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To be completely honest, I'm not really confident in this team at all and it could probably do with a bit of a face-lift to make it a bit more viable but it looks funny so I'm not changing it. It's not easy to support band Dragonite on a balanced team like this and it's probably better to just use it as the ultimate trade mon it can be with outrage on a more all out offensive squad, perhaps foregoing spin and/or mag altogether.

On this team you only really need your dragon stabs and espeed so I forego any one of superpower/eq/fire punch. I use Slowbro here because I wanted something that could help out Don vs Meta/Gyara/Ttar cores whilst being a Dpunch switch in. It also means you don't have to resort to sending in Ttar vs (some) Tran sets. Speaking of Ttar, I'm using fast ice punch here to snipe Breloom/Grounds and prevent defensive Rotom from burning it before it can get a hit in. Wishtect Rachi over rocks because I wanted the team to have some semblance of longevity, and I needed more insurance vs Loom as Dnite just simply isn't enough. Everything else is self-explanatory.

Hello guys, here's my team for the Band Nite showcase.

First of all, Dragonite is a Pokémon that needs a lot of support to make a good value out of this set. So the first thing that came out of my mind was Magnezone, the good old DragMag combo. In DPP OU there was no such thing as Fairy type, so the only thing that could resist Dragonite was Steel type. Magnezone is here to trap them and make sure the field is clean for Dragonite to sweep.

Dragonite has another weakness : his Speed. So, I needed a Revenge Killer ! And what better RK than Flygon Scarf when you play a DragMag ? Flygon can take advantage of the damage dealt by Dragonite to end the game, and on the other hand it offers a very good Speed Control and create opportunities for Dragonite.

In DPP OU, Heavy Duty Boots didn't exist neither, so I needed a spinner. Starmie is the best choice here, especially with the Twave set that allows Dragonite to be a little bit safer on 1v1 trades. Recover & Leftovers to keep him alive, and Surf as a strong stab.

Shaymin was added to the team for two main reasons : First of all, it benefits from Magnezone, and second of all, it learns Healing Wish, allowing me to fully recover my Dragonite & Flygon. Plus they both smile, we all know they are friends in real life so they have to play together. HP Ice for Zapdos and Dragonite, as I don't really care about HP Fire as Magnezone usually take care of the Steel Type. And finally, to make sure Dragonite / Flygon will sweep the other team, I added Heatran as a SR setter and to pressure with Explosion. It has a very good synergy with Dragonite as he resists Ice / Dragon while Dragonite resists Earth / Water / Fight.

I hope you enjoyed this team as much as I enjoyed building it. See you soon !
well, this was a rough one to resume the thread on, finishing anything with something as limited as dragonite, especially bandnite, is rough. but this is what i came up with


i went fast paced with azelf offmie and Agility 3a empoleon. tar can pick off a lot of annoying bulky mons, especially latias, while scarfgon is a failsafe. the nite moves are pretty simple, eq and fp are pretty redundant with superpower and nite doesn't really have many options worth carrying there so sleep talk gives it a bit of utility into loom in what is generally a low value moveslot.

this is more of a team trying to bomb the opponent, lead ttar to set sand to try to fuck over most leads like zap, azelf, even gyara thanks to t wave. The empoleon MU is dont face it or just overload it... if its offensive it wnot take hits well and if its defensive rocks then smth like pert can be used to switch into it on the rocks or just chip it down over time, u can do it.

CB nite is complimented by t wave ttar and trick iron ball meta. this allows dnite to click its move more freely with more opportunity against slower pokemon esp ones you can hax thanks to para... Skarmory gives free turns to heatran, and trick iron ball meta can lure it in and keep slamming it with EQ's.

I like draco bombing with specs latias to, very fun.

Pert is pert... i like pert and you do to


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CB nite & Mirror Coat Gastrodon.

CB nite + Mirror Coat Gastrodon
Although it may seem crazy, I had never tried nite in its CB version before. He always used it DD or mixed. Well, this is not a mystery, but... Magnezone always has to be behind. At first it was Scarf, but the team had better results with the switch to their Magnet Rise set. This allows me to avoid EQ of things like zong or gross + Protect to force Explosion/choice mons. I had doubts with the Latias set, which is perhaps a bit curious. The reason was to have some answer for DD nite or Gyarados. It can also work for Gliscor or Flygon. EQ is a good option for Jirachi, Heatran or ttar. There's not much to add in Skarmory. I decided to add Counter over options like BB or Drick Peck for DD threats, looking for the surprise factor, since Whirlwind is usually expected. Gastrodon's turn. I understand that the normal thing here is to add Swampert instead. In fact I thought about it, because this way you free fable from carrying SR and you can put Heal Bell or Knock Off, for example. Mirror Coat as the other surprise factor. Thanks to their ability, they can't Trick or Knock Off me... so it's easier to surprise. With that distribution it is capable of withstanding LO nite's Outrage / LO Gengar's 3 SBall, for example. It is difficult for a situation like this to occur, but you never know.

Team replay

Perhaps, I was able to play several turns better than it looks. This is just one example of the team in action. I don't know if the match up was in my favor, but I liked the battle. I was able to play my Skarmory more calmly instead, since I carry Shed Shell. I understand that seeing his team it is more important for him to wear Leftovers. I think he played better knowing the pressure of also having Magnezone. His team was very consistent and well prepared. Encore fable was a problem. I think I had some decent turns, like switching to Skarmory vs Explosion zone or that calculated 1% of Gastrodon in Seismic fable.


A wild Zubat appears!
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This team is all about an unrelenting assault of draconic love with the support of Spikes/rocks and Jirachi. Starmie is here to put dents in whatever you face or even clean sweep unprepared foes but it is mostly a cartridge ; you throw it in at the right moment and you let it die. CB Nite is obviously the main culprit of the "where is your dragon resistance now?" syndrome, which facilitates a Flygon/Kingdra sweep.
Smeargle is just... nasty and fun, and I wanted to show him some love as he is often not featured in teams despite how annoying it is to face.

Overall I wanted to get away from the Dragmag archetype and just add more dragons with some support to double-dip in Dragonite's excellent wall-breaking capabilities.
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Kinda ass tbh but didn't have much time to test this time around.

Lead t-tar as it can tank everything and it can respond to anything that you see ladder demons using. Also I like longevity for my leads (max def chople also allows you to not lose to any fighting type move!)

Breloom SpDf Tran Dnite all help eachother with their checks and counters.

3 attack Starmie because I hate Hazards, Latias, and Mons that fly in the air that are ground also.

Gyarados because hes just good and can switch into a lot of physical threats then t-bolt the switch. Also he can threaten late game. Leftovers just in case I cannot remove rocks. Could probably do better with wacan or lum if you're smarter than me.
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https://pokepast.es/54d4c063fca9e765 CB Nite +TR Zong + Zone


Starting on a classic offensive core with CB Nite OTR Zong and Custap Zone, with this i added a slow custap ttar to take advantage of the trick room without being locked, it helpes me a lot to either lure out some threats, but also in trapping rotom,and even ggar if focus miss / under trick room.

Dragonite and Bronzong are the main win conditions of the teams, sleep talk seems mandatory on Nite considering how weak we are against breloom, the positive point with CB Nite is that once Zone trapped Scizor / Forretress / Skarmory, it becomes an unstoppable force making like 2 / 3 kill or at least making enough progress to open different paths with our other threats such as Gengar or Zone.

Defensive Swampert supports the whole team and fix a lot of problems, phazing cm cune / dd gyara with roar, being an elec immunity, and of course, setting up stealth rocks.

Gengar is there as the fastest pokemon on the team, revenge killing SD luke (w/o bullet punch) and Infernape, which are the deadliest threats against the team overall , and also help making progress against bigger defensive cores.

Quick edit : I forgot mentioning offensive starmie being a dangerous threat to carefully play around of

I think that this base is cool and despite the several weakness, the team absolutely rocks and i enjoyed testing it on ladder and on friendlies.


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My reason is simple... even though it seems weak to things like loom, I like Donphan + BSlam rachi, Twave Slowbro & Magneton Scarf to support CB ttar.

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