Tournament Doubles Premier League 8 - Week 2

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(3) Twinleaf Mutant Ninja Squirtles v Santalune Storms (3)
SS: Grandmas Cookin vs Shadowmonstr7
SS: MajorBowman vs papiloco
SM: miltankmilk vs Croven
XY: Memoric vs qsns
BW: Biosci vs Human
DUU: Actuarily vs Yellow Paint

(3) Milwaukee Ducks v Slateport City Sp_ndas (3)
SS: MADARAAAA vs Toxigen
SS: Meminger21 vs Z Strats
SM: SMB vs umbry
XY: Akaru Kokuyo vs Amaranth
BW: DaWoblefet vs Frania
DUU: RelicanthPrimal vs I want Atago to sit on me

(4) Hau'oli Haxers v Browbeat Lands (2)
SS: Paraplegic vs YoBuddy
SS: GasaiYunoSan vs Qwello Lee
SM: Yoda2798 vs stax
XY: JRL vs Voltix
BW: Checkmater vs Crunchman
DUU: Mishimono vs Lord Death Man

The deadline for this round is March 20th, 2022 at 11:59 PM EDT. While you finish your games, I'm going to complain about daylight savings and shrink some of these logos. Get 'em done!​
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Predicts! In this edition I overreact to everything based on w1

Twinleaf Mutant Ninja Squirtles (4) vs. (2) Santalune Storms - kind of a must win game for both teams you really don't wanna go down 0-2 in dpl and the Squirtles especially should be looking to bounce back from their bad week.

Grandmas Cookin vs. Shadowmonstr7 - Hard to predict this one both are coming off of losses and neither really had much of a chance play wise. Gma brought what I think was a really bad team while his opponent brought a good one and there really wasn't much gmas rotom-w team could do vs a naga and a kyube. Shadow on the other hand brought a very predictable team that kinda just folded to offensive pressure when it couldn't win the speed control game. If I had to judge play I would say Gma played slightly better and I also think there's a higher chance memo cracks down on more out there teams after last weeks loss than Shadow bringing something outside his offensive comfort zone and winning with it.

MajorBowman vs. Papiloco - Bowman did lose last week and Papiloco did win but Bowman faced a good player while Papiloco faced some scrub. In all seriousness though I think Bowman played fine but got surprised by a set that isn't that common or known. Papiloco didn't play bad but I don't think he played that good, he just faced a player who let a fini set up t1 got a bit of luck on his side and won. I also think papiloco is quite inconsistent while Bowman is generally pretty solid for the most part.

miltankmilk vs. Croven - (unless predicts are heavily against Croven then he reaches full power and has won) The battle of the washeds. Both lost last week but miltank did almost find a way to claw what looked like a super dire game back while Croven did not. I also think miltank will be slightly more active and will try a bit more but this is mostly based on nothing and croven is with qsns so I could be completely wrong, either way gonna give the bold to miltank this week as he also has better SM support.

Memoric vs. qsns - Both amazing xy players who lost last week and would not be expected to lose two in a row. I think qsns has just been stronger recently having a better record last dpl and performing really well in oraspl which memo went 0-3 in so gonna bold them.

Biosci vs. Human - I don't think Biosci was that impressive tbh but he did pick up the win and human did not. In Humans defense I did test that exact team he used vs Fran in tests and Fran smashed me and I don't think Humans play was that much worse than Bioscis week 1, but I think with the extra support from memo Biosci just always has the edge.

Actuarily vs. Yellow Paint - Definitely an upset I'm predicting here but Actuarily did not look too good in his loss last week whereas Yellow Paint won in a solid game from him. While I think Actuarily is generally the better player, the w1 play and the fact that yellow paint has been winning quite a bit recently and doing quite well will have me give him the bold this time.

Hau'oli Haxers (2) vs. (4) Browbeat Lands - Lands got an impressive win to help make the prs look like a joke once again, but now that Nido can't start this week their starting lineup has taken a heavy hit. Haxers on the other hand lost a week they were projected to tie and are in need of some points to not start with a dire 0-2 record.

Paraplegic vs. YoBuddy - YoBuddy impressed me quite a bit last week. I really liked his team and he played well to keep gma from having much of a chance, Para won too but in a psyspam mirror where I don't think his opponent played well. YoBuddy usually does bad in team tours but I think this could be kind of a breakthrough team tour for him where he can get a great record, but then again YoBuddy is usually the one who I never seem to predict correctly so me predicting him to win might just be a curse.

GasaiYunoSan vs. Qwello Lee - Qwello not 0-5 this year Lee picked up a good win last week playing a good game trading mons for important damage to set up for a cosmic power Metagross sweep. Yuno is coming off the bench and is a player that generally only uses really offensive teams and I think as long as Qwello doesn't get a really bad matchup should definitely pick up the win here now that he doesn't seemed as cursed in dpl.

Yoda2798 vs. stax - I really want to bold yoda here since poor stax got put in SM when I don't think he wanted to but it's way too hard to bold yoda over stax here. Yoda had a really bad game last week that they definitely want to bounce back from they got basically every turn wrong then timed out t5 whereas stax even though it was in a different tier looked pretty solid and stax obviously has the SM experience and is historically the better player.

JRL vs. voltix - JRL had a really solid game last week picking up the win. Voltix looks like he's just being thrown to the wolves now that nido had to sub out, I'd say voltix is pretty similar to Singlethunder who JRL had last week so JRL should get this win no problem.

Checkmater vs. Crunchman - Crunch actually put up a respectable performance last week but I'm still gonna go with the player with way more bw experience.

Mishimono vs. Lord Death Man - I think last week Mishi just had bad prep. He didn't seem that prepared for chansey pex vs the SMB team when he really should've been, he was almost able to win anyway but just fell short. Lord Death Man on the other hand seemed to have good prep and picked up a very good win vs Actuarily with a Butterfree. I think prep is usually one of Mishis weak points so don't really expect much to change and think LDM can pick up the win here too.


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Last week I went 0-2 on predicting XY, which means not only am I not good at playing the tier, I also don’t even know who is good at playing it.

Milwaukee Ducks v Slateport City Sp_ndas
SS: MADARAAAA vs Toxigen - Both played well last week and I’m very high on Madara’s rise. It’ll be interesting to see if Madara is just passed another SMB team or if their building starts to be shown. Toxigen brought a cool VGC tech with eerie impulse thundurus that paid off, so I’m very excited to see what they bring this week. That being said, I think I’ll go with Madara.

SS: Meminger21 vs Z Strats - Z Strats game last week was like a funhouse mirror, where both players brought cm fini, but also neither had reliable cm fini checks. I expect Z Strats to bring it back this week, I like Meminger’s play, but they’re being thrown to the wolves here.

SM: SMB vs Umbry - A highlight match for sure. Umbry’s a great SM player but I can’t bring myself to predict against SMB in an oldgen. I do expect this one to come down to the wire, and hopefully both players have timer remaining at the end.

XY: Akaru Kokuyo vs Amaranth - Amaranth brought a solid team and played it well in a near mirror match, beating one of the best XY players, so I’ll go with them here as I’m not too familiar with Akaru’s XY play.

BW: DaWoblefet vs Frania - Another match I’m excited for, as both players looked very strong in their week 1 games. But until proven otherwise, I’m gonna go with DaWoblefet in BW.

DUU: RelicanthPrimal vs I want Atago to sit on me - Relicanth proved my prediction dead wrong and brought stall last week (I almost wonder if I influenced the teambuilding decision.... more likely his manager did, who is a known Pex-Chansey advocate, but I’ll take some credit). Meanwhile Atago did actually bring a HO team that didn’t quite have enough bulk to pull off a win. Since they did get the win week 1, and I liked their prep, I’ll go with Relicanth.

Hau'oli Haxers v Browbeat Lands
SS: Paraplegic vs YoBuddy - A good matchup, both players are coming off wins where they looked very solid. I think this one will come down to whoever has the matchup advantage, and I think Para will prep his ass off so I’m voting him.

SS: GasaiYunoSan vs Qwello Lee - This one is interesting, Gasai is known for their eccentric HO teams, and Qwello has struggled with that play style in the past. I do think this may be a “fool me once” moment, and Qwello will have learned from these matchups and bring something solid to get the W.

SM: Yoda2798 vs stax - Yoda’s coming off a game that they’d probably rather forget, while Stax did Stax things with explosion Genesect to get a win. I think Yoda will put in more work this week, so I’m gonna pick a slight upset and go with the haxer himself.

XY: JRL vs Voltix - This one should be fun as I’m pretty sure they have each other’s builders, so both will have to bring something new. I think JRL has more XY experience and I liked their team last week, so they get my vote.

BW: Checkmater vs Crunchman - I think Crunchman got a little too cute last week bringing a team that’s based on a strong understanding of the BW meta, and I think it put them in an uncomfortable spot. Checkmater played decently vs a very strong opponent, so I’m gonna go with them here.

DUU: Mishimono vs Lord Death Man - LDM beat me and I need them to go undefeated to make the loss look better, so they’re bolded.


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I ended up being pretty busy this weekend so unfortunately was not able to post a week 1 breakdown before the games. I'm still working on tallying week 1 points but I figured I would post the week 2 form first so people can get a head start then edit in the week 1 results later tonight. You can submit week 2 predictions here.

Week 2 predictions will close at some point on Thursday so I can post a matches breakdown before most of the games happen.

Here are the week 1 predictions break down. Since they're already over actual winners are bolded.

Twinleaf Mutant Ninja Squirtles: 16 / Browbeat Lands: 8 / Tie: 6
SS: Grandmas Cookin: 20 / YoBuddy: 11
SS: MajorBowman: 12 / Qwello Lee: 19
SM: miltankmilk: 12 / Nido-Rus: 19
XY: Memoric: 14 / stax: 17
BW: Biosci: 27 / Crunchman: 4
DUU: Actuarily: 25 / Lord Death Man: 6

Hau'oli Haxers: 12 / Milwaukee Ducks: 6 / Tie: 13
SS: Zeal: 8 / MADARAAAA: 23
SS: Paraplegic: 28 / Akaru Kokuyo: 3
SM: Yoda2798: 6 / SMB: 25
XY: JRL: 29 / SingleThunder: 2
BW: Checkmater: 5 / DaWoblefet: 26
DUU: Mishimono: 27 / RelicanthPrimal: 4

Santalune Storms: 12 / Slateport City Sp_ndas: 17 / Tie: 2
SS: Shadowmonstr7 18 / Toxigen: 14
SS: papiloco 5 / Z Strats: 26
SM: Croven 11 / umbry: 20
XY: qsns 20 / Amaranth: 11
BW: Human 12 / Frania: 19
DUU: Yellow Paint 20 / I want Atago to sit on me: 11

Finally, the Predictions Leaderboard can be found here. Crunchman and MADARAAAA are tied for the best score this week.

Last edit for this post, I'm putting week 2's breakdown up now since Biosci and Human are about to play. Predicted winners are bolded. Also, I'm going to add The Ape and the Mass Opinion to the standings sheet when week 2 is recorded. (Won't be able to get around to that until Monday night or Tuesday since I'll be at a regional over the weekend.)

Twinleaf Mutant Ninja Squirtles: 18 / Santalune Storms: 4 / Tie: 2
SS: Grandmas Cookin: 17 / Shadowmonstr7: 7
SS: MajorBowman: 14 / papiloco: 10
SM: miltankmilk: 10 / Croven: 14
XY: Memoric: 10 / qsns: 14
BW: Biosci: 18 / Human: 6
DUU: Actuarily: 18 / Yellow Paint: 6

Milwaukee Ducks: 10 / Slateport City Sp_ndas: 9 / Tie: 5
SS: MADARAAAA: 11 / Toxigen: 13
SS: Meminger21: 2 / Z Strats: 22
SM: SMB: 16 / umbry: 8
XY: Akaru Kokuyo: 6 / Amaranth: 18
BW: DaWoblefet: 17 / Frania: 7
DUU: RelicanthPrimal: 14 / I want Atago to sit on me: 10

Hau'oli Haxers: 6 / Browbeat Lands: 7 / Tie: 9
SS: Paraplegic: 16 / YoBuddy: 8
SS: GasaiYunoSan: 8 / Qwello Lee: 19
SM: Yoda2798: 4 / stax: 20
XY: JRL: 21 / Voltix: 3
BW: Checkmater: 16 / Crunchman: 8
DUU: Mishimono: 9 / Lord Death Man: 15
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Twinleaf Mutant Ninja Squirtles v Santalune Storms
SS: Grandmas Cookin vs Shadowmonstr7 - GMA gave YoBuddy his first team tour win in a minute, while Shadowmonstr got pretty out played by Toxigen last week. If I had to base this on who they went up against though, Toxigen looked in real good shape during his game and Shadowmonstr did a good job making it not a wash. I think I'll trust the past dpl achievements for now, but it could go to GMA too.
SS: MajorBowman vs papiloco - Another hard one tbh. Both players didn't look bad in their first games, with papiloco actually pulling an upset against Z Strats. Despite this and the Bowman losing, I still think its close since Jake can still play some solid games and if papiloco doesn't get a great match up again I think its possible Jake takes it. We will just have to see though!
SM: miltankmilk vs Croven - I'd usually go croven here but Umbry did super out play him. That might have been the most one sided match so far. To be fair it was Umbry though, hard first match up. On the other hand we have Miltankmilk who actually played real well vs Nido-Rus and honestly if a little luck didn't go against them probably would have won too. I don't know how much Croven really cares, and based off the games last week I'm going to trust the milk here.
XY: Memoric vs qsns - This one is hard. Both lost last week but are definitely top XY players. Usually I'd always go qsns here but for some reason I want to put my faith in Memo to bounce back. I know qsns probably should've won last week, and is definitely not washed, but idk.. don't make me regret this Memo or I'm never predicting you again!
BW: Biosci vs Human - I think Enosh doesn't have the best approach to BW DOU, as I think he thinks of it more as VGC 2013 with random strong mons sprinkled in. Biosci is in my opinion the best person (maybe besides DaWob) to beat newer players in this tier. We will have to see though, Enosh is good at coming up with unique strats and farming wins with them so who knows.
DUU: Actuarily vs Yellow Paint - I can't say a lot about DUU since I don't even know what's legal, but I will say I trust Actuarily to bounce back from his loss last week since he has always pulled out good record in DUU during DPL. I know YP did win last week but its hard to rate it again someone who hasn't really ever played DUU, so this will be the true test for me.

Milwaukee Ducks v Slateport City Sp_ndas
SS: MADARAAAA vs Toxigen - Madara is a good player but Toxigen played very well last week. There isn't too much to say here to be honest, I have faith in Toxigen vs most players if they continue to play with good game plans.
SS: Meminger21 vs Z Strats - I don't like saying it but I don't really know who Meminger21 is, but I'm sure since they got drafted by SMB they are good enough. However, they are up against a Z Strats who is coming off a loss and desperate to prove they are still a top player. I am going to go with the 1-1 Z Strats vs the 0-2.
SM: SMB vs umbry - This is a highlight match for the season. Both are super talented players, making great plays and team choices no matter what the tier is. SMB did get a free win last week though with Yoda#### timing out, but its safe to say they still are in form. I'm going umbry since she not only played amazing vs Croven last week, but also I just feel she is stronger in this tier than SMB is.
XY: Akaru Kokuyo vs Amaranth - I don't know much about Akura, especially in XY, but despite the SMB support I still rate Amaranth higher. I don't think he played perfectly last week but he still managed to pull the win out vs a very strong qsns, so I'll go with that.
BW: DaWoblefet vs Frania - DaWob is considered the goat of team tours right now I think. That on top of him probably being seen as the best BW DOUer right now, its hard to predict against him. However, I believe in Frania to do it. Someone has to stop this man.. he is becoming too strong. Frania, will you stop this beast before he becomes a monster?
DUU: RelicanthPrimal vs I want Atago to sit on me - Relicanth has SMB support which I heard is good in even DUU, while Cheese has no support and doesn't know the format LOL. I do think Cheese is a pretty good player though so if the match up is a little more even then Cheese can 100% win this game.

Hau'oli Haxers v Browbeat Lands
SS: Paraplegic vs YoBuddy - Para is just a good SS DOU player, becoming better and better over time to eventually helping carry US East. YoBuddy isn't a bad player at all but I feel they do struggle a bit in team tournaments, and with Para looking so strong in them recently, gotta go with that.
SS: GasaiYunoSan vs Qwello Lee - I hate saying it but again, I do not know Gasai at all but I'm sure they are good. The issue is Qwello just came off a win and is just a very solid player in general. I think this is just a safe pick.
SM: Yoda2798 vs stax - Goat.. vs a time out.. Nah this is actually pretty close, Yoda#### is really good at SM DOU and I don't think stax loves it but lets be real, stax is good at every doubles format. I will say I am sad to see stax out of XY though, I feel that is where he is strongest. But yea, I trust stax in every game.
XY: JRL vs Voltix - This is a lot closer than most games. Both seem good at XY and DOU in general. I don't actually know too much about either's real play though, but JRL has been historically stronger. I also think JRL is a top XY player iirc? Idk This is why I wait to do these LOL.
BW: Checkmater vs Crunchman - Crunchman still learning BW DOU against an older mainer, going to be fun to see if he gets the hang of it. To be fair Crunch did almost beat Biosci, but I think the reason he did not win was because of a lot of misplays so lets see if he continues that trend.
DUU: Mishimono vs Lord Death Man - Mishi is really good at DUU from what I've heard, but Lord Death Man is like historically very good at DUU and I believe in team tournaments in general. I think he could honestly sweep this whole field, but we will have to wait and see!
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