Tournament Doubles Ubers Championship (Won by Yellow Paint)

It's time. We had 28 entrants, which means 4 players will have byes. Round 1 deadline will be October first at 7 pm CDT. I'm not as concerned about replays because that was just Bc I love duu, so post them if you want or don't idc. Good luck everyone!

The Cheesen One vs. shaian
GenOne vs. Z strats
Yellow Paint
vs. Trelloant
Heliodor vs. chop
Lord Death Man
vs. Memoric
Mishimono vs. GreenGogoatttt
Bongi vs Gliwick
vs. Haruno
Sacred Bond vs. Yuga42
talkingtree vs. Demantoid
DaWoblefet vs. Ayykk
n10sit vs. Psynergy
Matame vs. MiyoKa
Misaka Mikoto vs. miltankmilk
Checkmater vs. Stan Soojung
nadando vs. DaAwesomeDude1

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My opponent Ayykk has not logged into Smogon since before pairings went up, so I haven't heard anything from him regarding a scheduled time for our match. Activity post.


a pinned butterfly is no butterfly at all
opp pm'd me asking to schedule
I responded with a hypothetical time
no response
not public because it wasn't done on a wall or anything but I can post sshots if we want or something idk

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