Tournament Doubles OU Official Room Tournament Championship

Congratulations to Checkmater for taking first place! BlazingDragonStrke takes 2nd, and ...Laga and Arkeeos haven't played for 3rd yet at the time of this post, I guess they'll play for 3rd later or something. =)

semi-final 1: Checkmater vs Lolk:

semi-final 2: BlazingDragonStrke vs Arkeeos:

Finals! Checkmater vs BlazingDragonStrke:
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BlazingDragonStrke one-upped his previous performance, this time winning the 15-person official room tour! A tall, dark, and very handsome stranger by the name of pooping ironically got 2nd, GOAO was the only one to stick around for the 3rd place match and thus defeated AP0LL0, who was left to 4th.

Semifinal 1 - pooping ironically vs AP0LL0 (Replay:
Semifinal 2 - BlazingDragonStrke vs GOAO (Replay:

Finals - pooping ironically vs BlazingDragonStrke (Replay:

Sorry that we haven't been keeping up with the schedule quite as well as planned, but with the new year finally here we'll do our best to rejuvenate the project! I hope everyone's having a great 2017 so far.

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