Tournament Doubles Premier League 9 - Week 6

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behave yourselves this week

Snowpoint City Cold Crew (5) vs (3) Santalune Storms

SV: Chris32156 vs Eeveon7
SV: Fangame10 vs Paraplegic
SV: Feyy vs raf
DUU: AIRedzone vs Actuarily
SS: Ninja vs Shadowmonstr7
SM: SMB vs YoBuddy
XY: Amaranth vs SingleThunder
BW: Akaru Kokuyo vs DaWoblefet

Browbeat Lands (2) vs (6) Slateport City Sp_ndas

SV: eragon11145 vs umbry
SV: Hugo vs Mizuhime
DUU: Nephtyrix vs Eisenherz
SS: Meminger21 vs GasaiYunoSan
SM: Ann vs avarice
XY: talkingtree vs Mako
BW: KyleCole vs Lunar.

Rustboro Baptist Church (3) vs (5) Tohjo Tramplers

SV: Nido-Rus vs papiloco
SV: ratpacker vs Yuichi

SV: Lemurro vs luisin
DUU: big pichu vs bage1
SS: Noelle vs tyo
SM: Level 51 vs Mom Lover
XY: Yellow Paint vs Memoric
BW: DaAwesomeDude1 vs Spurrific

Paldea Cratermakers (4) vs (4) Spikemuth Spectral Thieves

SV: Arcticblast vs Wille
SV: Zeal vs robjr
SV: jonas vs JRL
DUU: Frixel vs EternalSnowman
SS: Animus vs zoe
SM: Tman vs Croven
XY: zee vs Grandmas Cookin
BW: smudgerox
vs Mishimono

The deadline for this round is Monday, April 17 01:00 GMT+1
Activity losses and late schedulers will be punished by marks of shame!​
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Z Strats

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SS predicts again. My written predicts are currently at 83% which is pretty good considering I usually struggle to hit 50% when doing predicts.

Ninja vs Shadowmonstr7 - Ninja is finally back! Shadow had a pretty tough week last week getting outprepped and beat by Meminger but his record is still great obviously. Hard to really know what to expect from Ninja since he's only played two games and I have not liked Cold Crews SS teams much and Ninja does not build. Most of Shadows teams I haven't loved either though and I do think Ninja is usually a better player than Shadow, and think this match up is pretty damn even at the moment. I'll bold Ninja since I've been talking about how much he should be in for weeks and as far as being able to outplay the other goes I slightly favour him.

Noelle vs tyo - Two teams that have really struggled in SS. I liked this mu more when it was between the two struggling vgcers but alas duckpond has EUIC. It's worth noting Church are essentially out and could do some memeing but I don't expect Noelle to be the type to do that. Despite the tramplers SS struggles tyos two losses have been to some of the best looking players in the pool so far and in his win he proved he has the ability to outplay well. Church on the other hand have not really been able to make anything work in SS and have a player who doesn't have the same playing ability tyo usually does, so I expect tyo to be able to take this one.

Animus vs zoe - Hard to get a read on this matchup. Animus is generally the better player and has looked good this tour but he also has EUIC this week and will be in London. Zoe is 2-0 in SS and has looked good both games being able to outplay a bad matchup last week, but she's also been against two people that shouldn't have been slotted in SS this tour. Really I think this game comes down to if Animus can play at a good time for him or not. If he does he should win but if he doesn't I wouldn't be surprised to see Zoe take advantage. Bolding Animus because if it wasn't for EUIC complications I'd be bolding him and every time I bring up VGC potentially getting in the way of Animus it never does.
From 100% accurate predictions two weeks ago to 0% last week, WE'RE BACK BABAYYYY

The new drops shook things up in the meta, giving us fun stuff like Volcarona and Baxcalibur as well as the best match of DPL so far containing a high chance to kill (Go Europe!). I don't know if there's been a lot of development since last week so I don't expect to see radically different teams, but I'm hoping we can see people figuring out which mons are good outside of the original bax-volc hype.

DUU: Nephtyrix vs Eisenherz

I remember saying a few weeks that I was unsure about the Lands' decision to sub Relicanth out for Nephtyrix, and I'm so glad to have been proven wrong. Nephtyrix is a mad genius who will put together something unique every week to beat his opponent. As far as I know, this is Eisenherz's first week being subbed in, so they're going to have to learn a meta that has just changed significantly while also having to build around the high chance to kill.

DUU: big pichu vs bage1

biggest pichu brought some heat last week with a tr team while everyone else was stuck with two or more tailwind users; however, I think that gives bagel a good idea of what to prepare for. Plus, he's just really damn good at the game so pichu will have to work real hard to match that.

DUU: Frixel vs. EternalSnowman

This is a really tough matchup to call and it could honestly go either way. I think Frixel has a better grasp of the meta and better teambuilding support, so I'd favor Frixel in this matchup.

DUU: AIBruhzone vs Actuarily

We're the only 4-1 players left in the DUU pool, so this will be quite the spar. Who will obtain the 5-1? Join us on Sunday to find out! (idk it'll prolly be Act who knows)

Other assorted predicts:
None this week. Just assume that I have predicted everything to the exact degree that gets me back to an overall 33% accuracy.
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