Tournament Doubles Premier League X - Player Signups (CA prize!!) [Auction January 21st @ 2 PM GMT -5]

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Hosted by Theia and Vertigo

Welcome to the signup thread for DPL X!
Doubles Premier League will be a 9 week event at minimum, so sign up only if you can and will be active for a majority of this time. Make sure you stay in communication with your team and maintain a competitive attitude even after elimination.

Player name:
Tiers played:
Tiers NOT played:
Time zone:
Significant time missed:
The tiers this year will be: SV DOU, SS DOU, SM DOU, XY DOU, BW DOU, and SV DUU.

If you would not consider seriously playing in a tier this tournament, do not sign up for it. You are expected to play for any of the tiers you sign up for. The tiers in Tiers NOT Played will bind you from playing in those tiers through the entire regular season, which cannot be changed mid-season. Tiers played is a non-binding field you use to communicate your preferences towards the managers. In playoffs Tiers NOT played will no longer bind.

This year's managers will be:
:hydreigon: Humilau City Hydreigons - AIRedzone and NinjaSnapple
:psyduck: Milwaukee Ducks - Akaru Kokuyo and SMB
:abomasnow: Snowpoint City Cold Crew - Fangame10 and Yoda2798
:torkoal: Lavaridge Droughts - Grandmas Cookin and Toxinalpaca
:serperior: Santalune Storms - qsns and eragon11145
:marshadow: Spikemuth Spectral Thieves - Toxigen and Fran
:spinda: Slateport City Sp_ndas - umbry and Lunar.
:tinkaton: Paldea Cratermakers - zee and tyo

Signups will remain open until 24 hours before the auction, which will take place on the weekend of January 20th-21st, at a specific time to be announced later.
Player name:KeshBa45
Tiers played:SV ,SS
Tiers NOT played:gens 1-7
Time zone:gmt+4
Significant time missed:early mornings


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Player name: DaWoblefet
Tiers played: SS DOU, SM DOU, BW DOU
Tiers NOT played: SV DUU
Time zone: GMT -6
Significant time missed: I will have limited availability on the weekend of February 3rd due to travel for VGC regionals.


VGCPL Champion
Player name: baaaaaat
Tiers played: SV DOU, SS DOU, SV DUU
Tiers NOT played:
Time zone: gmt-6
Significant time missed: Traveling Feb 1st-4th for vgc regional

Im a vgc player and havent played DOU but I want to get into the tier. Im most familiar with gen 8/9 mechanics but would be willing to sub or play other gens if needed. Ive played in/managed every major vgc team tour since 2020 and won 3/5 team tours ive participated in this year.
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