Tournament DPP LC Tournament [Won by byronthewellwell]


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Can me and TheFenderStory get like an extension? We have kinda fucked up timezones and I've struggled to be here when he could and he's got work so can't do anything that works well for me. My sleep schedule is kinda fucked up rn so might catch him in the next few days idk


...three, smiles go for miles!
vs. Drud
TruSwagblu vs. Jox
macle vs. Berks

Round 2
Slurmz vs. Matame
Heysup vs. Bye
majaspic22 vs. TruSwagblu
Coconut vs. Eseque
byronthewellwell vs. ItzViper482
Rasberry Pie SG vs. Bye
MiyoKa vs. Kurukaito
HSOWA vs. Bye
Nineage vs. TheFenderStory
AM vs. Bye
Arii Stella vs. hoblaph
kushal00 vs. macle
fitzy72 vs. Ninjadog~
Elec. vs Bye
GOAO vs. tazz
Gummy vs. Bye

I'm sorry that there are byes in r2, I made a mistake when interpreting the matchups from r1 and this happened. :pirate:

Again, thanks Xayah for making matchups!

Deadline is in a week, technically 11:59 PM EST/GMT-4, but I don't actually wake up til like 7am est so you can finish your games by then and I'll count it. Extension deadline is Wednesday, same rules as the other deadline.
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