OU DPP OU Teambuilding Competition

Congrats to Excal for winning last week with their Cloyster + Infernape team!

https://pokepast.es/052285217d8b91b6 Team 15 by Excal
:Cloyster: :Camerupt: :Infernape: :Gyarados: :Scizor: :Rotom-Heat:

This week's theme will be a deadly core involving one of the most despised moves in DPP OU, but one that also has the potential to enable some pokemon that can be incredibly effective with it's support. This weeks core will be Zapdos + Rapid Spin!

:dp/zapdos: + :dp/forretress: :dp/starmie: :dp/tentacruel:

I won't be putting any restrictions on sets for either the bird or the spinner paired with it, as long as the team has the combo of Zapper + Spin, and you can use any spinner you like! The deadline for submitting teams is Tuesday April 4th at 11:59 PM, and the voting deadline is a week from that day on April 11th. Happy building :D

Aight, was gonna read berserk (almost done) and head to bed but i really love this teambuilding competition.

Magnet Zapdos lead on offense is really fire, it cooks metagross, is good into jira/empoleon and other leads. its also very useful later in the game. Spdef metagross partners really well with zap as often ppl switch in their latias to hit it with specs boosted dracos or trick zap scarf. Meta can take dracos for days then get rocks up. Starmie pairs well as the spinner for this team as its really good into a lot of threats to the team. (was considering dropping ice beam for twave but i like the coverage). Credit to Fakes for the jirachi, Lum is awesome vs loom/cleff always rocked the moveset w/ ebelt, after seeing Laurel use it vs DeepblueC I wanted to try it out. Next tyranitar, this pairs really well because like I said latias gets dragged out early which means u can get free setup, can also keep it for late game of course. Credit to twash for this tyranitar set, the coverage on ttar is super beneficial, cant be walled by hippowdon or glisc (unless ttar misses lol). Lastly Rotom Mow because the team is a bit weak to DDtar, so leafstorm can take care of tar if its chipped enough, if not then trick. Also double elec is sick.

Replay: https://replay.pokemonshowdown.com/gen4ou-1832254327


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Coolest rain out there
Click sprites for paste

I am not gonna lie, I am not really a Zapdos fan in this tier, so I haven't used it that much. Since this week's theme is Zapdos + Spinner, I found it a good chance to finally build something around Zapdos (shoutout once again to Cubic Skunk for reviving this thread, truly a goat). Also, I never used rain in this tier before (maybe once or twice but whatever), so yeah I combined these 2 facts into this weird-fun-wacky-based team.

: Well, since the team is gonna be rain-based I thought that the best set for Zapdos would be Choice Specs with Thunder, and it doesn't let anyone down. Basically, you click Thunder and get a huge chip on whatever isn't a ground type. Thunderbolt is here for situations where rain isn't up and you can't rely on Thunder's accuracy. U-Turn felt important to scout opponent's answers to Zapdos, and also bringing in the other rain abusers. Sleep Talk is optimal, (HP Flying might be better here) but Zapdos is the only safe switch in to Breloom on the team (Uxie might be as well but I don't want my Rain setter to be asleep).

: Rapid Spinner would obviously be Star-NO IT'S BLASTOISE. How can you not use this as your spinner under rain when it gets access to Water Spout? Absolutely insane! I went with Choice Scarf for its item, for speed control to guarantee at least 1 Water Spout click.

: The 2 rain setters of the team. Pretty standard thing here imo, since on rain teams you either lead with Azelf or Uxie to set rain and rocks, and have a zong in the back for the Dragon types. Only "unusual" thing here is Hypnosis on zong, that (IF IT DAMN HITS) helps an abuser come in safely.

: Curse Gastrodon goes super hard under rain, as it can setup on anything that isn't Breloom / Roserade or Trick users. Also, I wanted a Ground-type for opposing Zapdos.

: Last spot would surely be a Swift Swim user, and out of all the users I chose Kabutops, most importantly because it looks badass, and because I didn't want more than 2 attackers that get stopped by Clefable. (Water Spout from toise may 2HKO a full SpD Clef only above 95% which kinda sucks but we still gaming)
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:armaldo: :scizor: :heatran: :gyarados: :zapdos: :latias:

Wanted to post in here based on the idea sakito/excal had during SPL w the Scarf Zapdos. While Excal dutifully explained the concept of the hitmonlee to me afterwards, I think they are several others mons that help keep off vs Aero + Azelf. One of those mons is Armaldo. Armaldo's Rock Blast KOes Aero through sash should it have it and KOes bulky ones if it gets three hits. X-scissor tragically only koes 330 Speed bulky Azelf 25% of the time, but this where you can potentially get creative w your spread. With no bulk and 28 Defense IVs, you can always put yourself in custap range when Azelf uses 0 attack Explosion, so you can suicide off as your opponent tries to ko you. Or you can just use max HP and a Lum Berry, up to you as this leaves offensive aero's Stone Edge (no bulk lives no attack aero). SD can help you break through defensive rotom as lum saves you from wow. +2 Rock Blast OHKOes defensive Rotom-A if it gets 5 hits.

The rest of the team tries to take advantage of no hazards. You have Heatran and Sciz that try to break through Clef/other special walls. Lati + Zap are highly effective against offense w Tran as a special attacking core. Gyara's Outrage helps break through Lati for Zap. Could make Sciz CB if you want. CM Lum Lati is great for breaking teams once Tar (which gets weakened by Zap) and Clef are down, and you get the lum to help out against Loom. Hope you enjoy!

I started with the core of max def Donphan + Togekiss. They pair a good synergy because Donphan is able to spin, to switch into elecs and a lot of physical attackers which can scare Togekiss, like Metagross/Jirachi/Tyranitar, etc. Since I do already have two def tanks, I continued with SpDef Jirachi/Clefable (with Ice Beam for Gliscor balance) to make the team solid against special attackers.

This core really likes Toxic Spikes to deal better against annoying threats like Swampert/Suicune/Tyranitar/Hippowdon/Infernape, etc, and since I needed a mon to take a sleep/trick, a water pivot, etc, Tentacruel was a good option I had. + Having two spinners mean you can use another SR weak mon, and Zapdos was the obvious choice I had as it's able to check some annoying threats like Breloom, Jirachi, Gyarados, Metagross, etc. It's also a good para spreader, and can PP stall Clefable with Pressure which help the team and especially Togekiss.

Anyway this 6 has a lot of options and the one i'm sharing might not be the most optimal one. Aside from that I do think Togekiss is great and really underrated, and while it's really hard to make it work, it's definitely worth building around in my opinion
Zapdos + Starspin
EA9228D3-B479-4BE8-8FCB-400AB81568AE.pngInfernape:It's here to fight tyranitar which this team is weak to. Honestly Flare Blitz is optional you can replace it with overheat. If you don't like sitrus berry expert belt could also work. Grass Knot is self explanatory(Don't use grass knot on hippowdon wouldn't recommend)

68C543C3-0462-4D54-9B11-83BFBEE17C02.gifLatias:Team's calm mind sweeper it could also do good with a choice specs trick moveset(probably be better) It's here more for its defensive presence than offensive.

1C1346D6-1172-43AF-9AD1-5E08BBF62DBA.gifSwampert:The stealth rocker of lucario cookie(I have 0 shame) It provides a lot of defensive and offensive utility with its typing amoves being good for opposing zapdos or dragonite. It can afford to run a mixed set with Surf+Ice Beam.

573C4AAB-973A-45BF-BFEB-2E7C406EFF5F.pngStarmie:The team's rapid spinner. It's the standard rapid spin + 3 attacks set. Thunderbolt is to hit empoleon and skarmory for good damage. Ice beam is for dragon types and any flying types foolish enough to switch in. Hydro Pump honestly should be replaced with surf(I made this team with 5 hours of sleep)

70EEB85A-70DB-4C61-8240-F1ADC042B192.pngZapdos:The star(No offense starmie) and Lead of this team Zappy! Thunderbolt is good stab,Heat wave obliterates foretress and scizor. Hp Grass is to capitalize on baiting swampert and U-Turn is to end lead azelfs career.

E821C123-07D1-414E-89B2-CAB51BBEE3E9.jpegRotom Mow:It's the team's supporter that tricks choice scarf into walls and dancing sweepers alike. Leaf Storm is good coverage at a satisfactory base power. Most people run will o wisp but I personally think thunder wave is more crippling with its satisfactory accuracy and ability to slow enemies down. Of course if you're scared of taking risks you could go for a 50% accurate will o wisp. Shadow ball is for gengar mostly.

Team Weaknesses:

Dragon Dance Tyranitar Destroys this team if both starters are killed.
https://pokepast.es/2948b86e86a17bac by ballout650
:Zapdos: :Starmie: :Metagross: :Jirachi: :Tyranitar: :Rotom-Mow:

https://pokepast.es/1dd7c9635a3c387b by Lialiabeast
:Uxie: :Zapdos: :Blastoise: :Gastrodon: :Bronzong: :Kabutops:

https://pokepast.es/d79204069ea11706 by HydreigonTheChild
:Jirachi: :Zapdos: :Blissey: :Latias: :Machamp: :Starmie:

https://pokepast.es/9e7b32772d82a2f7 by johnnyg2
:Armaldo: :Scizor: :Heatran: :Gyarados: :Zapdos: :Latias:

https://pokepast.es/51a92100150f1a58 by Student of Sinnoh
:Jirachi: :Clefable: :Donphan: :Togekiss: :Zapdos: :Tentacruel:

https://pokepast.es/7d388b50bf5fe0fa by ZarbyXar
:Zapdos: :Starmie: :Rotom-Mow: :Latias: :Infernape: :Swampert:

Submissions are now closed. Thanks for all the cool submissions!!! Voting ends a week from today, on Tuesday April 13th at 11:59 PM. Happy voting everyone! And thanks again to those who participated!!
Hey, so sorry I forgot to comeback and close the voting last week. I had a pretty busy week. The winners though are Lialiabeast and ballout650 with their teams. Congrats!!

https://pokepast.es/2948b86e86a17bac by ballout650
:Zapdos: :Starmie: :Metagross: :Jirachi: :Tyranitar: :Rotom-Mow:

https://pokepast.es/1dd7c9635a3c387b by Lialiabeast
:Uxie: :Zapdos: :Blastoise: :Gastrodon: :Bronzong: :Kabutops:

This week's theme will be with a pokemon that, while it is fairly common, I will be restricting it from using it's only common set; the lead set. This week's theme will be Midgame Azelf!

As said above, the only restriction I'm putting in place is that azelf cannot be used in the lead slot. Apart from that you may use any set you want on it! Submissions will close next Tuesday at 11:59 PM GMT -4. Until then, happy building, and apologies for the late closing of voting!

I had this team before I just changed Dnite from sash to lum and replaced earthquake with sub, credit to DeepBlueC for this dragonite set. I also replaced scarf rotom for scarf gross since I noticed this team needs another steel. The idea is to win lead mu w/ nite and then maintain the lead with azelf getting rocks up and booming, then you can setup with sweepers or help put them in good positions by twaving stuff with jirachi. Metagross can also come in to boom on stuff / keep ddtar /gyra /nite checked. Fun team.


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Wanted to rebuild an old team for this competition, a DeepBlueC build from 2019 vs Jimmy -- https://replay.pokemonshowdown.com/smogtours-gen4ou-425636


:heatran: :jirachi: :breloom: :azelf: :latias: :suicune:

the idea behind this team is pretty simple -- overwhelm your opponent's checks to rest suicune with tran, breloom, latias, and azelf and use jirachi's and Latias's hwish to keep suicune in the game while checking common threats. In dbc's write up, he mentioned wanting to do well against stall. I think tran > zone, azelf to the back, scarf > specs lati, and reordering the team helps modernize this. Azelf really puts pressure on scarf tar less stalls, as it almost forces your opp to take the explosion w a steel type, which gets roasted by flamethrower. Lum also helps w loom and natural survivability.

the aggressive pace should mitigate the hazard issue suicune often faces. Heatran's wow also helps keep scarf tar in check, a common way to get past back Azelf and scarf lati. I couldnt really decide on ice beam vs sleep talk on this team -- you dont have the greatest HO checks, so speed control is handled mostly w defensive synergy (and loom's mach punch + scarf lati) and aggressive pace, meaning ice beam makes more sense to me, but having cune nap and be unable to do anything for 2 turns sucks. Lati might be better w specs to give you more aggro pace, but scarf gives you a fail safe. hope you enjoy!

Le Don

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Pls don't post teams that look like : lead Gyara/Dnite + back LeadZelf instead of LeadZelf + Gyara/Dnite :worrywhirl:
be more creative because Azelf has the movepool and the stats to be played differently than just rocks taunt twave boom or double screens.

:froslass: :heatran: :azelf: :rotom-wash: :suicune: :jirachi: click on sprites

About Azelf himself :
I had the same idea as johnnyg2
. At the beginning I wanted to build around NP Zelf but imo it's complete shit : you never find the opportunity to Nasty Plot + you always have coverage problems ( Latias ... so you have to use a trapper but not TTar cause Sand; limited options ) + you don't have the bulk of SuperRachi so you take 75% min on CB Zor BPunch, 58% min on Jolly Gon U-Turn / Ada Dnite ESpeed and 50% on Ada Luc ESpeed ( that's why Naive > Hasty and why you shouldn't use Life Orb on it ).
NP + Explosion seems cool on the paper but when I laddered I realised that most of my opps didn't care the fact that Azelf can have Grass Knot and sent their TTar on my Azelf so Explosion was a bit useless ( maybe vs good players it can be good ? It seems at least to be a good Clef / Lati lure ).
So I decided to go for the 4 Atk set : a fast, versatile and powerful special attacker that can 2HKO TTar and remove Clef / Lati for incoming abusers ? Yes. Both Lum and EBelt are good, Lefties are ok and Colbur can be ok if you don't have a Scarf Tar lure. I also considered Shadow Ball > GK / Boom with EBelt to 2HKO bulky Lati but not hitting TTar anymore is simply bad and dropping Explosion sounds like " but then why am I using it ? "; it's like dropping Explosion on Metagross.

To resume :

: faster than Lati / Gar, ties with Starmie, has boom, insane coverage and offensive options, will always be "walled" by smthing BUT can trade easily thx to boom.
: shit typing and STAB, adds nothing defensively to a team so it only has good offensive synergies ( not off + def synergy which is the ideal ), Scarf Tar food.

The team now :

:froslass: Colbur Lass as lead to TWave turn 1 Scarf Tar lead helping Azelf.
:heatran: Shuca +Def Tran, a set that DBC used a lot during SPL, seems weird ngl but it's crucial for this team to have a good Meta / Zong / TTar / Tran switch in since Froslass / Azelf dislikes them + this thing tanks almost any physical attack ( even a 252+ Superpower from Breloom
). It's also important to have a good Scarf EQ Flygon and Superpower Scizor answer, both are horrible to face for Azelf. You can consider a different set, feel free to explore. Some speed to outspeed some Breloom and the very rare Milotic ( I took the spread from DBC, idk what it is for, sry ).
:Azelf: + :Rotom-Wash: Coupled with Spikes, AoAzelf + Specs Wash become very scary as they both weaken / remove their checks for each other ( Specs Wash is often checked by Heatran -> Hydro does a good amount of damage to it ). Specs Wash destroys HO teams btw.
:Suicune: Suicune is standard, checks Gyara thx to HP Elec and supported by HWish Jirachi.
:Jirachi:I wanted a great speed control because those kind of special offense teams have very hard time into DD Tar and I didn't want to rely on Shuca Rachi to fix the problem, it's imo not very safe cause crits / burns and LO Fire Punch DNite ( if it finds somehow a setup opportunity ) can 6-0 the team once Heatran is down. So Scarf Jirachi came to my mind because it has a good bulk, HWish and U-Turn that allows me to keep / regain the momentum once something is almost dead. Ofc don't let TTar DD twice since Jirachi doesn't outspeed +2 TTar ( so don't lock yourself into SBall with Rotom too often; TBolt is a 2HKO with SR + 1 Spikes layer ). Oh and I'm not responsible if you don't get the flinch and you get sweep afterward lol.

The team dislikes facing bulky Lati
so try to boom on it. A CB Zor can help a lot because it's a very good revenge killer to Dnite / TTar and also a good Lati trappercbut hard to fit with Lass. I made more teams with mostly the same ideas but with a different approach :

:starmie: :heatran: :azelf: :scizor: :rotom-wash: :empoleon: click on sprites
:skarmory: :azelf: :rotom-wash: :suicune: :jirachi: :scizor:

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Click sprites for paste

Okay, so I was aware of the choice band set, but I never crossed paths with a choice specs Azelf, so I thought maybe I could try it and see for myself if it works. Azelf got access to some solid moves, like Psychic and Fblast for coverage, and I also added Shadow Ball to target Latias. Last move can be something different, like Explosion or Trick, but I chose U-turn to scout opposing Ttar. Speaking of Ttar, I thought I should add Breloom in order to deal with it and to remove Clefable. Shuca Heatran seemed also like a good partner since it is a switch in to mons like Metagross. Gyarados lead might seem off here, but I wanted something that could spread paralysis and open holes early to help Azelf later on. Choice Scarf Rotom-W is here for some speed control and spin block, cause I wanted rocks up for easier KOs. Last but not least, we got DD Tyranitar, as I noticed that the team might struggle vs Latias.​

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