Double Bracket SM OU Tour (Round 3


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Still Bo1 SM OU. You may be in either 1 bracket or both brackets, depending on which games you won last round. Deadline is in a week and a half, Sunday, December 29th @ 11:59 PM EST, since people are travelling for Christmas and shit.

Bracket 1:
LL vs Thiago Nunes
BlueLobster vs blarghlfarghl
GW vs Rexus
Bloody alfa vs toinha
Hayburner vs Decemm
MFJK vs Googly
martha vs Diophantine
Azick vs Adam the first

Bracket 2:
SoulWind vs Jardem
Ada vs Yujiii
MiyoKa vs le LLiolae
PocasTrancasBR vs blarghlfarghl
Rexus vs The Hallows
Caetano93 vs TPP
Mellow vs RyLon
sstj vs Insult

Bracket 3:
Meru vs Wanonymous1616
Googly vs Eternal Spirit
Pais vs RyLon
Pohjis vs pkcc
Twixtry vs imsosorrylol
The Hallows vs TPP
Caetano93 vs HANTSUKI
benjies vs Estronic
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i believe i gave my opponent the win on his profile, unless i missed something

over due edit: i meant my opponent last round, but he hasn't said anything about it so
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Got really really lucky against The Hallows gg

Playing the other game tomorrow

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