DOU Doubles Classic I - XY Cup Round 1


Banned deucer.
activity sweep:

Akaru Kokuyo vs DLT JRL BELL: No visible contact from either player.
MajorBowman vs Human: No visible contact from either player.
Bloody alfa vs Stratos: Bloody alfa gave the win.
AuraRayquaza vs Paraplegic: No visible contact from either player.
voltix31 vs umbreon098: No visible contact from either player.
zioziotrip vs papiloco: No visible contact from zioziotrip.

There are so many activity failures that we don't have enough subs. Here's what I'm going to do. I will roll seven random names among the nine with no visible contact. To this pool I will add Bloody Alfa because we know he isn't going to play. Then I will run down the games in matchup order and sub in players as they come.

Looks like JRL and umbreon098 are the lucky ones. Don't waste your new lease on life.

New pairings:

DLT JRL BELL vs Akaru Kokuyo -> DLT JRL BELL vs kevinghost987
MajorBowman vs Human -> Sificon vs marilli
Bloody alfa vs Stratos -> Level 51 vs Stratos
AuraRayquaza vs Paraplegic -> Dr Nibs vs Pwndkthnx
voltix31 vs umbreon098 -> sawamura vs umbreon098
zioziotrip vs papiloco -> GreenGogoatttt vs papiloco
Stratos same thing here, we schedule on discord at the beggining of the week

Our bad for not saying anything, if its possible to go back to the original pairings...


Banned deucer.
All right, so I've been reached out to by not one, but three people saying they scheduled on discord and forgot to post. Here's the third:


The subs all get priority for placement because they have followed the rules (so far). But since Spurrific dropped after* the activity sweep, one lucky winner gets to come back in.

If it's voltix31 or Akaru, I will restore the original matchup and move the sub to fight Croven. If it's Paraplegic or Aray, I will put them against Croven. Sorry for jerking you around, but I think this is the least disruptive way to do it. (I've checked this course of action with MajorBowman).


New pairings:

umbreon098 vs voltix31
sawamura vs Croven

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