Tournament Doubles Ubers Championship (Won by Yellow Paint)

wew! thanks for playing your matches guys! time for round 2. deadline will be october 8th at 7 pm cst. also, another thing, can u guys post replays for this round? 51 is right about posting em, you wont like lose ur match for not posting em or anything but just a favor from me. anyway, onto pairings!

activity stuff:
DaWoblefet gets the activity win over Ayykk, as they haven't logged into smogon since september 18th
[19:34:16] @n10sit: !pick checkmater, stan soojung
We randomly picked: checkmater (sorry i had to flip this check, w/o screenshots i couldnt prove anything but u won the flip anyway lol)

The Cheesen One vs. Z strats
Yellow Paint vs. chop
Lord Death Man vs. Mishimono
Gliwick vs. AuraRayquaza
Yuga42 vs. Demantoid
DaWoblefet vs. n10sit
Matame vs. miltankmilk
Checkmater vs. nadando

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Requesting an extension for nadando and I's third game. We scheduled for 6 PM Saturday, but nadando requested we push the game back to 8 PM. I was busy helping manage the Trainer Tower stream for the London Challenge, so we didn't get to start until 8:15 PM, where after games 1 and 2, nadando had to leave early. We have Monday at 8:15 PM scheduled as a time to finish our match, since I am unavailable Sunday, provided we receive an extension.


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