Tournament Doubles Premier League 8 - Week 3

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Season 8 Spreadsheet | Replays and Usage Stats

(2) Hau'oli Haxers v Twinleaf Mutant Ninja Squirtles (4)
SS: GasaiYunoSan vs Grandmas Cookin
SS: Paraplegic vs MajorBowman
SM: Yoda2798 vs miltankmilk
XY: JRL vs Memoric
BW: Checkmater vs Biosci
DUU: Mishimono vs Actuarily

(3) Santalune Storms v Milwaukee Ducks (3)
SS: Enzonana. vs MADARAAAA
SS: Shadowmonstr7 vs Ann nonima
SM: Croven vs SMB
XY: qsns vs KyleCole
BW: Human vs DaWoblefet
DUU: Yellow Paint vs RelicanthPrimal

(3) Browbeat Lands v Slateport City Sp_ndas (3)
SS: YoBuddy vs Toxigen
SS: chlo vs Z Strats
SM: Bless (Sunrose) vs umbry
XY: stax vs Amaranth
BW: Nido-Rus vs Frania
DUU: Lord Death Man vs emma

The deadline for this round is March 27th 2021 at 11:59 PM EDT.
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I wont lie I feel like I got destroyed in predictions last week. A lot of people who I felt were projected to win off past results fumbled. There were a lot of misplays and some luck sprinkled in to make it a weird week, but I don't think 1 week is enough to make me stop believing in some players yet. Anyway predictions:

Hau'oli Haxers v Twinleaf Mutant Ninja Squirtles
SS: GasaiYunoSan vs Grandmas Cookin - Feels like GMA hasn't really gotten a chance to play their games. Some early misplays and a tiny bit of bad luck has made the games pretty one sided and uneventful. Gasai, however, just came off a win over Qwello who I rate very high. I know its not the best idea to go off few results but I need GMA to prove me wrong before I can believe in them.
SS: Paraplegic vs MajorBowman - The SCL teammates battling it out. I think both are good players but Para has looked slightly better over time. If they both come in good form it will be close though!
SM: Yoda2798 vs miltankmilk - Both 0-2 and wanting to get their first win. Yoda#### has had really rough match ups though with SMB(even though it was a timeout..) and stax, two of the GOATs of DOU. I think Milk is a pretty good player but there is some rust there and I rate Yoda higher too, especially in SM.
XY: JRL vs Memoric - Memo just came off a win but XY feels like JRL's tier. I think they have the potential to go undefeated if they keep playing good. This is probably the biggest hurdle though, as Memo is also very good at XY. Highlight match for sure!
BW: Checkmater vs Biosci - Checkmater is definitely working hard but William is just really good at BW DOU. There isn't much else to this prediction, I rate Will higher.
DUU: Mishimono vs Actuarily - Actuarily has let me down a bit sadly, going 0-2 in a format I thought they were more known for. I would usually predict the bounce back but Mishi is also very good at DUU and ended up winning last week. Actuarily is a good player and definitely can take this, but I feel its wrong not to go with mishi.

Santalune Storms v Milwaukee Ducks
SS: Enzonana. vs MADARAAAA - To be honest I just think there is some buff with wanting to prove yourself. Enzo is coming in against a very solid Madara though, so its not going to be easy. I'm going to go with the person with less information on them and hope I'm right LOL.
SS: Shadowmonstr7 vs Ann nonima - I know I've heard of Ann nonima, and with SMB support they should have a good chance of winning this, but I just have faith in sm7. Good player with good showings in DPL, hard to predict against them this game.
SM: Croven vs SMB - I predicted against Croven and he goes and wins.. rude. I don't like predicting against my fellow rfn bro but SMB is one of the GOATs for a reason. If SMB can take it over Umbry then stopping him will be very hard. Prove me wrong Croven..
XY: qsns vs KyleCole - qsns might be 0-2 but this is the perfect chance to bounce back. Kyle is a pretty good player but I feel a lot of it comes down to team building for him. I feel XY is a little harder to fish in than other formats and unless the match up is dire, I think qsns can bounce back this week.
BW: Human vs DaWoblefet - Same thing as last week, Enosh is good but I don't like how he looks at BW at all. DaWob is top 3 in the tier at least and in general a top DOUer. Going with the wob.
DUU: Yellow Paint vs RelicanthPrimal - 2-0 with SMB support and seems to have a good understanding of the tier? YP is good at DOU and definitely knows DUU too, but I think the amount of support on <><'s side is too strong to overcome right this second. Should be a good game though!

Browbeat Lands v Slateport City Sp_ndas
SS: YoBuddy vs Toxigen - Both 2-0 but Toxigen has been a lot more convincing with well played games all around. YoBuddy has been good this DPL and with his good building I could see an edge in preview making this harder for Toxigen. This is another good highlight game for this tournament.
SS: Qwello Lee vs Z Strats - Both find themselves 1-1, but Qwello's team choices have felt a bit more iffy than Z Strats. That on top of what I said during SCL, where in Bo1 Z Strats is a scary player to fight. I'm going to have to go with him here.
SM: Bless (Sunrose) vs umbry - A loss to SMB last week is not going to stop me from bolding Umbry. She is still looking good in her games and I feel she is one of the strongest SM DOU players all together. Newly named Sunrose is someone I actually haven't seen much play from recently, so its really hard to expect an upset here.
XY: stax vs Amaranth - Goat.. Stax finds himself back in XY with a 2-0 record in two different tiers now. Amaranth is also 2-0 and stuck in XY this whole time, however the wins have been aided with a little RNG. Not to say Amaranth isn't a solid player, its just stax has looked much stronger in his 2 games, and in general is one of the GOATs. Good game though, another fun one to catch this week.
BW: Nido-Rus vs Frania - I have never actually seen Nido's BW DOU, and even though I am not the biggest fan of Frania's team choices he definitely knows how to play BW very well. I feel the experience and overall amount of time Frania has to test and play compared to Nido will make this game tip in his favor.
DUU: Lord Death Man vs emma - Emma definitely can win this game. She should have a good amount of data on LDM and that is where she shines. This is DUU though which I don't know just how much experience she has here, and with LDM being known for his DUU I feel safe going with him here.
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Hau'oli Haxers (4) v (2) Twinleaf Mutant Ninja Squirtles

GasaiYunoSan vs Grandmas Cookin - I haven't liked either of gmas teams and he got destroyed last week, he also complained about pult being ass when he brought pult so idk what's going on there. I don't really like Gasais team either but she has a clear style that she plays quite well with and judging by the first two weeks I don't think Gmas teambuilding can stop her.

Paraplegic vs MajorBowman - Bowman looked pretty good last week while Para threw a game yobuddy threw first I think they're usually pretty equal playing wise these days but I'm gonna give the edge to Bowman after last week.

Yoda2798 vs miltankmilk - Both 0-2 and both haven't looked too good but Yoda is historically better and I have more faith in them to bounce back than miltank.

XY: JRL vs Memoric - Memoric played well last week and was able to get a big win against qsns in what might be one of the worst games seen. JRL won last week and is 2-0 but I don't think he really played well last week so I'll give memo the bold.

Checkmater vs Biosci - Just a gut feeling tbh, I think Biosci is prob the better player but I think Check has been pretty active in prepping and testing and sometimes that's all you need to get the edge when you're competent enough which Checkmater definitely is.

Mishimono vs Actuarily - Actuarily has looked quite bad this DPL. I was actually gonna bold him this week predicting a bounce back cuz I know he's capable of it but I didn't realize he was gonna be against Mishi who just had their own bounce back win and is just as skilled at Actuarily in duu so I changed my mind.

Santalune Storms (3) v (3) Milwaukee Ducks

Enzonana. vs MADARAAAA - Enzo has finally been freed and he has proven he is very capable of upsets but despite the loss last week I think Madara has looked really solid and think he will take the win.

Shadowmonstr7 vs Ann nonima - Surprised to see meminger subbed I think he played pretty well last game but maybe Ducks are just testing out all their lineup options which makes sense. Either way Shadow had a great game last week and I expect him to play well enough to get the win this week too.

Croven vs SMB - bolding SMB cuz SMB good but this honestly feels like a trap game and if ur gonna try and get an upset prediction against SMB I'd do it here. SMB arguably had to hax to win last game and doesn't seem too unbeatable, meanwhile I don't think Croven is someone who cares about who his opponent is and has this ability to sometimes just win games. I'm not willing to bet on it though.

qsns vs KyleCole - Once again confused by the sub here even moreso here since Akaru looked fine and got hax'd. qsns is 0-2 but they haven't looked bad and are just generally better than Kyle who hasn't been in peak form for a while.

Human vs DaWoblefet - 0-2 vs. 2-0 and DaWob is just better at BW DOU.

Yellow Paint vs RelicanthPrimal - Both probably considered unexpected 2-0s but I correctly predicted YP last week and I just think he's been on the upswing in basically every doubles tier he's been playing and he's been playing a lot. Definitely will be a fun one to watch and see the result of, I think YP is better at prepping for a specific opponent here and that his upswing will continue.


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Hey everyone, the form for Week 3 predictions can be found here. I'll update this post with the standings as of Week 2 tomorrow and the Week 3 breakdown when the form is closed.

Week 3 predictions will close at some point on Thursday so I can post a matches breakdown before most of the games happen.
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