Tournament Doubles Premier League 6: Week Five

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Schedule sheet
Admin Thread


Twinleaf Mutant Ninja Squirtles (3) vs. Galar Ghosters (3)

SS DOU: qsns vs. Ezrael
SS DOU: YoBuddy vs. EternalSnowman
SS DOU: talkingtree vs. Frania
SM DOU: Spurrific vs. emforbes
XY DOU: Level 51 vs. DLT JRL BELL
BW DOU: Mizuhime vs. DaWoblefet


Six Island Shitposters (2) vs. Santalune Storms (3)

SS DOU: Mishimono vs. Human
SS DOU: marilli vs. fespy
SS DOU: Nails vs. Z strats
SM DOU: Amaranth vs. Yoda2798
XY DOU: Stratos vs. Demantoid
BW DOU: Memoric vs. SMB


Rustboro Baptist Church (2) vs. Oreburgh Ancients (4)

SS DOU: Shadowmonstr4 vs. LightScreener
SS DOU: Kiichikos vs. Paraplegic
SS DOU: Biosci vs. MajorBowman
SM DOU: Croven vs. Lord Death Man
XY DOU: DaAwesomeDude1 vs. stax
BW DOU: Yellow Paint vs. Tman

The deadline is Sunday, May 24th, at 11:59 PM Eastern time.
A few quick notes/reminders:
  • Follow Smogon's Tournament rules (no ghosting, no leaking teams/sets in chat, etc)
  • All matches are Best of 1
  • All replays must be posted - the same policy regarding replays used in Seasonals will be used here. All matches without a replay will be treated as a double game loss.
  • I will grant activity wins or extensions if I have to, but only as a last resort. Do your best to get your games done on time!
  • Substitutions are allowed, but be sure to let the host, opposing player, and opposing manager know ASAP if one needs to happen. If both managers agree to switching matchups around in the same tier to accommodate timezone issues that is fine, but send me a PM on Smogon including both managers so that I know it's legit.
  • Predict against Croven
  • If any of the rosters are incorrect, PM me on discord asap and I will edit
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Prediction Tour Round 5 breakdown:

Squirtles: 12 / Ghosters: 15 / Tie: 4
  • qsns: 8 / Ezrael: 23
  • YoBuddy: 23 / EternalSnowman: 8
  • talkingtree: 7 / Frania: 24
  • Spurrific: 9 / emforbes: 22
  • Level 51: 25 / DLT JRL BELL: 6
  • Mizuhime: 9 / DaWoblefet: 22
Shitposters: 25 / Storms: 4 / Tie: 2
  • Mishimono: 20 / Human: 12
  • marilli: 24 / fespy: 7
  • Nails: 27 / Z strats: 4
  • Amaranth: 7 / Yoda2798: 25
  • Stratos: 27 / Demantoid: 4
  • Memoric: 12 / SMB: 19
Church: 10 / Ancients: 16 / Tie: 5
  • Shadowmonstr4: 17 / LightScreener: 14
  • Kiichikos: 10 / Paraplegic: 21
  • Biosci: 21 / MajorBowman: 10
  • Croven: 27 / Lord Death Man: 4
  • DaAwesomeDude1: 6 / stax: 24
  • Yellow Paint: 9 / Tman: 22
Total votes: 33
People who did the thing where they voted for exactly one match even though the joke is getting really old: 2
Most one-sided votes: Nails vs Z strats, Stratos vs Demantoid, Croven vs Lord Death Man (27-4)
Closest vote: Shadowmonstr4 vs LightScreener (17-14)
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