Tournament Doubles Multi-Gen Tour [Won by Paraplegic]

  • Replays are required for ALL matches. If neither player provides replays and I can't find them either, both players will be eliminated.
  • To clarify, Jirachi is banned in BW Doubles.
  • Please schedule in public so I don't mistakenly flip matches or what not.
big thanks to kamikaze for the match ups!

Round 1:
byronthewellwell vs Mizuhime
Croven vs Matame
qsns vs Huston
Elise vs Misaka Mikoto
Level 51 vs GenOne
Biosci vs Arcticblast
Sam-testings vs GreenGogoatttt
Bughouse vs Lorda Floterchai
frania vs Derivatives
SamVGC vs MajorBowman
MiyoKa vs SableyeMyBae
toxigen734 vs Demantoid
Pocket vs n10sit
Mishimono vs Memoric
n1n1 vs Nido-Rus
BlueSkiddoWeCanToo vs DaAwesomeDude1
Laga vs Mysterious M
nvakna vs miltankmilk
Checkmater vs darksylvion
Yellow Paint vs AuraRayquaza
TSR vs shaian
Tymano vs Arifeen
Happy1 vs Champions Han
nadando vs Paraplegic

Subs: Lolk and Yoda2798

You have up until next Monday (April 3rd) to complete your matches. Good luck!
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going to be posting for activity.

Unfortunately enough our time zones don't match up in the slightest so problems were to be expected from the start. My opponent is gmt +11 and i'm gmt -4, in his availability he specified that Monday and Wednesday evening would be best for him, nothing else. Leaving me to play Monday and Wednesday morning while in class. Although this is fine with me, and we had originally agreed to Wednesday morning for about an hour ago, my opponent then said that it was too late for him and that he could no longer play at this time but instead on Tuesday for him (not in his original availability) at like 5:30 my time, I was still at work an unavailable to play. My opponent then messaged me last night at about 12:30 my time to say he's changing time zones for a bit?????? and he would be available to play if I was on smogtours, again, I wasn't and I was sleeping. You can see from other VM's on his wall that he would only be able to play until about 3:30 my time.

Although our schedules are barely able to meet up I was willing to play at ungodly times as long as my opponent tried to set up a game. As you can see from the case my opponent was nearly impossible to schedule with. He gave me 2 time frames, which are already tough for me to play in and then decided one of them wouldn't work anymore and then tried to set up a game for Tuesday which wasn't in his original availability.

I request the activity win as my opponent clearly doesn't understand how scheduling works.

You can see all of this take place on his vm wall


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god hates me


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Heatran used Heat Wave!
It's not very effective on the opposing Volcanion. The opposing Volcanion lost 11% of its health!
The opposing Hydreigon avoided the attack!
☆shaian ✿: fuck

story of my life


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if there are any subs left, Mysterious M has "given me the win" due to being too busy for this tour.

e: alternatively i shan't object to receiving a free W
I think that's pretty unfair to get subbed out with so long until the deadline, I clearly made an effort to accommodate the difficult timezone. We are both on PS right now. Requesting being subbed back in???

Edit: in response to mizuhime's post, he declined my first time suggestion, he didn't try to accommodate it at all, and then changed HIS mind and tried to schedule a time later on wednesday night my time, we didn't agree to this as he said we did. Also helps to post your timezone when you are trying to schedule a time n_n
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