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Thank you Seaco for the awesome tournament logo!​

Do you think you have skill in the Doubles metagame? Do you like to compete against the best? Are you one of those people like McMeghan who just signs up for basically every tournament? If so, this is the announcement for you! The Doubles forum staff have teamed up to produce what is perhaps the most ambitious tournament in Smogon history! The Doubles Circuit consists of a bunch of small all-comers tournaments where participating gives you points (based on standing). At the end of the season, whoever amasses over 100 points gets a seat in the culminating event: the Invitational, a Swiss-paired finale with a single elimination LIVE top four! The winner of this invitational not only gets to brag about how awesome they are, but will receive a custom banner on the Smogon forums, and perhaps more! I'm using so many exclamation points because this is ridiculously exciting!

Here's what to look for on the Smogon forums over the next nine months if you're interested in participating:
  • 8 Minitours. Hosted in the Doubles subforum, these are best of one, single elimination blitz tourneys with 3-4 day rounds and a penchant for wonky formats. Though they're more lighthearted than the other tournaments, they're valuable to shore up your point totals—heck, you can get into the invitationals on minitours alone, if you're good enough.
  • 2 Seasonals. These more serious events are Swiss-paired with a single elimination top 8. They will all be good old-fashioned standard best of three, week-long round, Smogon Doubles. Winning one is an automatic invite, and worst come to worst, you get a guaranteed 5-7 rounds of quality Doubles battling!
  • 1 Major. This is really the big kahuna Doubles tournament each year. No restrictions on sign-up, but players are based in seeded double-elimination bracket pools based on earlier tournaments—so if you've been signing up for everything, you can force other good players out of your pool to ease competition! Top 2 from each pool move into a single elimination top 16, and the four best places will all get guaranteed invites! This is the last tournament of the circuit, so make sure you don't miss the final push to earn your spot!
So what are you waiting for? Signup in these tournaments and claim your invite today!

Currently Running Tours:

Completed Tours:
1st Doubles Circuit Minitour - Standard XY Doubles
Won by: Darkmalice
Runner-up: Nollan
2nd Doubles Circuit Minitour - Standard BW2 Doubles
Won by: Robert Alfons
Runner-up: Pwnemon
3rd Doubles Circuit Minitour - Doubles Ubers
Won by: Fireburn
Runner-up: Dashspin
Doubles Circuit Spring Seasonal
Won by: makiri
Runner-up: Pinoy Pwnage
4th Doubles Circuit Minitour - Scraping the Barrel
Runner-up: U-Turn Out
5th Doubles Circuit Minitour - No Items
Won by: TheFourthChaser
Runner-up: Level 51
6th Doubles Circuit Minitour - Doubles UU
Won by: Level 51
Runner-up: wllmagic
Doubles Circuit Summer Seasonal
Won by: Lohgock
Runner-up: Haruno
7th Doubles Circuit Minitour - A Little One
Won by: Scene
Runner-up: Audiosurfer
8th Doubles Circuit Minitour - Set Me On Fire
Won by: Level 51
Runner-up: TGMD
Doubles Circuit Major
Won by: Haruno
Runner-up: Braverius

Leaderboard: Click HERE for Level 51 and Pwnemon's swag standings​
Point Breakdown:
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Don't know if I can post here but my drop an uber tour win doesn't count? Isn't that a minitour or is that separate from this.


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the doubles circuit started with the minitour level-51 is hosting; i dont like it either mate (minitour #8 winner) :s but we only planned this out when that minitour was in like its fourth round and thought it'd be unfair to the people who didnt know it would count for something and so didnt sign up


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This sounds like the best thing ever :o
While I like the idea of a high caliber top tier ending tour, 100 points seems like a lot to me. Winning 5 Minitours will secure it, but can you still get in without winning any single event and just doing well overall? Or am I missing something?


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simply top cutting in both seasonals will do it for you, as well as a variety of different ways to secure it. We expect about 20-25 people in the top by zach's previous experience running nuggetbridge's version of this thing
for the dedicated doubles player, it should be fairly easy to make invitationals; something like making top 8 in major already put you close enough to get it through doing fairly standard in the minitours (like top 8).

As long as you sign up for all of the tourneys, even you can easily make it blank =]

Pwne edit:
I had that coming, I won't even try to lie.

But that's cool. I didn't see where else the points were coming from other than Minitour placements, so I got confused.

I know. It's not that difficult.
from what i understand, they dont give points, rather immediate entry into the invitational for seasonal winners and major top 4. so if you get to top 8 of the major you get nothing, except the kudos of getting to top 8 of a big tour
from what i understand, they dont give points, rather immediate entry into the invitational for seasonal winners and major top 4. so if you get to top 8 of the major you get nothing, except the kudos of getting to top 8 of a big tour
thx for the info, kind of sad tho after all your hard work you get paired up with double legends.


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on the spreadsheet linked in the OP, you can see the point breakdowns in the second tab.

edit: lkasjglkBLARGLE fuk pwnemon


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Just to clarify, is the doubles your that audio posted in the tourney sub forum part of the doubles circuit? Or is it just it's own thing?

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