Doubles Dash 2: The Return Of [Won by kingofkongs]

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Credit to Zach aka Bravierus for the idea and Format from his Summer Scramble on NB, which can be found here; also thanks to BlankZero for making the original OP

Approved by everyone | Co-Hosted by Pocket, Zach, Audiosurfer

Credit to Bummer for this amazing logo that is so awesome.


Well folks, it's time for yet another event! Although this time, we're not doing just another mini-tour. This time, we're going to do something a bit more fun. Introducing, The Smogon Double Dash!

This is an IRC event and will involve a points-based system, with a small tour afterward! Now, the rules are pretty simple but I'll try and get them spelled out as completely as possible here.

It's a Round-Robin style choice tournament where anyone can play anyone else in the tournament. This ends up meaning more matches overall are played, and therefore more accurate seedings are given in Top Cut. You only get to play each other player ONCE though, so play hard and play for keeps.

This will count for Doubles Leaderboard Points. The amounts are as follows:
  • 1 leaderboard point for every 10 Double Dash Points
  • 3 leaderboard points for making into the top cut
  • additional 3 points for every round a player advances in the playoffs


There are no "signups," you just need to play a match before October 8th, 2013 @ 11:59 PM to be entered in the final rankings; you also need to play at least 25% of the opponents in the tournament to qualify for seeding after the Dash is over. Your "signup" is complete once you fully read and understand the format description below, play, and post results from your first match. So after you've read and fully understood the format described below, go ahead and start playing, and good luck!

You can make challenges easily through the #doubles channel on IRC.

Everyone starts with 0 points. Flat rate of +5/-5 for win/loss, respectively. Bonus Points will be given to the winner equal to the number of opponents' wins. Essentially, if you beat someone with 3 wins, you will receive 8 points. If you lose to that same person though you only lose 5 points. This bonus will be changed and adjusted as the tournament goes on to accommodate for the added wins of the opponents already played. Basically you'll get bonus points for every win your opponents get, even if they get the wins after you beat them.

All point updates and changes will be done as soon as we can get to it (usually sometime that day) and will be kept updated on the spreadsheet.


  • Smogon Doubles Format on Showdown! This is the battle structure, not the tournament structure.
  • Round-Robin Style Pre-Playoffs with Top 4-8 Cut, depending on how many participants we get.
  • Best of 1 series for each match-up until the Top Cut, which will be Best of 3.
  • All battles will be done on Pokemon Showdown on the main server whenever possible. Alternate servers may be used to prevent spectators.
  • Post your match results IN THE THREAD, please! This will keep everything in one place, making it easier for us to keep track of everything. Also, please post whether you win OR lose. This helps confirm matches and keeps track of who has played who.
  • SAVE YOUR REPLAYS. This will help just in case there is a dispute.
  • You may switch teams at any time between each match-up in the Dash. Even during the Bo3 Tour, you may switch teams between games in a set.
  • If you are challenged and have played at least one game, you MUST accept. If someone challenges you and don't have a valid excuse to decline, you will take an Activity Loss. If this happens, the Challenged may reschedule the match to reverse the Activity Loss decision. For example, if you decline a match because you're tired or not in the mood to play, you will take the activity loss. However, you can reschedule with the same opponent, and if you win this game you will have the activity loss replaced with a win. The "1-Challenger-Per-Person" rule does not apply until an actual game is played between the two players.
  • Once you play a match against any player, regardless of who made the challenge, you cannot play against them again for points.
  • You must complete at least X battles, where X equals 25% of the number of participants in the Dash, or 10 battles in all, whichever number is lower, by the end of the tournament. Anyone under this threshold will not qualify for Top Cut.
  • You will not qualify for Top Cut if your score is negative.
  • You may battle as many people as you like, but only once per player.
  • Each win will count for bonus points. Bonus points are awarded based on the amount of wins your opponent has. If your opponent(s) increase their win total after you've initially played them (these are called Compiled Bonus Points), you'll be compensated for that every time the spreadsheet is updated. Any bonus points you'd receive initially from defeating someone will always be added as soon as Pocket reads your updates in the thread and gets around to it.
  • Once again, SAVE YOUR REPLAYS!

Top Cut will include the Top 4-8 qualifying players at the end of the Dash section of the tournament. The Top Cut bracket will be Single Elimination. It will be done immediately following the results being posted and given four days per round. Each round will be best of three. Top Cut Seeding will be determined by points earned in the Dash. Top Cut matches are required to be played on PS! on the Main Server, unless lag or both parties decide to play on a different server. Replays must be saved and sent to myself or Pocket if I do not respond.


First Match Deadline: October 8th, 2013 @ 11:59 PM

Final Match Deadline: October 15th, 2013 @ 11:59 PM

Semifinals Deadline: October 28th, 2013 @ 11:59 PM

Finals Deadline: November 4th, 2013 @ 11:59 PM
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Laga, we both know I'm obv gonna beat you to a pulp again (if not Blank first, which I would then still beat to a pulp).... er imeanwut?

But there is one thing on my mind. The Final Match deadline (and ofc the top cut) start after the XY release, which sorta make me wonder A) won't half of us be busy enjoying ourselves, and B) will the top cut (assuming XY gets up by then, which may or may not happen) allow for using XY pokes?

I mean, I don't mean to be annoying, but hosting this AFTER the XY release would probably make it a bit more enjoyable and be a nice way to kick off Gen 6 Doubles (hopefully more participants too, top 16 cut coming at you). Just my (overly-complex) thoughts.
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No I wuz first, obviously. You just had to do slave labor in reporting the battle cuz you won. :p


Oh, and haxed StarmanXL with a freeze that may or may not have mattered for a win

Also beat cxinlee in a good match
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won vs Leafshield in a gg
also won vs YoungJake93 in a game full of hax (aka crits) that I don't think mattered big time

yay I'm not sucking at the 1 match rounds this time :D
Oh and I'm also showing everyone how awesome Conkeldurr is :p
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Level 51

now accepting applications to join eggplant parms
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Confirming the above, gg!
also, updated the spreadsheet. If a match you've played hasn't been recorded, please notify me.

The Top Cut will be 4 players unless we have at least 24 participants.
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