DPP DPP OU Summer Seasonal #3: Round 1


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Activity decisions and coinflips

Activity decisions:
Decem vs Hikks : No response from Hikks, hasn't been on smog since the day they registered.
Christos vs txitxas : txitxas missed their scheduled time and gave Christos the win anyways.
Ara vs echidna : echidna stopped responding when Ara made attempts to reschedule.
Wamr vs egalvanc : egalvanc stopped responding to Wamr before they could schedule a time.
Clone vs RealJester : RealJester stopped resopnding to Clone before they could schedule a time.
luisotte vs Diophantine : Diphantine stopped responding to luisotte before they could schedule a time.
SuperEpicAmpharos vs Fakes : Fakes missed their scheduled time and made little to no effort to reschedule.
London Beats vs Alpha Male Psyduck : Neither player made much effort to schedule but London Beats made slightly more.
Cosmo'Star vs Sakura&Seele : From what I can gather, Sakura&Seele missed their scheduled time. There was no attempt to reschedule.

Coinflips (proof here):
SpectralThief vs SOMALIA
Hockey1 vs Lartedipissog
Perish Song vs Yokago (Sapphire Birch in the proof screenshot)

Round 2 soon!

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