Tournament Doubles Ladder Tournament 2 - Won by SableyeMyBae

The opposing Zapdos used Metal Sound!
Landorus's Special Defense fell harshly!

The opposing Tapu Fini used Muddy Water!
It's super effective on Landorus! A critical hit on Landorus! Landorus lost 100% of its health!
It's super effective on Charizard! Charizard lost 20% of its health!

^was anyone else mildly aroused by this


**hypnotic recorder plays in background**
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Waited an hour for pigeons and he didn't show. I'll probably be around tomorrow but posting in case I end up being busy
edit: was nice and let him play, got rewarded with hax out of my ass
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wouldst thou like to live fergaliciously?
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they closed the circuit thread so guess I'll haff to post dis here

There wasn't any evidence of the actual ghosting which should rly be needed to take action like this but whatever u think is the best approach. Am also a bit annoyed that u guys decided to dig pms where I've said some p private shit so u could get evidence for this so level 51 could qual for this tour but alas

Not gonna defend ghosting tho and am sorry for all dis shit. For online competitive communities like this to work there has to be a layer of trust, and that trust shatters when ppl cheat. I'm quite foolish and impulsive. Sorry for all those who were affected by this who were competing for a place in this tour.

Sorry for being a shitty community member. I don't rly do anything outside of moan and bitch. I could ramble on for hours about how everyone seems to have a vendetta against me but on reflection it's probably me that's the problem.

Gl to everyone in the remainder!!

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