Doubles Premier League 4 - Finals [Won by Hungry Hungry Hippowdons]


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>>Match Times<<
>>Information Megathread and Schedule<<

Hungry Hungry Hippowdons (4) vs Santalune Storms (2)
SM Doubles OU
Croven vs stax
miltankmilk vs GenOne
Vallex vs fespy
SM Doubles UU
Akaru Kokuyo vs Hashtag
XY Doubles OU
Memoric vs qsns
BW Doubles OU
Psynergy vs Checkmater

The deadline is Sunday, May 27, at 11:59 PM Eastern time (GMT -4).
A few quick notes/reminders:
  • Follow Smogon's Tournament rules (no ghosting, no leaking teams/sets in chat, etc)
  • All matches are Best of 1
  • All replays must be posted - the same policy regarding replays used in Seasonals will be used here. All matches without a replay will be treated as a double game loss.
  • I will grant activity wins or extensions if I have to, but only as a last resort. Do your best to get your games done on time!
  • Substitutions are allowed, but be sure to let the host, opposing player, and opposing manager know ASAP if one needs to happen. If both managers agree to switching matchups around in the same tier to accomodate timezone issues that is fine, but send me a PM on Smogon including both managers so that I know it's legit.
Have fun!
Hungry Hungry Hippowdons vs Santalune Storms
SM Doubles OU
Croven vs stax- Croven's plot armor can only last so long
miltankmilk vs genone- milk got mished last time and i doubt genone will go out without a bang
Vallex vs fespy- literally undefeated lol
SM Doubles UU
Akaru Kokuyo vs Hashtag- killed it in duu tour and will likely kill Akaru
XY Doubles OU
Memoric vs qsns- literally undefeated lol
BW Doubles OU
Psynergy vs Checkmater- long live the proletariat

lgi storms!!!
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GG in advance to the winning team of this tour. It was a fun series, and I think both the Storms and the Hippos have shown off some excellent games during this tour.

This will be my last serious DOU game for quite some time, but we didn't get this far to throw it away now and I have no intentions of losing now.

Hungry Hungry Hippowdons (6) vs Santalune Storms (0)
(There's a reason why our mascot has the ability "Contrary")


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Hungry Hungry Hippowdons vs Santalune Storms
SM Doubles OU
Croven (55) vs stax (45) - It's really tough to predict against 6-0, especially with Demantoid, Frania, EmbCPT, and stax already checked off his list. So I won't! If stax brings something better than Ribombee, the close game he narrowly lost last time could turn into a close win, but I'm not confident enough in that conditional game to predict in his favor.
miltankmilk (60) vs GenOne (40) - in a fight between manager and one-last-ride, I think the manager wants it more and takes this one. mooman's only lost once, and he's adapted to various playstyles quite well during this tour.
Vallex (45) vs fespy (55) - I hadn't heard of either of these users before DPL, but they've both proven to be more than competent DOUers. Handing this one to fespy because 1) undefeated and 2) I really can't see Storms getting shut out in SM
SM Doubles UU
Akaru Kokuyo (35) vs Hashtag (65) - Akaru has used the same team for both past DUU games, while Hashtag is in DUU Tour finals. That tells me Hashtag has far more experience with the meta, and I've been impressed with his plays in those replays
XY Doubles OU
Memoric (45) vs qsns (55) - Pretty much the same thing I said for Croven v stax, just reverse which team they're on. qsns is 5-0 in XY, and Memo's only played one XY this DPL, so although he won that, I think he'll be shaking off a bit of rust here against a qsns that feels calm and confident
BW Doubles OU
Psynergy (60) vs Checkmater (40) - If there was a time the Storms could win a BW game it would be now, but I'm betting Check hasn't played the meta in about a year so he'll have to dedicate a lot of time to it if he wants to feel comfortable playing the tier in finals. Psynergy hasn't had an overly impressive record, but I think his play has been better than the record reflects so I'm leaning his way here.

Tiebreaker (Hippos pick SM, Storms pick DUU):
SM Doubles OU
Croven vs fespy - The clash of the undefeated topples the one who had more wins under his belt
miltankmilk vs stax - stax isn't going to lose three straight to Hippos SM
SM Doubles UU
Memoric vs Hashtag - Memo fights for that at least 50% winrate and returns to his dreaded nemesis, DUU, to grab this win

Hoping for a close series with lots of exciting games, where Storms emerge victorious once again!
First - i have to say sorry / desculpe / desculpa / Entschuldigung / 미안해. / désolé / beklager / оправдание (sponsor by Google Translator) for that freeze on Incineroar that kinda sealed the game. You played better than me, but this is finals and i have to take those :/

Second - Vasco Thanks to Pai Braz for blessing me #PaiBraz


Fourth - The Replay:

Fifth and most important -


Akaru Kokuyo

Touhou music is :sogood:
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Closin week for Hippos with a big W vs Hashtag. Gg man!



Probably would've won nothing without this man right here

Huge shoutouts to Memoric for every calculated EV's, every specific sets and detailed pick of Pokémon. You're the best DUU builder out there!


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When you get carried to a championship
ggs storms and everyone we played

Shoutouts to everyone on the team and an even bigger shoutout to miltankmilk, thanks for giving me a chance even though I’m washed as fuck. I know it’s mons so like who the hell cares but it really meant a lot when you still believed in me even tho I went like 1-4. Not even kidding man you were a great manager; the amount of time and effort you put in to help us all prep is insane (especially in SM) so I have a ton of respect for that.


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Good season Hippos, really proud of everyone on this team. Everybody contributed a lot and this was certainly a team effort. Croven pointed out that every week we played was 3-3 or a 4-2 win so every win counted and we went undefeated so good work. I want to apologize to The Cheesen One for not getting you into a game this season, I really did want to get everyone in but turns out my draft was too good and the opportunity never arose. You're a solid player with some really unique building that I know will succeed in tours to come.

Croven thanks for not losing games this season, you're a stud even though its really frustrating trying to pick teams for you. Good work and vamos.
Vallex you were overly hard on yourself but you're a great player, you put up a winning record and I couldn't ask ya for more. Best of luck in future tours my man.
Akaru Kokuyo you rock for subbing into DUU midway through the year and not losing there. Thanks for clutching the tour dude

DaAwesomeDude1 Psynergy Paraplegic i know you prob didn't have the records you wanted but you filled in some of our weaker tiers which allowed me and croven to do our thing in SM which was obviously a big part of our success. I considered you both invaluable to our success this year and thanks for stepping up and picking up the wins you did, they really did keep us in this tour.

Memoric Happy I finally got the DPL monkey off your back. Took you long enough to start winning. Good work though, you shoulda won today too but alas.

Shoutouts people who criticized my managing, maybe you should try my style sometime. One last Vamos Hippos, we earned it.

Akaru Kokuyo

Touhou music is :sogood:
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I've never actually gave shoutouts before first because I suck at them and second because I suck at English but fuck it here they go:
Also last DPL I was shittier than rn and didn't really do anything so yeah hehe

First of all, our loved manager miltankmilk . When I saw I got drafted on your team I got really excited because imo you are one of the best players there are rn, and I liked a lot lots of your builds. In the end I learned a valuable SM lesson: Use MGar fkin every single time and you win :^)
Might've fucked first time you sent me to SM but I'm really glad and thankful I got an oportunity to redeem myself (And, funny enough, it was at DUU, one tier that I was totally trying to avoid at the beggining but ended up liking it LOL). You're an amazing manager, being on every single tier chat, helping building, joking with us because I thought you were like a serious af person with no feels before this hehehe . It was really an honor to be in your team!

Croven Cro7-0ven . I must admit, I used to think you were bad since that time you lost vs me r1 using Mesprit LOL. 0-4 didn't help that much either. But now that I got the chance to meet you and see all of your battles, that thought has totally changed for good :^) . Meanwhile you have the teams, you can def win vs anyone. It was really fun being on a chat with you hehehe.
Tho seriously who loses vs the me of a year ago WITH MESPRIT SMH

Vallex THE GOAT. I had heard of you a bit before DPL and probably faced you once or twice on ladder. I was not sure how you played or built, but after a few weeks of some SM games I can definetely say you're amazing! You can definetely do amazing on tours If you do take DOU seriously; really looking forward to see your runs!

Memoric Definetely my saviour on this DPL. If it wasn't to your teams, I would've probably done shit on DUU. I've always liked your builds a lot; that Suicune-Loom-Kang-Tran-Lando-Lati is definetely my favorite doubles team ever. Playing with your teams I totally knew I only had to play correctly to win (Kind of a hard thing but I tried hehe). Thanks a lot man! I said it before, and I repeat it, best DUU builder :^)

Paraplegic We got to talk more because of DPL, and on these talks I've realized you're an amazing player and person! I thought that schedule incident might've got you a bit mad at me and we wouldn't talk that much, but definetely glad it was not that way!
Also, your Clang Clang teams are def fire. I know who to ask If I ever need one hehehe.

obii , DaAwesomeDude1 , The Cheesen One , Psynergy Even though we might've not talked that much during the tour, I got to laugh a lot with your prescence on the chat (realizing obii is the z tect guy AND the 382749238423 flinches jirachi guy, cheesen with the Hippo in SM, Psy with that BW win on w2, dad1 with the fire xy squads that ended up being discarded ): ). You were all really important on this tournament and amazing players!

Really lookin forward to be your teammate on another tour!!

Finally, few more shoutouts to extern players that helped me to test, try new ideas and such. A special shoutout to SMB for turning into a god on this and still be an amazing person. Tú, crack, eres una máquina, un mastodonte, un tucán místico; fijo romperás qlos en SPL :^)
Also to Miere bc she's my girlfriend either she likes it or not :) . And for being cute <3


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