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Below is the prospective schedule for Doubles Tournaments for the rest of the year. This will be updated regularly as new tournaments are added.

Signups for Doubles Seasonals will be 1 week before the listed date while DPL signups will be about 1-2 weeks before for player signups. The listed dates are all the start of Week/Round 1 of Tournament play

Doubles Circuit Tours
Doubles Winter Seasonal: Jan 2nd - April 9th/16th (14-15 weeks)
Doubles Ladder Tour 1: February 4th - April 7th (4 weeks laddering + 5 weeks playoffs)
Doubles Spring Seasonal: April 10th - July 16th/23rd (14-15 weeks)
DOU Tour: May 29th - August 27th (13 weeks = 9 weeks live tours + 4 weeks playoffs)

Doubles Fall Seasonal: August 28th - December 3rd/10th (14-15 weeks)
Doubles Ladder Tour 2: Sept 25th - Nov 26th (4 weeks laddering + 5 weeks playoffs)
Invitational: Dec 4th/11th - Dec 31st/Jan 7th (4 weeks)

Doubles Mini Tours
None at the moment!

Other Tours
Doubles Premier League: April 10th - May 21st (6 weeks)

Active Tours are colored in Blue
Completed Tours are colored in Grey
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