonite and it's still being written up, post in its thread)!

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