Tournament Doubles UU Ladder Tournament - $50 Grand Prize - Won by SMB

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Hello! One of the longstanding issues with Doubles UU is the quality of the ladder. With minimal exposure, we are left with tons of gimmicks and monotype teams that are not rewarding to play against. I'd like to attempt to fix that by copying an idea from the DOU circuit, a ladder tournament! As stated in the title, the winner of this tournament's playoffs will receive a $50 grand prize! This will be paid via PayPal, Venmo, or another method chosen by the recipient. Please be sure to read all of the rules carefully, as they are very integral to the success of the tournament.

The Rules
  1. The engine of the tournament is the regular Pokemon Showdown Doubles UU ladder, not a new one. All normal Doubles Rules and Clauses apply. All qualification will be done on this ladder. The top 8 (or 16) players (selected as described below) will be placed into a best of 3 single elimination bracket playoffs.
  2. You need to make a new alt account for this tournament. Your alt name must begin with DUULTG to make determining the top players for each cycle easier. For example, I might register the alt "DUULTG n10siT" for laddering. To give us a way to identify each account, please include in your sign-up post a picture of your laddering alt. You are not required to make a new alt for each ladder cycle.
  3. In order to sign up for the Doubles Ladder Tournament, please create a post in this thread listing your alts. You are allowed an unlimited number of alts, so don't worry about starting over with a new one; just remember to follow the name format for each alt you create, and please update your post each time you create a new alt. Include in your post a picture of your "clean" alt. If an alt in the Top 2 at the end of a cycle is not registered in this thread at the time the cycle ends, it will be ignored.
  4. You must create and register a new alt before you play any battles on it.
  5. The ladder portion of the tournament spans 2* cycles lasting 7 days each. The cutoff times for each cycle are listed below; at the cutoff time, one of the moderators will take a screenshot of the ladder. In order to qualify for the playoffs, your alt must be among the top 4 newly made alts in this screenshot. If a player in the top 4 of a given cycle is already qualified, their alt will be ignored when counting the top 4 alts for that cycle.
    • In order to break potential ties, the unrounded ELO of each player who qualifies in a given cycle will be recorded in order to break any potential ties. Your unrounded ELO can be found by using the following URL:[your username here]
  6. For the playoffs stage, players will be seeded by their ELO at their respective screenshot time.
  7. Don't show unsportsmanlike behavior on the ladder. If we have a reason to believe you forfeited a game to boost a friend's account, you will be punished. If you try to prevent your opponent from joining the battle again after a disconnection, you will be punished. If you ask someone to forfeit to you, you will be punished. If you try to fish for matchups against yourself on alternate accounts (i.e. boosting), you will be punished. The consequences could range from disqualification for one cycle, the entire tournament, or even a tournament ban in extreme cases. Again, please please use your common sense.
  8. In keeping with OLT and other ladder tournaments, all ladder games involving a player with a DUULTG prefix are now forced to be public. If you have the "Don't allow spectators" box checked when you start a DLT game, your game will be public and you will be met with this message: "This battle is required to be public due to a player having a name starting with 'DUULTG'."
  9. In your sign-up post, please include a line reflecting the fact that you have read and understand the rules. Your alt may not be considered eligible if your post does not contain this line.

Relevant Dates
(all times US Eastern time / GMT-4)

Cycle 1
START | May 31st at 12:00 am
END | June 6th at 11:59 pm

Cycle 2
START | June 7th at 12:00 am
END | June 13th at 11:59 pm

*IF NEEDED: Cycle 3
START | June 14th at 12:00 am
END | June 20th at 11:59 pm

*IF NEEDED: Cycle 4
START | June 21st at 12:00 am
END | June 27th at 11:59 pm
Remember: Your fresh alt's name must begin with DUULTG

There is tons of mono ice on the ladder. Teams commonly have two hail setters, Alolan-Ninetales and Vanilluxe, with either one or both of Arctozolt and Arctovish for Slush Rush. Many teams will then have Snow Cloak abusers like Glaceon or Mamoswine. Bulky Arcanine is a great catchall for mono ice teams, with Intimidate, Flare Blitz to thaw, and Snarl.
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I read the rules but I just made my account and played 4 games on it I saw it needed to be clean but I made it today idk if that excuses it or that I need to make a new account?

I wanted to test some stuff on the ladder and I thought I would register that account to see how far it could come. (New edit) I realize that this screenshot doesn't really show that duultg Chef my account is so I made a new screenshot to confirm it
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Sorry I'm a little late, but Cycle 1 has concluded!

The following players have qualified for playoffs:
IMT | Alt: IMT | ELO: 1533
battontester | Alt: BattonTester | ELO: 1525
Lord Death Man | Alt: ldm | ELO: 1521
SMB | Alt: pex pex | ELO: 1515
Cycle Two begins now. Reminder that you do not need to make a new alt for new cycles; any alt that begins with "DUULTG" will be valid. Good luck!


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The second and what will be the final cycle of DUU Ladder tour has concluded. With the sign up numbers we got, I cannot justify expanding to 4 cycles (and I'm not doing 3 to put 12 in playoffs and have byes). There was tons of drama leading up to the deadline and it was a very tight race for these four qualifiers:

Memoric | Alt: SERA MAIN | ELO: 1557
The_Bandit | Alt: Actuarily | ELO: 1554
crying | Alt: cry | ELO: 1547
txitxas | Alt: pinche way | ELO: 1546
All four qualifiers in this cycle had a higher ELO than any qualifier in the first cycle, so the matchups for playoffs is as follows:

1. Memoric vs. 8. SMB
4. txitxas vs. 5. IMT
2. The_Bandit vs. 7. Lord Death Man
3. crying vs. 6. battontester
Deadline for round one of playoffs will be Sunday, June 20th at 11:59 PM EST. Good luck! Also, please post your replays for the playoff games. I'm not gonna DQ you or anything if you don't but replays can be very important for metagame development so please remember to save and post them!

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