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Hello and welcome to the second installment of Doubles World Cup!

Things may be a bit different than last year, so make sure you thoroughly read the rules. Before I get started on that, however, I want to say clearly that a lot of things, like regions and number of starters, may vary due to what we see from signups. I can't stress enough that the information below is preliminary and subject to change based on sign ups.

As many of you know, teams are divided into different regions around the globe. This year, we plan on having SIX regions instead of 8. These teams will be:
Most of these regions are self explanatory, but there is a specific division for whether or not you qualify for US east or west. If you live in any state that is on the east side of the Mississippi river, you qualify for US east. If you live in a state west of that river, you are on US West. Here is a map that should help:

The last specification is that all Russian users are to apply for team APAC, even if you live in the European side of Russia. Same goes with any Turkish players, you are in APAC also.

Again, these regions are subject to change. If, for instance, we end up with too many quality signings in Europe and the Central United States, we may go back to eight regions. If you feel you do not live in an area that falls under any of the regions, we ask that you sign up for ASIA PACIFIC, as they will be taking on any "rest of world" players.

Also different from last year, since we are cutting the regions down to six, we are hoping to achieve EIGHT starters per team, as well as four substitutes, for a total of 12 players. This number is of course subject to change based on signup numbers as well. I am well aware that some teams, specifically APAC, may struggle to field 12 players.

Captaincy will also work differently than last year. I will include a question on the signups that asks if you would like to be the captain for your region. I will try to announce captains as soon as possible. If you want to be a captain, make sure to sign up fast!

Let's get onto it then, shall we? Please fill out the following form and post it in this thread

PLAYER NAME: This should be the name most people know you by, whether it be your main showdown account name or your Smogon account name.
REGION: Simply pick the region from the list that covers the area of the world you are in. For example, if you live in Mexico or Brazil, you would be in Latin America. If you live in Russia or anywhere in Asia, you would pick Asia Pacific, or APAC.
CAPTAIN?: Simply put yes or no on whether or not you would like to be a captain for your region.
OTHER ELIGIBILITY: If you feel you qualify for a different region from where you currently now live, you may list it here. For example, if you were born and raised in India, but now live in the US, you may include APAC as an eligible region.
COUNTRY OF RESIDENCE (optional): If you are comfortable, please list your country of residence to help us with region changes if need be. If you live in the US, please post your State or region of the US, whichever you are comfortable with sharing.
Signups will be open for two weeks, so you have plenty of time to sign up. Signups will close Sunday, October 31st at 11:59 PM and World cup will begin on November first. Again, I will try to have captains announced as soon as possible!

Tournament structure:
All matches will be a best of one game of SwSh Doubles OU. Round one will be done in a Pools structure, similar to Doubles Majors this year. Players will be placed into Pools of 4, and they will play against all 3 players in their Pool. Any given Pool will have one player from each region. If we stick with 6 teams 8 starters, there will be 12 pools. Then, the top 3 teams based on Pools standings will advance, with the #1 seed given a bye into the finals. Teams 2 and 3 will play eight games to determine the winner who moves on to face the #1 seed in the finals.

PS: I need to include a thank you to some of the people who helped Doubles World cup become a thing, without the hard work of these people we would not be here to have this fun tournament.
Sunrose: Thank you for your hard work on WCOP and all your passion for Doubles in general. I appreciate all of your feedback in helping me set things up this year. I know this tour is your baby and I hope it is as fun for you this year as it was last year.
Frania: You did a great job with DWCOP last year, hosting it, doing administrative stuff, etc. Thank you for all that you've done.
To Para, Yoda, and all the other people who had a hand in setting up DWCOP last year, thank you guys so much and I hope to make you proud.
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