Tournament Doubles Premier League 8 - Week 5

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Season 8 Spreadsheet | Replays and Usage Stats

(3) Browbeat Lands v Milwaukee Ducks (3)
SS: Crunchman vs Meminger21
SS: chlo vs Akaru Kokuyo
SM: talkingtree vs SMB
XY: Voltix vs KyleCole
BW: Bless (Sunrose) vs DaWoblefet
DUU: Lord Death Man vs RelicanthPrimal

(4) Twinleaf Mutant Ninja Squirtles v Slateport City Sp_ndas (2)
SS: MajorBowman vs Toxigen
SS: dnagerbdager vs robjr
SM: Memoric vs umbry
XY: miltankmilk vs Amaranth
BW: Biosci vs Frania
DUU: Actuarily vs Z Strats

(4) Hau'oli Haxers v Santalune Storms (2)
SS: Paraplegic vs Enzonana.
SS: Zeal vs Shadowmonstr7
SM: Yoda2798 vs Croven
XY: JRL vs qsns
BW: Checkmater vs Human
DUU: Mishimono vs Yellow Paint

The deadline for this round is April 10th at 11:59 PM EDT. As a reminder, the DUU tier shifts are now live.​
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Lands were having a bit of trouble figuring out what actually clinches us anything so I figured I'd post playoff scenarios here. That being said, I'm old by Smogon standards and haven't used math in a while so if I have any issues feel free to call me a boomer and correct me.

1. Milwaukee Ducks -- 6 points, +6 differential
  • The Ducks have already clinched playoffs
  • Ways the Ducks get 1st seed:
    • Ducks win, Sp_ndas lose or tie
    • Ducks win, Sp_ndas win with an equal or lower # of wins
      • If Ducks win 4-2 and Sp_ndas win 5-1 (or 5-1 and 6-0, respectively), then Ducks and Sp_ndas would need a tiebreaker to determine the bye
    • Ducks tie, Sp_ndas lose or tie
    • Ducks lose 2-4, Sp_ndas lose
      • This would result in another tiebreaker for the 1st place bye, but this time between the Ducks and the Lands
2. Slateport City Sp_ndas -- 6 points, +4 differential
  • The Sp_ndas have already clinched playoffs
  • Ways the Sp_ndas can get 1st seed:
    • Sp_ndas win, Ducks lose or tie
    • Sp_ndas win 6-0, Ducks win 4-2
      • If Sp_ndas win 5-1 and Ducks win 4-2 (or 6-0 and 5-1, respectively), then Sp_ndas and Ducks would need a tiebreaker to determine the bye
    • Sp_ndas tie, Ducks lose
3. Browbeat Lands -- 4 points, +2 differential
  • Ways the Lands can qualify for playoffs:
    • Lands win
    • Lands tie, Storms lose, tie, or win 4-2
      • If Storms instead win 5-1, then Lands and Storms would need a tiebreaker to determine the 3rd playoff slot
    • Lands lose 2-4, Squirtles lose or tie, Storms tie or lose 2-4
      • If Storms lose 1-5, then Lands and Haxers would need a tiebreaker to determine the 3rd playoff slot
    • Lands lose 1-5, Squirtles lose or tie, Storms tie or lose 2-4
      • If Storms tie, Lands and Storms need a tiebreaker to determine the 3rd playoff slot
      • If Storms lose 2-4, Lands and Haxers need a tiebreaker to determine the 3rd playoff slot
  • Ways the Lands can get 1st seed:
    • Lands win 5-1 or 6-0, Sp_ndas lose
      • If Lands win 4-2 and Sp_ndas lose, then Lands and Ducks would need a tiebreaker to determine the bye
4. Santalune Storms -- 3 points, -2 differential
  • Ways the Storms can qualify for playoffs:
    • Storms win 4-2, Lands lose, Squirtles *don't* win 6-0
      • If Squirtles win 6-0, then Storms and Squirtles would need a tiebreaker to determine the 3rd playoff slot
    • Storms win 5-1, Lands lose
      • If Lands tie, then Storms and Lands would need a tiebreaker to determine the 3rd playoff slot
    • Storms tie, Lands lose 0-6, Squirtles tie or lose
      • If Lands lose 1-5, then Storms and Lands would need a tiebreaker to determine the 3rd playoff slot
  • Storms cannot get 1st seed
5. Twinleaf Mutant Ninja Squirtles -- 3 points, -6 differential
  • Ways the Squirtles can qualify for playoffs:
    • Squirtles win, Lands lose, Storms lose or tie
      • If Storms win 4-2, then Squirtles need to win 6-0 to force a tiebreaker between Squirtles and Storms to determine the 3rd playoff slot. If Storms win by more than 4-2, Squirtles cannot make playoffs
  • Squirtles cannot get 1st seed
6. Hau'oli Haxers -- 2 points, -4 differential
  • Ways the Haxers can qualify for playoffs:
    • Haxers win 4-2, Squirtles lose or tie, Lands lose 0-6
      • If Lands lose 1-5 instead, Haxers and Lands would need a tiebreaker to determine the 3rd playoff slot
    • Haxers win 5-1, Squirtles lose or tie, Lands lose 1-5
      • If Lands lose 2-4 instead, Haxers and Lands would need a tiebreaker to determine the 3rd playoff slot
    • Haxers win 6-0, Squirtles lose or tie, Lands lose
  • Haxers cannot get 1st seed

  • Ducks and Sp_ndas are in playoffs and both have chances to be 1st seed
  • All 4 other teams have varying routes to playoffs, but only Lands have any chance to be 1st seed
  • Given our DOU team tour history and the number of times I had to make a point about tiebreakers, we're probably going to have 7 of them
I forgot second to last week of regular season is upset week. There were what I'd consider a LOT of unexpected wins but I don't think that should make people give up on the more established players. With the last week here and every team having a shot to make play offs, this should be an intense and fun week for players and viewers! Also please whoever I predict win I need the points..

Browbeat Lands v Milwaukee Ducks
SS: Crunchman vs Meminger21 - Crunchman out of BW finds himself in SS where he thrives. With a pretty good showing in WCOP and overall pretty good DOU results, I think this is where he should've been from the beginning. I still don't know a lot about Meminger so I'm going to go with past results here.
SS: chlo vs Akaru Kokuyo - Close game I could see going either way. Akaru doesn't have the best results as of late though while chlo did take down Z Strats one week and has good support to back her. Hard choice though..
SM: talkingtree vs SMB - The tree finds himself back! However.. against SMB its going to be rough. I do think talkingtree is a good player, but with retirement and SMB being the goat idk if he can get in form fast enough to fight back.
XY: Voltix vs KyleCole - This one is real difficult too tbh. Voltix is a good player but Kyle also knows what he is doing. I think SMB likes more wild team builds so its possible Kyle brings some wild stuff and gets the okay, especially since they are play offs already.. who knows I'm just going Kyle and praying.
BW: Bless (Sunrose) vs DaWoblefet - Bless did win last week but it was against the other 0-3 BW slot. The team choice was also.. questionable.. and thats coming from me. DaWob is 4-0 and even if there are some possible misplays from him, luck has also been on wob's side too. I don't think you can stop this man, he has it all.. but Metalgross did it so maybe Bless is the hope we need.
DUU: Lord Death Man vs RelicanthPrimal - 4-0 Relicanth is looking very strong in DUU. I keep saying it, with the DUU support + understanding of the tier so well, its no surprise Relicanth is winning so hard. With that said, if there is one person I think can take them down its LDM. LDM has shown a good understanding of the format and has a good record to back it up. I'd say this is the showdown of the best DUUers this DPL, should be fun to watch either way!

Twinleaf Mutant Ninja Squirtles v Slateport City Sp_ndas
SS: MajorBowman vs Toxigen - Despite losing to Bowman's SCL partner last week, I still think Toxigen is one of the better SS DOUers this tournament. There were some misplays that ended up leading to that loss, but I don't see that as a reason to count him out. Jake is also a solid SS DOU player but hasn't looked as strong this tournament. I do think if Jake shows up and Toxigen fumbles a bit this could be a win for the Bowman.
SS: dnagerbdager vs robjr - Both don't have too many results in DOU, but I know robjr is a tryhard who will do what he can to win this game. I don't know much about dnager's play but I have faith in rob with the support he has.
SM: Memoric vs umbry - Memo said he has XY running through his veins not SM. I feel this was possibly a counter pick of some sort? I don't know their history against each other but it feels like Memo should have stayed in XY since I think it's more likely he wins there. But who knows, umbry is great at SM though so going with her.
XY: miltankmilk vs Amaranth - Milk has had a rough tournament while Amaranth has been showing up. On top of that Amarant has been playing XY all tour while I believe this is the first switch for Milk here. I'll go with the more proven in this scenario.
BW: Biosci vs Frania - This one is really hard. Biosci is a very strong player and should probably have been able to clutch a win last week if there was some luck that went differently. Frania is working hard and really wants the positive record though, so I think that will push him to come out with something strong and play the best he can. Biosci can definitely win and in most cases I would predict Will, but this scenario I'll put trust in Frania.
DUU: Actuarily vs Z Strats - I know, I just predicted a 6-0. Tbh, there are a lot of matches that can go either way, like this one. Z Strats was able to pull out a win in the winless DUU slot against a pretty solid DUU player in Mishi. Actuarily is a good DUU player but has looked fairly weak this DPL tbh, and with Z Strats being strong with crazy hyper offense mons I can see him pulling out another win here.

Hau'oli Haxers v Santalune Storms
SS: Paraplegic vs Enzonana. - Para is coming off a win vs one of the better SS DOU player in the tour, and on top of that is an SCL starter and has had multiple good records. I feel like I should always go Para here, but I heard Enzo is a super try hard and is 2-0 so far. Putting my faith in the tryhard!
SS: Zeal vs Shadowmonstr7 - I heard Zeal is pretty good but Shadowmonstr is a solid SS DOU player. I think Shadow will be able to pull out the 3-2 positive regular season this week.
SM: Yoda2798 vs Croven - Yoda has had it rough, struggling against some of the best SM players in the tour. Croven has looked extremely solid being tied with umbry for best SM player this tour. With how much Yoda has been struggling against the top players so far, I think Croven will be able to pull out the win here.
XY: JRL vs qsns - This one is hard. JRL is a solid XY player and is 2-2 but qsns is one of the best XY players in the history of the tier. Some times it takes a win to allow a player to bounce back, and with the luck benefiting qsns vs stax securing that win, I think the wall has been broken and qsns can go back to playing good mons. We will see though, this is a solid game!
BW: Checkmater vs Human - As much as I think this is a week Enosh can bounce back and win, Checkmater got a good win over Frania last week and overall has been pretty good this tournament. That with Enosh being 0-4, its hard to predict him here. I do think Enosh is a great player and can 100% pull a win here, but I am just going to play it safe here.
DUU: Mishimono vs Yellow Paint - Mishi may have lost last week to Z Strats but I don't think they played bad. YP has a better record than Mishi being 2-2, but I have faith in the bounce back this week from Mishi. There isn't too much logic though, I think they are both solid players and this can go either way.


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Week 4 breakdown and Week 5 predictions are now available. You can find the form to the latter here.

This weekend should be a bit less hectic for me so I should be able to update the leaderboard going into playoffs.

Slateport City Sp_ndas: 11 / Hau'oli Haxers: 6 / Tie: 5
SS: raisedintyo: 10 / GasaiYunoSan: 12
SS: Toxigen: 11 / Paraplegic: 11
SM: umbry: 16 / Yoda2798: 6
XY: Amaranth: 4 / JRL: 18
BW: Frania: 19 / Checkmater: 3
DUU: Z Strats: 12 / Mishimono: 10

Milwaukee Ducks: 7 / Twinleaf Mutant Ninja Squirtles: 10 / Tie: 4
SS: SingleThunder: 9 / Xrn: 13
SS: MADARAAAA: 6 / MajorBowman: 16
SM: SMB: 20 / Grandmas Cookin: 2
XY: KyleCole: 3 / Memoric: 19
BW: DaWoblefet: 14 / Biosci: 8
DUU: RelicanthPrimal: 8 / Actuarily: 14

Santalune Storms: 13 / Browbeat Lands: 6 / Tie: 3
SS: Enzonana.: 17 / chlo: 5
SS: Shadowmonstr7: 11 / YoBuddy: 11
SM: Croven: 13 / Nido-Rus: 9
XY: qsns: 4 / stax: 18
BW: Human: 17 / Bless (Sunrose): 5
DUU: Yellow Paint: 8 / Lord Death Man: 14
Browbeat Lands (2) v (4) Milwaukee Ducks - The Ducks have already clinched playoffs and are looking to get that first seed and figure out who their second best SS slot is. The Lands are fighting for that last playoff spot and are fielding a roster without Qwello, Stax, Nido and YoBuddy which could end up being the reason they don't make it.

SS: Crunchman vs Meminger21 - When it's all said and done Crunchman isn't actually bad and now that he's in the tier he actually plays I think he'll finally be able to pick up his first win of dpl. Meminger didn't look bad in his first game but he still lost and is more of a new unknown player, and Crunchman has been around longer and has shown that he can surprisingly be pretty competent at playing mons, even if he's not that competent at basically anything else.

SS: chlo vs Akaru Kokuyo - chlo lost on matchup last week in a game that there was basically nothing she could do, meanwhile Akaru has been struggling for a while and finds himself back in the lineup. Sometimes I predict a bounce back but akaru has just been struggling for too long and chlos loss doesn't make me lose any confidence in her ability to win so giving chlo the bold.

SM: talkingtree vs SMB - SMB vs sub predicts are boring to write.

XY: Voltix vs KyleCole - No stax is really bad for the lands here as they now have arguably the best xy player who would've easily been favoured here gone. Voltix has played one game while stax went into SM that one week but he didn't look too good and even though Kyle lost last week I think he should be able to pick up the win this week as long as he doesn't lose to himself in the builder.

BW: Bless (Sunrose) vs DaWoblefet - I don't think this game is a huge wash in favour of DaWob, Sunrose picked up a good win last week and is a bit of a wildcard and I think these wildcards are one of DaWobs slight weak spots (see his loss to metalgross last year). All that said though DaWob is just a better player than Sunrose and even if Sunrose can catch him off guard and get a good mu I don't know if it'll be enough.

DUU: Lord Death Man vs RelicanthPrimal - coinflip match. Despite Relicanth being 4-0 I do think LDM is the better player but Relicanth has been able to pull really good matchups against the players who have been better than him which is what you need. I feel like LDM is prob a bit more on his own for help and Relicanth has SMB DUU support which has proven to be great so gonna go with him.

Hau'oli Haxers (1) v (5) Santalune Storms - Both teams are in what are essentially must win scenarios, with Haxers having a lot less of a chance of making playoffs even with a win. I wouldn't be surprised if Haxers are already feeling a little defeated and the Storms who have pretty good chances of playoffs with a win take advantage of that.

SS: Paraplegic vs Enzonana. - I think this is a very close match and despite what I said about Haxers potentially feeling defeated I know Para will still tryhard for this game. Enzo has been quite an impressive new to dou player consistently outperforming expectations meanwhile Para had a good win vs Toxigen last week to climb out from being negative. I think Paras win last week was more impressive as Enzo just got an insane matchup but I told Enzo if he won last week I'd bold him no matter what and since this is kinda a coinflip for me I will do just that.

SS: Zeal vs Shadowmonstr7 - Shadow went a little too crazy last week and ended up losing to YoBuddy. Knowing Shadow the fact that he went too crazy absolutely does not mean he'll slow it down but I don't think that should matter vs Zeal who is back in after a Gasai loss and hasn't looked too impressive in DOU recently.

SM: Yoda2798 vs Croven - Croven took being 6-0d by umbry very personally has looked quite unstoppable since. Yoda on the other hand prob wishes to forget this DPL as both them and their team have been underperforming and don't show much signs of bouncing back.

XY: JRL vs qsns - Both good players but qsns finally got a much needed break and was able to get a good win against stax who was top in the tier and I think will have no problem continuing their bounce back after that. JRL has looked pretty good this DPL still but is coming off of a loss with a more weird team and I think qsns momentum and the Haxers lack of momentum will be the key to this game and will give qsns the advantage.

BW: Checkmater vs Human - Check picked up a great win last week and has overall looked fine in BW I think. Human hasn't really looked good at all and is sporting one of two 0-4 records. It's really hard to predict Human to get on the board when his opponent has been playing well and is coming off of a win and he has shown no real signs of being able to get or steal a win.

DUU: Mishimono vs Yellow Paint - In almost every scenario where these two match up I predict Mishi but I think Mishi will be the biggest case of potentially not caring/feeling defeated and won't really be 100% for this game at all. Mishi I do think is better and yp has lost his last two games after his good 2-0 start and isn't looking as impressive but I think he will try a lot more and I think that will be enough to get the upset here.


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i had to watch all replays to actually properly predict these matches so i better be compensated with likes for this, new post combined with the now-deleted part 1 for visiblity :bat:

Lands vs Ducks

SS: Crunchman vs Meminger21 - A battle of two mid-tier players fighting for their first win. Crunchman, 0-2, is finally playing a format that they're known to actually play, their BW excursion always being questionable to begin with considering their team has the (relatively more) capable Bless. Meminger21, meanwhile, is given a chance to get a win on the sheet as their team is already clinched and has the leeway to do this. While it was shown in a different tier, Crunchman's form overall play in recent times seems to be one marred by inaccurate lines and questionable team choice; the latter may be just from their team's lack of a decent BW eye, but the former is definitely something that may follow them to SS. In contrast, Meminger21 played relatively better in their sole SS DOU appearance, the lead choice aside, and gave a respectable showing in what looked like to be quite a lopsided matchup. While Crunchman has a better reputation in SS DOU as a whole, I don't see the experience gap to be quite meaningful, so off of recent form I'm going with Meminger21 here.

SS: chlo vs Akaru Kokuyo - This one's similar to the above, except this time one has an actual win to their name and has a generally better SS DOU reputation. chlo, 1-1, is coming off great performances, one a statement win against Z Strats and the other a respectable performance against Enzonana depsite getting cheesed and running into what looked like a plainly unwinnable matchup. Akaru, 0-2, looks to be quite on the opposite end; I opened their SS game, saw their team, and decided I saw enough, and me opening their XY game was a similar story though they did have a key miss that ruined their game. Regardless, chlo is running better in this tour and looks to be more in form, their team choice in general looking to be relatively better than Akaru's by far, with this I believe being what gives them an edge in this encounter.

DUU: Lord Death Man vs RelicanthPrimal - This game is one of the hardest ones to predict, and this prediction of mine is one I will openly acknowledge to be an upset as records-wise considering RelicanthPrimal is currently 4-0. RelicanthPrimal has been rolling really well with matchups, part of it seems like fortune but it must be also acknowledged that this may very well be calculated considering SMB support and they honestly seem to consistently run DUU brokens to effectiveness, seemingly unlike others in the pool. LDM, meanwhile, is at a 3-1 with an asterisk considering the robbery they committed against Yellow Paint, but their teams in general have been (to my relatively untrained eyes) quite fundamentally solid (except for their game against YP lol). I think of this matchup as stylistically favoring LDM if they can adequately prepare and not fall into the trap they fell into last week, as RelicanthPrimal and their prep seems quite reliant on polarizing matchups; while RelicanthPrimal uses brokens a lot, LDM seems to be similarly meta-aware and this neutralizes that advantage quite a bit. I think a solid, fundamental performance from LDM will be what gives RelicanthPrimal their first loss, but I do hold that this matchup to me seems really close!

SM: talkingtree vs SMB - It's one of the greatest players in DOU history against someone who, while being one of the community's best contributors, is not necessarily renowned for their play. There is not much else to say here.

XY: Voltix vs KyleCole - KyleCole, now at a 1-1 record after an altercation with myself, has been performing quite respectably and comes across to me as the favorite in this bout. His teams were generally solid and the prep is very obviously apparent, though I was unsure about the picks against me as I didn't feel that Skymin-Talonflame was the play; cthey ould just be hiding techs since the game was inconsequential, though, so who knows. Voltix, meanwhile, has had only one appearance, a loss, and it's with what is probably the worst XY team brought this tournament. I think, in general, KyleCole is more likely to come out on top in-builder and in-game, especially if SMB provides the expected support here.

BW: Bless vs DaWoblefet - The highly touted BW mainer vs the 3k journeyman sacrifice to their team's lacking oldgens. I think it would be sufficient to say that DaWoblefet is likely to run away with a 5-0 W/L in the regular season after this match, considering their reputation as an overall BW player. Bless, meanwhile, brought the worst BW team I've ever seen in my entire time of playing the tier, and was truly Blessed by running into someone who seemed like they needed a namechange. I don't think those kinds of teams will work on DaWoblefet, but I do hope they try to do so again. After all, I'd prefer to see the Lands lose this week :Smogjynx:

Haxers vs Storms

SS: Paraplegic vs Enzonana - This one seems to be an exciting match! On one side, we have DOUTL Paraplegic, a generally fundamentally solid player with a reputation for dishonest sets and teams. On the other side, we have Enzonana, an exciting new face surrounded by hype that seems to be also be the type to run dishonest sets and teams. Thus, depending on just how these players prep, there might be a lot of tomfoolery in store for the spectators. Predictions-wise, I favor Paraplegic here as I think their advantage in experience and generally solid play (if not comitting to tomfoolery) will give them an edge. Looking back at their 2-2 campaign, they honestly have played quite respectably, their two losses coming from a lack of commitment (against MajorBowman) and from what seemed to be a fat lategame choke on an otherwise well-played game (against YoBuddy) that made me physically cringe when I watched the replay. Enzonana's wins, meanwhile, come from what it seems to be a combination of solid play and opponents just bringing flawed teams; while they generally play well, the games seemed to essentially be freebies considering how Enzo had the right mon to punish opponents fishing for matchups, their tech against chlo in particular exacerbating chlo's team's flaws to an easy Enzo win. Overall, I believe that if Paraplegic puts the requisite amount of time to prep and doesn't fall into bad habits, they're generally favored here as they should be less exploitable and should be able to neutralize any tricks Enzo has prepared.

SS: Zeal vs Shadowmonstr7 - This is probably my prediction that's most high on copium considering I want the Haxers to win LMAO. Shadowmonstr7 has a respectable 2-2 record right now off solid performances (discounting last week's sussy team choice). They haven't really played all too outstanding nor have they done anything too egregious, so honestly there's not much to say about here. Zeal, meanwhile, has only played one game this DPL, a loss against MADARAAAA where they actually played quite well, all things considered, it's just that their team didn't really let them do much of anything in the match-up it seemed. Looking at the Haxers roster, I see why they haven't really started that much, but I do believe they'd rank around the middle of the pack if they did start more. Who knows! Anyway, I do think Zeal has the potential to do damage here, considering Shadowmonstr7's average performance and their SS support's propensity to troll the teambuilder.

DUU: Mishimono vs Yellow Paint - After being touted as one of the best DUU players coming into the tour, Mishimono currently sits at a disappointing 1-3 record; I'm not exactly in a position to judge though, because I understand completely. Yellow Paint, meanwhile, stands at 2-2, which should probably be a 3-1 record if we were playing a just sport. Alas, such is the nature of our game! Ordinarily, I'd snap predict Mishimono out of reputation as a higher level of a player relative to their current opponent, but they have looked to be quite out of form as of late while their opponent has been generally quite poppin in most platforms I've seen them play in. I'm gonna go with the copium upset pick here, if Mishimono puts in a level amount of effort I do think they're generally favored off of mechanical ability, but Yellow Paint, it must be said, has been really good and this match should be close.

SM: Yoda2798 vs Croven - The week 1 6-0 aside, Croven has been performing all tour long, pulling out wins against every other adversary to push to a 3-1 record. Yoda2798, meanwhile, has been struggling and is currently 1-3, with last week's performance being incredibly egregious. Not only were there some mechanical teambuilder mistakes, the changes to the team they used showed a misunderstanding to how it worked and they ultimately got gigapunished by a Steel that the team would otherwise have an easier time against. By recent and tour-long standards, Croven gets the nod here.

XY: JRL vs qsns - These two, I'd say, are quite evenly matched atm skill-wise, and the records do show it. JRL has been performing quite respectably all tour long, with generally solid teams and playing. I think their team last week was a huge miss though, demonstrating a bit of a bad read of the meta as their Full TR team got completely punished, with TR being set for the first time on Turn 13; they still did play fine otherwise, though. qsns, meanwhile, has had a bit of a rocky season on the board, playing into a mirror, a luck fiesta, and a CB Lando-T that made them start off the game with a 2 mon disadvantage; while their first win last week was a bit lucky, I do say that they haven't really played "bad" and their teams in general have looked quite good. Considering XY is a builder's gen and considering the even reputations of our two players, I'm leaning towards qsns showing up with a better prepared team and using that to their advantage this week.

BW: Checkmater vs Human - Checkmater once again rocked another off-beat team last week, a rain team with Marowak and Skymin that they piloted to success with well-trained Water-types. Their teams have been generally been interesting and funky in a way that I like (mostly). Human, meanwhile, is in a massive losing streak, with their performance last week not really inspiring any hopes of improvement; it just seemed like they were quite lost on the board and didn't really play to their outs (trying to do something crazy with Scizor Swords Dances and hoping for a boosted Scizor + Kingdra win). As it stands, Checkmater is quite favored here.

like my post. if you're oldgens for ducks / haxers and u want help, dm me
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Ok so for the last week I'll come out like a rat from the sewer and make the predicts public because why not, even though no one cares. I won't even argue them because :row:
PD: I take no responsability if all the names that I bolded lose. It's possible to happen, I repeat, IT'S LIKELY TO HAPPEN

Browbeat Lands v Milwaukee Ducks

vs Meminger21
cló vs Akaru Kokuyo
árbol parlante vs Seibolai
7 de julio....
vs ColeKyle
Sunrose (bless) vs DaWoblefet (TM)
Señor Hombre Muerto
vs RelicanthPrimigenio (it's just that I didn't vote you for the player with most wins :( but impressive run mate)

Twinleaf Mutant Ninja Squirtles v Slateport City Sp_ndas

Sargento Bowman vs Toxigen
peligro, tejón
vs robnicius jr.
Memoric vs umbry
central lechera asturiana vs amaranto
vs frania
Actuarialmente vs Estrategias Z

Hau'oli Haxers v Santalune Storms

vs Enzonana (no puede irse invicto :worrywhirl:)
Zeal vs monstruosombra7
vs Croven
Don José vs qsns
chesmarket vs Humano
Mishimono vs Pintura Amarilla

PD2: mención especial a 'AbuelaCocinando' y a 'Trueno Soltero', dos de mis nombres favoritos aunque esta semana no estaban alineados

PD3: go Lands
PD4: grats Ducks :psysly:
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