Multi-gen Doubles Multi Tier League Round 2


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Tournament-specific rules
  • This tournament will be single elimination.
  • Each game will be best-of-three (this means all 3 games of each pairings is a bo3). You may switch teams between battles of the same set.
  • Matches are to be played on Pokemon Showdown. Use the Doubles OU, Doubles UU and Doubles LC tier to challenge your opponents.
  • Replays must be saved. Any match win reported without replays will not count, so please remember to post the replays when reporting your wins.
  • Activity calls will be made by me, potentially with neutral assistance from some Tournament Director. Coin flips will be done publicly.
  • You can tweek your lineup by moving a player towards a different tier but in order for me to allow this, you must notificate the change to me via VM here or at discord with atleast 24hrs or more time, failing to follow this rule will result in the change not happening.
Doubles OU Subforum (navigate through it to find the resources you may need)
Doubles UU Thread
Doubles LC Thread

Pairings (generated by Vileman):

Kricketot Thots (1) vs :psysly: (2)
DOU: Givrix vs  Memoric
DUU: Quairo vs Nido-Rus
DLC: John1240 vs qsns

Average Joes (2) vs The Mafia (0)
DOU: fespy  vs  Qwello Lee
DUU: n10sit vs RelicanthPrimal
DLC: Actuarily vs jcbc

HABANEROS (1) vs Ban Scope Lens (2)
DOU: Ainzcrad  vs  Xrn_n
DUU: cy vs SuperEpicAmpharos
DLC: Vaboh vs dnagerbadger

Psycho Shifters (2) vs Tula Supremacy (0)
DOU: AtraX Madara  vs  badbaarsito
DUU: giove97 vs Akaru Kokuyo
DLC: risi vs GasaiYunoSan

Z Strass (2) vs The Good, The bad and The Untier (1)
DOU: Frania vs lvl100Blaziken
DUU: umbry vs frostyicelad
DLC: Z Strats vs Kipkluif

Spanish Army (2) vs we have no idea what we are doing (0)
DUU: Tenzai vs crying
DLC: Voltix vs Jomatoes

Deadline for round 2 is Sunday 8th of August at 11:59PM EST. Replays are mandatory for every tier!

May everyone have fun. :psyglad:
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DUU: cy vs SuperEpicAmpharos

After a very bad scheduling, starting the contact on a Friday (from SEA side), they agreed on a time for sunday which both players missed, after this they rescheduled and cy missed the time again. Therefore SEA gets the activity win

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