Tournament DPL Week 3

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[1:45 AM] mimi: nido-rus the trash bag
[1:51 AM] mimi: i mean chansey sucks dick when you telegraph your plays and put it in position to die like nido does
[9:12 AM] mimi: needed to hax me in a tier he plays regularly
[9:12 AM] mimi: wonder what he'll have to pull in bw
[9:47 AM] mimi: i give props to nido for seeking me out after i talked shit though
[9:47 AM] mimi: good on him he's got a back bone
[9:47 AM] mimi: if he comes to bw and beats me i deserved it

[1:23 AM] mimi: was also divine intervention i was playing against
[1:23 AM] mimi: so i was never winning

lgi jams


a pinned butterfly is no butterfly at all
[7:30 PM] obii: im like
[7:31 PM] obii: 99% sure sams gonna bring that
[7:31 PM] obii: garde tr vs me
[7:31 PM] obii: whats good vs it
[7:31 PM] Croven: i mean he doesnt have much info on u and its a very solid team so
[7:31 PM] Croven: yeah probably
[7:31 PM] obii: he straight up told me
[7:31 PM] obii: hes bringin it
[7:31 PM] Croven: lmao
[7:31 PM] obii: and im p sure hes not lying
[7:31 PM] obii: cus we're friends
[1:59 PM] obii: SamVGC - Today at 11:59 PM just make sure you bring adequate heatran checks
[2:14 AM] Checkmater: chances of
[12:14 AM] Checkmater: this man bringing
[12:14 AM] Checkmater: ferrothorn?
[12:14 AM] wady wumps: who
[12:14 AM] obii: well
[12:14 AM] Checkmater: samvgc
[12:14 AM] obii: im like 99% sure
[12:14 AM] obii: sam wont snake me
[12:14 AM] wady wumps: 0
[12:14 AM] Checkmater: u think?
[12:14 AM] obii: cus he said hes bringin his rmt
[12:14 AM] obii: yea
[12:14 AM] wady wumps: ye
[12:14 AM] Checkmater: like he'll actually straight up just bringi t
[12:14 AM] Checkmater: madman
[12:14 AM] obii: hes not the kinda dude
[12:14 AM] obii: ye
[12:14 AM] wady wumps: It's 0
[12:14 AM] wady wumps: he'll
[12:15 AM] wady wumps: Prolly straight bring it
[12:15 AM] obii: yea sam a real one

mons > friends confirmed
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