Tournament Doubles Premier League 8 - Week 4

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Season 8 Spreadsheet | Replays and Usage Stats

(4) Slateport City Sp_ndas v Hau'oli Haxers (2)
SS: raisedintyo vs GasaiYunoSan
SS: Toxigen vs Paraplegic
SM: umbry vs Yoda2798
XY: Amaranth vs JRL
BW: Frania vs Checkmater
DUU: Z Strats vs Mishimono

(5) Milwaukee Ducks v Twinleaf Mutant Ninja Squirtles (1)
SS: SingleThunder vs Xrn
SS: MADARAAAA vs MajorBowman
SM: SMB vs Grandmas Cookin
XY: KyleCole vs Memoric
BW: DaWoblefet vs Biosci
DUU: RelicanthPrimal vs Actuarily

(3) Santalune Storms v Browbeat Lands (3)
SS: Enzonana. vs chlo
SS: Shadowmonstr7 vs YoBuddy
SM: Croven vs Nido-Rus
XY: qsns vs stax
BW: Human vs Bless (Sunrose)
DUU: Yellow Paint vs Lord Death Man

The deadline for this week is April 3rd at 11:59 PM EDT.
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Last week there were some more upsets but for the most part we saw a little more consistency in proven players. With that said, we are seeing some older players stepping up and proving they aren't washed which is cool! We are also getting some new faces stepping up and proving they can hang too. This DPL there hasn't been a team that has looked amazing or terrible, its been like no other DPL I've seen so far!

Slateport City Sp_ndas v Hau'oli Haxers
SS: raisedintyo vs GasaiYunoSan - I actually feel like going tyo is the right call since I believe in wanting to prove yourself, but Gasai is 2-0 and has been looking pretty good this tournament so far.
SS: Toxigen vs Paraplegic - Clutchigen has been playing really well this tournament being 3-0 up to this point. Para who I rate high in SS DOU too hasn't been looking as strong this DPL, and with Toxigen looking so strong I think the 4-0 will come.
SM: umbry vs Yoda2798 - Yoda#### finally got a win last week! Sadly for him though he is up against another top SM player in Umbry. Umbry has been looking strong all tournament and since I rate her up there with stax and SMB in SM, I feel the track record we have seen will continue for Yoda####.
XY: Amaranth vs JRL - Stax brought the streak to an end for Amaranth, and even though I think he is a good player JRL has been solid this tournament so far. JRL is coming off a loss too vs Memoric, but that wont stop me from believing in him!
BW: Frania vs Checkmater - Frania has been playing very well this DPL, while Checkmater has been struggling to keep up with the new BW DOU meta. I can respect Checkmater trying to spice up the building but with their only win being vs Crunchman in BW, and Fran looking solid I can't not go Fran here.
DUU: Z Strats vs Mishimono - Z Strats told me he would win so...

Milwaukee Ducks v Twinleaf Mutant Ninja Squirtles
SS: SingleThunder vs Xrn - I wont lie I'm basing this off of Xrn's OST run. I know they played DOU too and their play should transfer well. SingleThunder is pretty good player and I know more about their DOU than Xrn's, but I have a feeling this is how it'll go.
SS: MADARAAAA vs MajorBowman - I keep saying it, Madara is good. Bowman has been really good this tournament though and won last week too, so I have faith in him being able to win here. Madara has been getting rough pulls tbh though, maybe this is their chance to even out their record.
SM: SMB vs Grandmas Cookin - GMA has been having a real rough tournament going 0-3 so far, now up again SMB in a fresh tier. This could be very good for GMA.. or very bad. SMB most likely wont take this match lightly and with him being one of the GOATs.. I think I'll safely go with him here.
XY: KyleCole vs Memoric - Both won last week and I do like Kyle as a player but Memo told me he has XY DOU running through his veins.. yea sorry Kyle.
BW: DaWoblefet vs Biosci - The 3-0s and probably best BW DOUs in DPL historically going at it for that undefeated position. This is going to be a great game either way but I am going to go with William here. It can go either way and I feel most people are going to rate DaWob higher just out of sheer results recently, but I think William is going to get another undefeated regular season this year.
DUU: RelicanthPrimal vs Actuarily - I just think all the support + knowing the meta very well from their play makes Relicanth the player to beat in DUU this tournament. If there is a player I'd put to beat them it would be Actuarily, and with a win last week vs Mishi it's looking very possible this could go his way, but I believe in Relicanth here.

Santalune Storms v Browbeat Lands
SS: Enzonana. vs chlo - Both played well last week and even though I'd argue chlo's win was bigger over Z Strats, I have faith in Enzo. I don't even know why I've barely seen them play but here we are LOL. I can see it going either way though.
SS: Shadowmonstr7 vs YoBuddy - This one is really hard since they are both 2-1 and have looked fairy good though tournament. I am going with YoBuddy since his wins have looks much better than Shadowmonstr's, while his only loss being to 3-0 Toxigen who has looked like the best SS DOU this DPL. I wouldn't be surprised to see Shadowmonstr pull this one though.
SM: Croven vs Nido-Rus - I'm not predicting against Croven anymore he is too good. You win Croven, I've sworn my allegiance to you. Nido-Rus is a very good player though and its very possible they can pull something out here as they both have a high skill ceiling.
XY: qsns vs stax - Goat... You know the drill I'm not predicting against stax especially 3-0 stax. Qsns has had a pretty uncharacteristic tournament being 0-3 in his historically best tier that he dominates in. I could see qsns pulling out a win here if he is on a good day, but as of now stax is looking too strong.
BW: Human vs Bless (Sunrose) - Enosh might be 0-3 but I've never seen Bless in BW DOU. Enosh is tryharding and enjoying the format, and even with being 0-3 I think its losses vs the 3 best BW DOUers too, so rough schedule to boot. I think this is the perfect chance for Enosh to get a win and bounce back.
DUU: Yellow Paint vs Lord Death Man - I've learned this series is the closest of any series this tournament so far. Every match I could see going either way and this one is no exception. Both 2-1 and shown they know how to play the format, its almost a coin flip for me. They technically have the same results too, its really strange to look at. I am just going with YP because of their overall DOU success recently, but this is such a 50/50 in my eyes..
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Apologies for the delays, last week was a bit rough for me so couldn't get everything updated in time. I'm still a bit busy but went ahead and made the prediction form for week 4 since taking submissions is time-sensitive. I've also included last week's breakdown and will try to get the standings updated when I have time.

Week 4 predictions can be submitted here.

Hau'oli Haxers: 12 / Twinleaf Mutant Ninja Squirtles: 8 / Tie: 5
SS: GasaiYunoSan: 15 / Grandmas Cookin: 10
SS: Paraplegic: 13 / MajorBowman: 12
SM: Yoda2798: 18 / miltankmilk: 7
XY: JRL: 15 / Memoric: 10
BW: Checkmater: 7 / Biosci: 17
DUU: Mishimono: 12 / Actuarily: 13

Santalune Storms: 5 / Milwaukee Ducks: 10 / Tie: 10
SS: Enzonana.: 7 / MADARAAAA: 18
SS: Shadowmonstr7: 21 / Ann nonima: 4
SM: Croven: 1 / SMB: 24
XY: qsns: 21 / KyleCole: 4
BW: Human: 0 / DaWoblefet: 25
DUU: Yellow Paint: 17 / RelicanthPrimal: 8

Browbeat Lands: 7 / Slateport City Sp_ndas: 13 / Tie: 5
SS: YoBuddy: 8 / Toxigen: 17
SS: Qwello Lee: 9 / Z Strats: 16
SM: Bless (Sunrose): 5 / umbry: 20
XY: stax: 19 / Amaranth: 6
BW: Nido-Rus: 8 / Frania: 17
DUU: Lord Death Man: 19 / emma: 6
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Milwaukee Ducks (2) v (4) Twinleaf Mutant Ninja Squirtles

SS: SingleThunder vs Xrn - I prob rate these two even DOU wise but Xrn is better at mons in general and Ducks SS has been pretty bad so gonna bold Xrn.

SS: MADARAAAA vs MajorBowman - I really want to bold against Jake here after his joke about how he has the seal of rayproval which was awful but unfortunately he is not wrong and I am going to predict him again since I think he's been better than Madara.

SM: SMB vs Grandmas Cookin - Poor gma.

XY: KyleCole vs Memoric - Memo has been really solid and is historically the better player. Kyle did pick up the win last week but it was more of a struggling qsns losing than Kyle winning so I don't put much stock into it.

BW: DaWoblefet vs Biosci - I was too much of a bitch to predict against SMB despite saying I thought Croven had a good shot at an upset and it cost me so I will learn from my mistakes and go Bio here. I don't even think this would be too much of an upset Biosci has played great and playing wise of all DOU I think is better than DaWob but DaWob was the most expensive player for a reason so would be no surprise to see him win, should be a great match either way.

DUU: RelicanthPrimal vs Actuarily - I'm sick of predicting against Relicanth and being wrong. (he prob loses now that I'm predicting him to win)

Santalune Storms (3) v (3) Browbeat Lands

SS: Enzonana. vs chlo - beat Z Strats. Both have had very similar DOU careers breaking out with a good DWCOP then getting subbed in DPL going 1-0. It's essentially a coinflip but I'm a simp and think chlo will destroy.

SS: Shadowmonstr7 vs YoBuddy - Shadow has looked great after his loss to Toxigen meanwhile YoBuddy is coming off of a loss to Toxigen. I think this is super close and YoBuddy could counter Shadows preferred style quite well but I think Shadow has looked better this dpl so will give the bold to him.

SM: Croven vs Nido-Rus - Nido is playing a bit too much for my liking but I don't think it will help out the Lands too much here. Croven is looking like he's getting back in form and I have to bold him after destroying SMB.

XY: qsns vs stax - stax is the goat and qsns has been heavily underperforming this dpl so gonna have to go with the goat.

BW: Human vs Bless (Sunrose) - Both teams have not won a single BW game, so I'm gonna go with the person who's at least been getting BW games in.

DUU: Yellow Paint vs Lord Death Man - Pretty even game between two 2-1s, LDM is getting the bold because I generally rate him higher in DUU.


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Only doing xy and sm, 'cause swsh is alien to me

Slateport City Sp_ndas v Hau'oli Haxers
SM: umbry vs Yoda2798: no timeouts pls
XY: Amaranth vs JRL: JRL isn't someone I'm too familiar with, but having watched their other games this dpl I'll back them here

Milwaukee Ducks v Twinleaf Mutant Ninja Squirtles
SM: SMB vs Grandmas Cookin: realistically hard to bet against SMB
XY: KyleCole vs Memoric: I'm expecting to be a very tightly contested match

Santalune Storms v Browbeat Lands
SM: Croven vs Nido-Rus: croven would be so sexy if he wasnt croven. like the vocabulary of just 'mood', 'cringe', and soon 'thats a bop'. smoking weed being a primary character trait. pretending to have underground taste when the deepest they go is Arcade Fire and Animal Collective. ugh i wanna pin u down, but ur crovne
XY: qsns vs stax: the game I'm most excited for. Both goats I respect highly, and either could take it. qsns may have had rough start these past weeks, but I know they can turn it around


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I didn’t miss a single game last week, so here’s my expert predicts for this one:

Slateport City Sp_ndas v Hau'oli Haxers
SS: raisedintyo vs GasaiYunoSan - GasaiYunoSan has been red hot lately, coming off a win last week as well as winning a Doubles LC ssnl, so they get my vote as raisedintyo is an unknown quantity.

SS: Toxigen vs Paraplegic - This should be a good one as both are playing well, even if Para got a little too cute last week. If KyleCole says your SS team is sick, that means something is wrong. Toxigen has really had a fantastic DPL so far, and so I’m going to predict that to continue here.

SM: umbry vs Yoda2798 - Yoda got on the board last week playing his classic style of Pokémon; balanced, set-up, and nearly losing to timer. Despite the win, I’m picking Umbry as I think she does a great job of positioning and will be able to take advantage of most balance teams.

XY: Amaranth vs JRL - Both players have looked very good thus far at 2–1, so my vote goes to JRL as I like their building a little bit better.

BW: Frania vs Checkmater - Frania has always done very well at BW and has continued that this tournament. On the other hand Checkmater has played better each week, but it seems every game they’re not bringing adequate checks to all the BW threats, so I’m gonna go with the reliable pick of Frania.

DUU: Z Strats vs Mishimono - Z Strats makes his first DUU appearance, I’m not sure what he knows of the tier. This leads me to believe this is going to be a battle of the goodstuffs as that’s what they’re both known to bring. I’m gonna go with Mishi here as they have a bit more DUU experience.

Santalune Storms v Browbeat Lands
SS: Enzonana. vs chlo - Chlo played her way out of a bad matchup last week and was able to get an upset win, so big props to her. With that being said, nobody brings more enthusiasm to DPL than Enzo, and I know firsthand he tests like crazy, so I think he remains undefeated in DPL.

SS: Shadowmonstr7 vs YoBuddy - Both Yobuddy & Shadow are 2-1 with losses to Toxigen, so this one is pretty even. I’m also looking forward to the teams these two bring as they like to be uncoventional. I’m leaning Yobuddy because they’re more active and have been around recently.

SM: Croven vs Nido-Rus - This will be a fun SM pairing, but I’ve heard Croven hates it when you predict them, so I’m going with Croven on this one.

XY: qsns vs Stax - Stax has looked pretty unbeatable in XY, cruising to a win every week. I think that will continue even though I still think Qsns is one of the top XYers despite their rough start.

BW: Human vs Bless (Sunrose) - I think it’s hilarious that we have to clarify who Bless is, and Human has been struggling in BW as of late, so I’m gonna give it to the man with two names.

DUU: Yellow Paint vs Lord Death Man - Both are 2-1 with wins over myself, so I’m maybe not the best person to judge who the better one is. With that said I’m voting for LDM cause I think every week they show their depth of understanding of the meta.
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XY and BW predicts!!!!

Sp_ndas vs Haxers

XY: Amaranth vs JRL - Both of them are standing at a respectable 2-1 record. I generally consider JRL to be a better, more "pure" doubles player if that makes any sense, and that gives them an edge over Amaranth who I still put in high regard after our previous campaign. There's also the fact JRL's teams in general are more solid; whoever gave Amaranth a team with zero Fire- and Water-resists last week in a meta with best mon Volcanion should be banned from the Sp_nda's XY Channel. For your own sake, please get on it Mx. Z Strats

BW: Frania vs Checkmater - Both have been doing just around fine teams- and plays-wise, though Frania does stand at a better 2-1 record. They've generally brought sixes that look generally solid, though Checkmater seems to lean more towards being experimental. That isn't a bad thing, necessarily, but it seems that it's not working well for our hero as he's been exposed to one One Big Threat in two games (Scizor against Biosci, Kyurem-B against DaWoblefet) which seem to just have been forgotten about in the builder. This building can give Checkmater an edge as it can polarize matchups, but if Frania brings a solid, perhaps boring six and plays up to standard, I think they're more likely to come out on top.

Storms vs Lands

XY: qsns vs stax: A 0-3 vs 2-0 (in XY) matchup, that should in itself be enough to inform most on their predicts for this game. Howeverr! Looking at the games qualitatively, we can see that qsns's has been mostly playing up to standards, only really coming short at the end. The Amaranth game was a near mirror matchup, and our game was the worst game in DPL (so far); the only real gaffe, maybe, was the Week 3 game vs KyleCole where qsns stayed in with two Ground-weaks vs a Landorus-T. To be fair, that play is not that bad by meta perspective, as Lando-T typically doesn't EQ turn 1 and most Lando-T typically never have lethal there, it just so happened that KyleCole was not your typical player (I stay in with one + go Lando-T there btw). Meanwhile, stax's two games are hard to get a real read off: he beat me in a close game that I arguably threw to the dumpster, and he beat Amaranth whose team supplier should be put behind bars. This isn't to diminish their results, of course, but looking at it from this perspective, we can see that they're not that far off. While qsns may be six foot down under right now, lets just say I'm a jolly fan of zombie movies.

BW: Human vs Bless - Human is now 0-3 vs Excadrill-Tyranitar and is probably going to bring a Hitmontop. Bless, meanwhile, is standing in as the Lands' new sacrifice to BW, and perhaps they have the best chance out of all of them--even moreso if they bring Excadrill-Tyranitar this week! There honestly isn't much to say here other than Human has a seeming inability to play around / outplay an Excadrill, and despite trying to at least mitigate this weakness with Rotom-W + Scrafty last week they still lost to it vs DaWob (who made their own Crime-against-Teambuilding, mind you). If Sunrose's advice in my teamchat last year is any indication of their BW prowess, maybe they have what it takes to get the win this week.
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