DOUBLE NationalDex AG --- POLL VOTE --- Make it happen ?

NationalDex AG Double – would you enjoy having the OPTION to play it in the ladder?

  • Yes

  • I personally don't care

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Anyone would enjoy having the option to play NationalDex AG Double in the ladder?

Nobody would be forced to play it. But the many who want to play it, would finally be able to find opponents.

  • There was AG Double Gen7 back in Gen7. It was active, always 5-10 games day and night, you would find an opponent pretty quickly. It was working fine, no problems or issues. It would work fine just the same today without problems either.
  • Did you know there is currently no Double format available that allows you to pick the same pokemon twice?
  • in AG Double everyone was full of sneaky weird teams, it was a lot of fun with good laughs and good games, with all the possibilities of AG multiplied by 2 in a double format! Best time on Showdown.... it was a blast.
  • They replaced old Gen7 formats by their Gen8 equivalents, but somehow this one hasn't been replaced yet. By all means replace it with its Gen8 NatDex equivalent version if you want, or leave the old Gen7 version if it's easier. But currently there is something missing.
  • There is currently no available double format where you can play with Groudon for example. I mean... really? Groudon punished from any double? It's just an example

As for every format, it simply depends on how many people will actually play it.
So, simply express yourself by signalling your desire here.
Thank you.
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