DP Glalie

EDIT: Rattata edits removed due to popular consensus as a gimmick.

Poorly done analysis. Leaving sets intact, lengthening opinions (one line is a tad short).

Set name: Choice Band
Move 1: Ice Fang/Ice Shard
Move 2: Earthquake
Move 3: Explosion
Move 4: Crunch
Item: Choice Band
Ability: Inner Focus
Nature: Adamant
EVs: 6 HP/252 Atk/252 Spe

<p>The physical power of Avalanche is nice (since you shouldn't expect Glalie to go before too much stuff, except in NU). Nevertheless, don't expect to be wowed by Glalie's physical attacking prowess. Still, Glalie gets reasonably good type coverage with Ice, Ground, and Dark types (Crunch is non-negotiable otherwise Ghost type switch ins are hard to kill). A CB Explosion is nothing to scoff at, and quite a few things will have a lot of trouble surviving that. You can opt for Ice Fang over Avalanche if you're not into negative priority.</p>

Set name: Special
Move 1: Ice Beam
Move 2: Hidden Power [Ground]
Move 3: Explosion
Move 4: Shadow Ball/Block
Item: Choice Specs/Life Orb
Ability: Inner Focus
Nature: Modest
EVs: 6 HP/252 SpA/252 Spe

<p>Ice Beam may be a better STAB move, but other than that the improvements are few. Shadow Ball is a good move to have in general, as is Ice Beam. You can always try for a Spiker Glalie, but naturally don't do Choice Specs with Spikes or Block. Once again Shadow Ball is for coverage, as is Hidden Power Ground. Explosion once again provides Glalie's probably most reliable way of killing stuff off. Life Orb opens up the possibility of Block as well as giving a nice power boost to Explosion.</p>

Set name: Toxic Stall
Move 1: Protect
Move 2: Substitute
Move 3: Spikes
Move 4: Ice Shard/Toxic/Hail
Item: Leftovers
Ability: Ice Body
Nature: Impish
EVs: 252 HP/6 Def/252 Spe

<p>This set really works best in conjunction with something that knows Toxic Spikes (Nidoqueen comes to mind in UU). Substitute and Protect allows you to bypass Glalie's middling staying power, while Spikes lets you get in some more residual damage (it works even better with Toxic Spikes when you have a shuffler too). Ice Shard is a nice utility-type STAB, allowing you to finish off opponents weakened from Spikes and Toxic. Speaking of Toxic, this set doesn't actually have it (unless you want to ditch the aforementioned Ice Shard), thus meaning it's best used on a team based around residual damage.</p>

Set name: Pure spiker
Move 1: Spikes
Move 2: Ice Beam
Move 3: Shadow Ball/Block
Move 4: Explosion
Item: Leftovers
Ability: Inner Focus
Nature: Bold
EVs: 204 HP/48 Def/252 Spe

<p>Be careful with this set and don't let it be a worse Froslass. While it may seem like that at first, as Glalie has a very similar moveset to a Spiking Froslass without the Shadow Ball STAB (it also can't block Rapid Spin). Despite these shortcomings, it can still Explode and either destroy or leave a gigantic dent in anything that thought it could stop Glalie's Spiking fun. Block also provides a good option if something that can't really do much switches in. It can also trap an Explosion target.</p>

<p>Sheer Cold can go nicely with Explosion if you're lucky and it's not written out. Light Screen can go with Spikes to provide some support. Ice Shard can go in STAB slots if you want to go first. Hail allows Glalie to reap the benefits of Ice Body and is the only way to get the weather effect moving in UU, where Abomasnow is banned. Taunt is another thing</p>

<p>Max Speed is possibly the most important thing for Glalie, though you can take some off if you plan on using Ice Shard. A nice healthy investment in his offensive stat of choice is usually the best for him as well. From there, you can go with HP or either defense really. Taunt is a stalling option that gives Glalie a bit of an edge against statusers.</p>

<p>As represented by its stats, Glalie isn't very good. Its movepool is rather unexciting and it isn't powerful enough to take advantage of the Ice STAB, while simultaneously being too defensively weak to make up for Ice's notoriety as a defensive type. As a physical attacker it's eclipsed by Mamoswine and Weavile, as a special attacker it's eclipsed by anything that can learn Ice Beam, and as a staller it's eclipsed by Walrein (who even shares the relatively exclusive Ice Body trait). He does have the ability to Spike, but his cousin Froslass can Spike and block Rapid Spin at the same time.</p>

<p>Ghosts do a nice job as Glalie can't blow them up. Anything that can outspeed and OHKO Glalie (which isn't that hard) could be a counter; things with Mach Punch or Bullet Punch come to mind right away. Water types (Quagsire may be nice), particularly for the special set.</p>

Colonel M

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Hm, at least give a mention about Ice Shard and Ice Fang working if you don't want Avalanche. To be honest, he is a bit fast, and at best he doesn't ALWAYS want to take a hit. Even 80 / 80 / 80 defenses are decent at best, but you do realize Ice's assload of weaknesses will tip it off... maybe. Furthermore, if you do want Avalanche that bad, at least use Ice Body in Hail since it will recover some of the lost damage! Gimmick Toxic-Stall Walrien anyone?

Glalie loses potential type coverage without Crunch, and though Water Pulse provides some additional coverage, it means Glalie will have trouble dealing with Banette, Rotom, and other Ghosts.
Erhem, you DO realize that he gets both Dark Pulse and Shadow Ball, right?
I didn't change any of the sets, though I added just about everything you said into Other Options (since I don't know anything about Glalie and my track record with new sets would also suggets I don't know anything about new sets).
Well since i think that special set can be redone here's my try

Set name: Special
Move 1:Ice Beam
Move 2:Dark Pulse/Shadowball
Move 3:Hidden Power [Fire]/Hidden Power [Ground]/Hidden power [Electric]
Move 3:Water Pulse/Explosion
Ability: Inner Focus/Ice Body
Item: leftovers/Choice Specs
Nature: Modest/Timid/Mild
EVS: 4 HP/252SpA/252 Spe

<p> Glalie's attempt at special sweeping set you can try Blizzard over Ice Beam if your Suicidal enough to bring it into BL/OU with Abomasnow Support and run Leftovers and Ice Body but you'll quickly find that Glalies base 80 stats are a let down due to how average it is, and choice specs is probably the better way (read the better) to go,
You can slap scarf on this but you'll find the extra speed only marginally helpful most of the time.</p>

<p>For doing something to the psychic UU walls Grumpig and Hypno you have a choice of Shadow Ball or Dark Pulse both are 80 BP and SE on them so the choice between comes down to the 20% chance of softening up them with Shadow Ball special defense drop or Dark Pulse 20% flinch rate getting you out of a bind since you outspeed Hypno and although Grumpig does have the same base 80 speed it normally doesn't have much if any in speed investments.</p>

<p>Your 3rd slot will be your mainly steel type busting HP of choice Fire for doing something to fellow ice types as well has slaying Mawile and Wormadam-Steel and Parasect.

Ground is for busting the Rock/Steel Aggron Probopass and Bastiodon with a 4x SE attack (although the high special defense of the last two means they will most probably will still stick around) it also gives you something other than Water Pulse or a neutral ice beam to hit Camerupt with a SE hit with if you go with Explosion over Water Pulse it also gives you away to hit lanturn with SE damage but with its massive HP and decent special defense make it laugh.

Electric gets mention for being the only way to actually try to do something to Mantine outside of exploding on it and thats about it.

Fighting type Hidden power is only being mention for why not to use it although it hits the Rock/steels like ground and covers ice types like fire,
on the many normal types in UU it isn't a good move since a stab ice beam does slightly more damage to them than a the SE hidden power.</p>

<p>The last slot is a mix up of what you picked for your hidden power if you picked fire or electric then Water pulse gets mention for destroying Camerupt ( and any Magcargo that get in your way ) effectively.

if you went with HP ground or just want something to do when you think glalie needs to do something really useful then explosion is there to put a end to its suffering and hopfully take out something of your foes in the process you might want to go with a mild nature to ensure that it does its job as best it can if you use explosion.</p>

Well i tryed my best with all that glalie had to offer with this feel free rip my attempt apart
AJC that is more slash than your average Harry Potter fanfic, so thanks for the effort but no. It's also too long, needs proper capitalization, you didn't apply HTML properly at all, and your writing style doesn't make up for it.

At least Glalie has Avalanche's power increase going for it.
This is a rather poor opening sentence, please think up something better like "If there's one advantage a physical Glalie has, it's the high power of Avalanche" (though I don't see how Glalie's Avalanche is particulary useful over other things so this needs some explaining).

Split it up in Choice Band and Physical Attacker or something. It won't clog too much and now people won't think "gogo Choice Band Spiker Glalie". Special could do the same but tbh I don't see any reason to use Choice Glalie.

Also, it can pretend to be Walrein with Substitute/Protect/Spikes/Ice Beam and then Abomasnow support, since it'll act like Froslass and Walrein in one. Sort of. Except it's inferior so don't bother unless Abomasnow is going to shove to UU I guess.

Avoid things like "if you want you can try them" and "nice to have "because that isn't helpful at all. In the case of the former, it's nearly discouraging.

Glalie loses potential type coverage without Crunch, and though Water Pulse provides some additional coverage, it means Glalie will have trouble dealing with Banette, Rotom, and other Ghosts.
Split up in two sentences, and avoid repetition of the word coverage.

eric the espeon

maybe I just misunderstood
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what about life orb? manly on the sp. glalie since it makes explotion much more powerful, at least say something about it in other options.

Colonel M

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Nonono, I don't like that Toxic-Staller.

- Substitute
- Protect
- Spikes
- Ice Fang

Sounds a lot better. Just say something about laying Toxic Spikes down and somehow getting Hail support. I guess it could work over Ice Fang or Spikes, but Spikes give it something over Walrien (being able to set up while under a Substitute).

I have to agree on Life Orb as an option.

Hm, it's sad now that the only thing Glalie has over Froslass is Explosion and Ice Body. Froslass gets STAB Shadow Ball and more of a movepool. Pitiful really.
A toxic-staller basically has to know toxic. The only Toxic Spiker that's solidly in UU is Nidoqueen (Qwilfish is there too). I'll add Life Orb as an option. And yes, Glalie is basically just a sucky Froslass.

Colonel M

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I don't agree that every Toxic-staller needs "Toxic" in the set. Assuming you have Toxic Spikes doing the majority of the dirty work, the only time you need Toxic is against levitating Pokemon (biggest ones are Zapdos and Cresselia), Pokemon that have Immunity (rare, but Snorlax comes to mind), Poison types and Steel types aren't even worth mentioning, other than Poison types that don't levitate remove Toxic Spikes.

Furthermore, saying this was attempted in OU, ObiBliss and Glalie can do decent. In UU, Hypno and Glalie. Both can afford to run Toxic and both learn Wish (NYPC move I'll admit). Hypno does a bit better because he is at least capable of taking Fighting moves. If we want to get farther into the discussion, Toxic-stalling Zapdos, Clefable with Toxic and maybe even Wish, certain Poison-types, Toxic-stalling Articuno... you're getting the picture I hope? Anything that can use Toxic and somehow stand will work, whether somehow you want to run the set in OU or UU (I'm not sure in NU case though). Still, if that's the case, then there's no need for Toxic. Running Spikes to me seems the most important thing, as said before, it's the only thing that really seperates Stall-rein. I think at least if you SERIOUSLY want to mention Toxic in this set, it deserves a mention somewhere in the set comments or at least in other options. Toxic Spikes of course needs a menion. If I can sum it up a bit better:

- Substitute
- Protect
- Spikes / Hail / Toxic
- Ice Fang / Ice Beam

Ok, then this way it still has Toxic, but at the same time is a bit more clean. Running Hail might be mandatory only to keep the stall going, but I don't see why you want Toxic if, like I said, have Toxic Spikes working on the side. Actually the fourth move could work with Blizzard as the hail will make it a 100% and at least make him hurt something. Ice Beam vs. Blizzard comes down to PP issues and such, and Ice Fang vs. Ice Beam comes down if you want more physical force or special force.

Substitute and Protect is mandatory, since Protect will give you free healing.
I agree that the Choice sets need to be separate for the Spiking ones. Specs, Band and Spikes should all have their own individual sets.

I would remove Avalanche from all the sets, Glalie doesn't want to be going last. Ice Fang and Ice Shard are better on the Choice Bander. You'll usually be hitting stuff on the switch, then getting the hell out, so Ice Fang will be more powerful than Avalanche.

On the Spikes set, I would prefer Ice Beam over Ice Fang, since the higher base power means it'll be doing more damage against most enemies. Ice Shard is a decent enough replacement as it is more of a utility move, which is in-keeping with the idea of the set. Spikes/Ice Beam or Ice Shard/Earthquake or Crunch or Dark Pulse/Explosion.

Sub/Protect/Spikes should be set in stone on Toxic Stall sets, or there is no real reason to use Glalie over Walrein. I'd also give him max Speed so he has another slight advantage over Walrein - he can Spike at least once before Gyarados Taunts him. Might even get the chance to finish off a CB Adamant Heracross, or some other slower attacker. Last slot should be a STAB move.
That advice seems relatively sound.

Phuquoph said:
he can Spike at least once before Gyarados Taunts him.
Whoa whoa. While I see the point, Glalie really shouldn't be going up against Gyarados under any circumstances. The best major Taunter I can think of in UU is Toxicroak, whom Glalie can never outspeed (as long as the Toxicroak is using a Smogon recommended set). I think max or near-max speed is a good idea though.
Glalie sets up a Sub, Gyarados switches in, Glalie Spikes, Gyarados Taunts, Glalie runs, Gyarados counter comes in. I can't see the Toxic Stall set being much use in UU, since he can't get infinite Hail.
It's an entirely feasible scenario, but there are better Pokemon to do the same thing as Glalie in OU. I'd be pretty surprised to see it there.

Regarding the Toxic Stall set, would it be better to switch the ability back to Inner Focus or just leave it?

I made the edits also.

Colonel M

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I'd keep Ice Body as an option, and just add a note on maybe how you could have someone else activate the hail (or yourself).

On the Spiker set, Block seems like a good idea to use over Shadow Ball, like the Froslass set. Keep Explosion though.

You're short an EV section.
Taunt could use an other options mention as one of the few things Glalie has over Walrein for a hail staller set and as a useful move in general.

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